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How often do you weigh yourself?

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Posts: 3,328
6/18/11 12:39 A


Posts: 52
6/17/11 11:25 P

Depends. I plan to weigh myself weekly before the gym on Saturdays.

SparkPoints: (3,483)
Fitness Minutes: (2,861)
Posts: 38
6/16/11 8:40 P

haha! Daily! But I just started so it's coming off easier, as it gets harder and slows down, I'm sure I won't check it as often.

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Fitness Minutes: (16,550)
Posts: 634
6/15/11 9:46 P

Depends... Weekly when I know things are on track. Daily when I'm struggling to keep my focus.

Posts: 300
6/10/11 3:46 P

Every Saturday

Posts: 55
6/10/11 11:10 A

I weigh myself every Saturday regularly. But once in awhile Ill just weigh myself. I get a "feel" of how I much I weigh if that make sense? The funny thing is Im usually right about "feeling" lighter.

SparkPoints: (16,912)
Fitness Minutes: (3,783)
Posts: 265
6/10/11 10:43 A

Monday Mornings at about the same time.

Posts: 2,619
6/7/11 8:18 P

once a week

Posts: 145
6/7/11 7:41 P

Used to do it daily, but got too frustrated. Once a week on Fridays now.

Posts: 109
6/4/11 10:02 A

a couple times a week. I get frustrated if I weight everyday.

SparkPoints: (27,947)
Fitness Minutes: (15,364)
Posts: 463
6/4/11 9:06 A

It fluctuates for me.. Sometimes, it's daily...weekly, or every few days.

Posts: 1,063
6/4/11 6:46 A


SparkPoints: (32,256)
Fitness Minutes: (27,460)
Posts: 1,476
6/3/11 7:47 P

Daily, naked, in the morning, right after I piss. My only way of keeping on track. Got to accept that there are some up's, but when they happen, I need to pay attention to what I'm eating.

SparkPoints: (43,480)
Fitness Minutes: (45,195)
Posts: 1,103
6/3/11 6:49 P


Posts: 1,677
6/3/11 6:46 P


Posts: 122
6/3/11 6:16 P

I used to do it every day, but my weight fluctuated enough that I realized it was foolish. I'm at once a week now.

Posts: 3
6/3/11 2:52 P

Once a week, also on Monday.

Posts: 127
5/11/11 1:21 P

I used to daily, but it was too frustrating. I've got to every 10-14 days now. I measure more by how I feel and how my clothes fit.

Posts: 165
5/11/11 12:50 P

Every morning.

SparkPoints: (3,398)
Fitness Minutes: (2,540)
Posts: 43
5/11/11 12:08 P

Every tuesday at 3:00

SparkPoints: (26,668)
Fitness Minutes: (46,072)
Posts: 68
5/10/11 10:13 P

Saturday am. That keeps me accountable all week.

Posts: 1,677
5/10/11 8:52 P

daily ... morning

SparkPoints: (129,740)
Fitness Minutes: (112,790)
Posts: 4,623
5/4/11 5:16 P

weekly, usually first thing Monday mornings

Posts: 1,063
5/4/11 5:21 A


Posts: 1,677
5/3/11 11:56 P


SparkPoints: (66,451)
Fitness Minutes: (78,709)
Posts: 493
5/3/11 11:10 P

weigh in first thing in the morning and record to Sparkpeople Weigh-in.
The chart tells the story-up:down:or sideways.

SparkPoints: (129,740)
Fitness Minutes: (112,790)
Posts: 4,623
5/2/11 10:38 A

once a week..

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,033)
Posts: 25
5/2/11 9:47 A

once a week

SparkPoints: (1,402)
Fitness Minutes: (623)
Posts: 59
5/1/11 6:24 P

I do after my first run of the new week in the C25K thing, so weekly.

Posts: 328
5/1/11 3:58 P

I don't have access to a scale all the time first thing in the morning before I eat breakfast. So my "weighin" is almost biweekly. But when I get the chance I like to get a weight before and and when I get up just to see the difference cause I think its cool.

But seriously I only enter my weight no more than once a week. so don't judge :-)

SparkPoints: (1,660)
Fitness Minutes: (1,001)
Posts: 10
5/1/11 12:37 A

Once a week, may cut that back to bimonthly. Weight is often the least telling of fitness results. I find the mirror to be my number one checker.

Posts: 687
4/30/11 12:11 P


SparkPoints: (121,184)
Fitness Minutes: (128,183)
Posts: 2,626
4/30/11 11:44 A

Every morning. I have tried various schedules (weekly, monthly, not at all) and for me daily is best. No pressure, if it goes up, no problem. The other schedules were too stressful because I had certain expectations and if I didn't hit it, it made me wonder why, but then had to wait a week to see if it worked out.

SparkPoints: (466)
Fitness Minutes: (375)
Posts: 2
4/30/11 10:20 A

I usually get on the scale each morning, however I only track it once a week and sometimes I feel I shouldn't even weigh in but once a week, however I can't seem to help myself from checking each morning.

Posts: 5,148
4/29/11 10:09 P

once a week

SparkPoints: (31,080)
Fitness Minutes: (12,713)
Posts: 4,110
4/29/11 5:12 P

@TURBO111 - we are confused.

Posts: 2,647
4/29/11 4:20 P

Never, unless it is required at medical check up time.

SparkPoints: (31,080)
Fitness Minutes: (12,713)
Posts: 4,110
4/29/11 2:51 P

I used to every day, but at least three times a week anyway.

Posts: 15,787
4/29/11 2:09 P

every day

SparkPoints: (8,307)
Fitness Minutes: (22,220)
Posts: 1,537
4/29/11 2:00 P

Every day.

As GHA says, I feel it keeps me more accountable.
I only record my weight every week or every other week, but I watch my weight on a daily basis.

Posts: 889
4/29/11 1:45 P

I weigh in daily! However; I record my weight only 2 times weekly(Wednesday and Friday) I find it helps me stay accountable each and everyday. I try not to get to stressed out about daily fluctuations as that is just part of the game. Typically after the weekend or some other big social function when surrounded by lots of finger food it may take me a day or two to get back to pre event weight.

As I got closer and closer to goal weight the amount of fluctuation was minimal compared to when I started.

SparkPoints: (3,343)
Fitness Minutes: (1,347)
Posts: 31
4/29/11 12:47 P

This is one of those funny issues that is entirely personal. Meaning you may start out doing one thing then change to some other way that works for you better.

Speaking for myself, I found that I obsessed too much when I weighed every day, so I switched to doing it every Monday and it works a lot better for me.

SparkPoints: (38,726)
Fitness Minutes: (57,309)
Posts: 956
4/29/11 11:21 A

Twice per week. Monday and Thursday - and that may be too often.

I am learning that I should not focus on the scale but instead focus healthy habits, eating and exercise. The results on the scale will follow success in those areas.

SparkPoints: (7,912)
Fitness Minutes: (10,282)
Posts: 64
4/29/11 10:14 A

I used to weigh myself every Monday morning but I found I wasn't losing the way I wanted too. So now I weigh myself every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It seems to keep me on track.

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