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1/28/10 6:46 P

I usually end up losing because for 2 days in there I feel awful and don't want to even look at food, let alone eat it...I don't really get bloated though, just cramps that make me sick (and have gotten worse with the dieting).

BRENDAS026 Posts: 487
1/28/10 6:14 P

I dont weight myself when imin my period because I know It goes up a few pounds but I do exercise the same while im in my period because for me theres no pain, I kinda feel like whenever I exercise during my period at the end I loose more pounds than when im not in my period

1/28/10 4:28 P

between 2 and 6 lbs.

SASSYBEAN1 Posts: 398
1/28/10 4:10 P

I used to gain several pounds, but since I've started eating "clean" I don't gain, but I don't lose either.

SHEABIRD1 Posts: 89
1/28/10 3:28 P

I usually gain 2-4 pounds...but lose it right away and then some! This month I lost 2 pounds right after my period.

US_NAVYWIFE69 Posts: 27
1/28/10 2:18 P

DIUREX is a water releasing pill it is about 5 dollars for it at walmart it last 1 to two weeks and keeps the bloated part gone it is great

KILA1228 Posts: 1,458
1/28/10 1:44 P

Between 2-4 pounds.

LIBBY_F SparkPoints: (42,685)
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Posts: 2,290
1/28/10 11:45 A

Usually 5-7. emoticon

1/28/10 11:19 A

Up to 5 lbs but since getting back on the shot I haven't dealt with the weight gain and bloating much. However, I still get the moodiness, cramps and headaches.

1/28/10 11:17 A

up to 5 lbs. and always feel bloated and cranky, I take midol and it seems to help except the gaining weight part,

1/28/10 10:18 A

I usually can gain about 4-5 the week before and another up to 10lbs during. I've already gained almost 5 just in the past 2 days. All water weight and bloat.

1/28/10 10:04 A

Up to 5 lbs. It sucks!!!

1/28/10 10:03 A

i usually gain 2-4lbs

MORGNSGRL Posts: 465
1/28/10 7:37 A

I usually gain 2-4 lbs. Just remind yourself that it's not "real" weight, it's just water retention and it's totally normal.

FITMOM9603 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 204
1/28/10 6:19 A

what is weird is I will drop 2 pounds prior to my period and the second that it is over I will gain 2 pounds...It is temporary and will usually lose it in a few days,but its so weird lol.

BIZENMO Posts: 455
1/28/10 5:00 A

I've put on as much as 6 lbs before my period. I remember weighing in at WW one time and the lady couldn't believe that I'd gain that much because of my period. I'm here to tell ya you can and I did! I went to the bathroom like I was hooked up to a garden hose! LOL! The thing to keep in mind is it's not really "weight," simply fluid. It's discouraging, but then you're thrilled once it's gone! ha Of course, prior to my period, I'd crave salty things so that didn't help matters either!

KEZERETH SparkPoints: (15)
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Posts: 124
1/28/10 4:38 A

Im really glad i found this thread. I was looking if putting on weight during your period was possible, so im glad to know that it is possible and not something im doing wrong. I put on two pounds for no reason, and i just assumed it was something to do with my period. I feel quite bloated too.

I need to remember just to keep doing what i'm doing food wise, and that this two pounds is just a temporary thing!

FLYING_V Posts: 2,343
4/10/09 11:11 A

I usually gain 2-3lbs a couple days before.

4/10/09 10:25 A

I usually gain a few pounds or don't lose anything the week before by period...I've noticed lately that I actually lose weight the first day of my period...crazy.

CLIMBERCHICK14 Posts: 11,246
4/10/09 9:06 A

2-5 lbs and I swell up like I'm 3-4 months preggo.

LCLUKEY Posts: 188
4/10/09 8:55 A

I usually gain a couple of pounds. It's natural, just keep doing what you are doing.

4/10/09 12:49 A

argh... I HOPE that I've gained 3-4 lbs in water weight... I need it!

SABINEJADE SparkPoints: (4,610)
Fitness Minutes: (7,330)
Posts: 518
4/16/08 9:05 A

Shyviolet, my experience is almost exactly the same as yours every month, except I don't lose it until about 7 or 8 days after I start my cycle.

