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SLENDERELLA61 Posts: 10,128
1/31/10 3:44 P

I've gone from 2X to size 4. To go from 2X to 1X was probably 25 pounds. To go from 8 to 6 or 6 to 4 it is probably more like 5-8 pounds.

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1/31/10 3:42 P


123456123456 Posts: 1,259
1/31/10 3:41 P

I personally lose 5-7 pounds on average; as little as 3 lbs for 1 size lost.

I dropped 35 pounds and over 60 inches!!

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1/31/10 3:30 P

around 15 for me. my weight varied between 135 at a size 6 and 193 at a size 14. 23 lbs down and 12's are too big and 10's are just a smidge too small.

KIMBEEJ16 Posts: 540
1/31/10 3:21 P

Yeah, it's going to vary according to height and build. For me, I had to lose 20-25 lbs at first to go down a size. The smaller I got the less I had to lose to go down...more like 10-12 lbs.

1/31/10 3:14 P

I think it's 12 pounds, but I'm not sure

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1/31/10 12:53 P

My guess depends. We all don't loose weight in the same places.

WRITINGBLUEHAWK SparkPoints: (20,360)
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1/31/10 11:21 A

What I've heard is that for size 12 and up you have to lose 15 to 20 lbs to drop a size. With the smaller sizes (and I wouldn't know), the increment between sizes drops to 10 lbs.

Right now, I'm a pants size 16. I will need to lose 15 lbs to wear a size 14. My ultimate goal is a 12 which looks good on me, since I'm 5'7".

AUDREYHK Posts: 485
1/31/10 11:07 A

That's not a question I think can be answered, truthfully. It depends on too many variables. Where do you tend to carry weight? Where does weight tend to come off you first? Are you putting on muscle as you lose fat? All those things will affect how much "scale weight" you need to lose before you're fitting into smaller clothes.

Then there's the problem with American clothing sizes, particularly women's sizes. They aren't standardized. In my wardrobe right now I have everything from sixes to fourteens....and they all fit me about the same. So I frankly have no idea what "Size" I supposedly am...or when I will have "dropped a size."

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1/31/10 9:55 A

It really, really depends. For me it took forever because I lost so little from my lower body at first. Now that I'm closer to goal I'm finally starting to see the jeans sizes go down like crazy. I've lost 84 pounds and am just now able to get in to a size 12-14 (depending on how they're cut) when I started at size 20. I think I was able to get back in to 18's after about 30 or 40 pounds? But I stayed there for several months and then stayed at size 16 for several as well.

1/31/10 9:37 A

I know all clothes fit different but how much do you actually have to lose to drop a whole pant size

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