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1/4/14 12:07 P

Maybe your government is just smarter

The reason to limit the fish is mercury, and other heavy metals that fish absorb, not the fattiness of the fish. Fish is a great source of fat, and protein. The concern is building these metals up in your body over time.

I have times when I eat fish soup 3-4 times a week, and then I get tired of it, and eat more chicken, and occasionally some red meat, then back to fish. Most of us eat a lot of something for a short while, and 4-5 times a week, will eventually become 1-2, so it really is more about the average fish consumption over the year. I eat more fish during the colder months, and less during the summer, so I think heavy use of fish temporarily, isn't an issue. It balances out.

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1/3/14 5:21 P

I really love fatty fish like salmon, tuna and herring as well, and often will have 3-4 servings some weeks, even though the official guideline here is on the safe side recommending 2. It really is one of my favorite things to eat also. (I'm not sure why the guidelines are so strict here, perhaps our fish contains more heavy metals?)

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1/3/14 3:53 P

Awesome! Thanks for the info. I am not pregnant. After 3 children I will not be having any more so I'm happy to hear I can continue what I've been doing!

1/3/14 3:42 P

I'm answering this question assuming you are not pregnant.....It is fine to have 4-5 servings of salmon weekly. For women who are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, young children with developing brains and bodies---follow these guidelines regarding fish intake:

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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1/3/14 3:22 P

Well that sure is a bummer! :) I thought 5 times a week seemed a little high for a fatty fish but it's just so good!!!

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1/3/14 3:02 P

The updated official recommendation where I live (Norway) is that fertile women should eat no more than two servings/meals of fatty fish per week.

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1/3/14 2:57 P

It really depends on how much mercury is stored in the fat, and that again, depends on where it's caught and how fatty the fish is. I would say limit fatty fish to 2-3 servings per week, and go for lean fish the rest of the time, they're lower in heavy metals like mercury and much safer to eat in larger amounts.

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1/3/14 2:05 P

Is it safe to eat wild caught salmon 4-5 times per week? I have been for awhile but don't know if that's a safe / suggested amount to eat. What about tuna? Is there a number of servings per week that is considered "safe" for fish?

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