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CRICKETRO Posts: 28,971
4/16/08 8:33 A

nothing! [actually lost 2.2 lbs this week]

SOUND88 Posts: 422
4/16/08 7:52 A

I gained about 4-5 lbs this time around, ugh.

DIGIT88 Posts: 461
4/16/08 12:58 A

My period effects my weight about a week before it starts and becomes normal at the very end of my period. I gain anywhere between 2-4 pounds. It blows.

PANTEAH Posts: 22
4/16/08 12:24 A

My gain during my period is not always the same (from 0 to 4 lbs). It depends on my craving for sweet and also salty foods.
sometimes I manage to control the craving and sometimes not!
My doctor says it is normal to gain about 2-3 lbs.

JMAYSIE Posts: 495
4/16/08 12:19 A

I usually don't gain any, but the day before it starts I usually have (sorry for TMI) diarrhea like crazy so I think my body gets rid of the water weight like's terrible. I really don't know why it happens but I always know it's coming because of it...oh and the crying for no reason thing too....I hate periods. I did not miss them at all while I was preggo.

STACEYCAKES2 Posts: 1,715
4/15/08 11:47 P

Usually about 2 pounds...

SHYVIOLET SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,301)
Posts: 362
4/15/08 11:32 P

I stop losing and start gaining beginning precisely 2 weeks before it comes for an avg total of around 1-3lbs each time, then I just stay there and do not budge until I get it... then starting on day 2 of the cycle all or nearly all the weight I gained goes away, and during that week and the following week I lose another 2-3 lbs, and then it happens all over again :P

If anyone's got a way to change this (a healthy way anyhow) I am all ears! :)

KAANDHMOM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,019)
Posts: 663
4/15/08 8:56 P

I've noticed a pattern with mine. From the day it starts I will start gaining and this month it was about 5 pounds and it totally doesn't all go away for a good 2 weeks!! SSSOOOOO frustrating!! But then the next 2 weeks I lose a good bit, like 4-5 pounds a week. Even with not losing anything for those 2 weeks each month I am still averaging 8-10 pounds lost per month.

MANIGIRL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,055)
Posts: 105
4/15/08 7:27 P

I'm not sure but I'm about to start and overnight I gained 2 pounds and I've been eating in my calorie range with really healthy foods. I'm hoping its just my period... (Crossing fingers)

PRJANE SparkPoints: (45)
Fitness Minutes: (3,306)
Posts: 1,182
4/15/08 6:57 P

I don't gain anything. I continue to lose as usual.

LIZZI_20 Posts: 124
4/15/08 6:18 P

Usually 3-4 lbs.

KA5HYAS Posts: 75
4/15/08 4:37 P

i cut out sodium and bread during my period, i find this helps me either lose weight or remain the same

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,418
4/15/08 4:07 P

I don't gain any, but I retain water so I don't lose any. I just know the week that I retain water, so I know what the scale will say.

4/15/08 4:02 P

I retain a lot of water, probably from all the salty stuff I crave right before! for me it's usually 4-5 pounds.

TIGGERLILLY1001 Posts: 2,489
4/15/08 3:52 P


LEANVIXEN Posts: 2,916
4/15/08 3:47 P

I usually gain 2-3 lbs...unfortunately it doesn't come off again.

BLONDAWG27 Posts: 267
4/15/08 3:39 P

i usually gain a couple pounds during that time too...not to comes back off pretty quickly

4/15/08 3:33 P


You lost 20 lbs!! That says alot! Congrats.

KERRIAE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (12,241)
Posts: 721
4/15/08 2:49 P

I don't usually gain, I just can't lose anything to save my life.

AKASHA922 Posts: 553
4/15/08 1:36 P

About a week and a half before my period I was 112. Right before it started, I was 116.. then when it ended I was back down to 112. I ate the same the whole time, so basically I gained 4 pounds when it started, but it all disappeared at the end.

MUNKOS Posts: 1,007
4/15/08 12:49 P

I dont like to weigh myself three days before and the first two days because I feel like a beached whale!! PMS already makes you feel crappy, nevermind seeing the numbers up on the scale.

Friday was my weigh in day as well as first day of TOM - I was up 4 pounds. I weighed in this morning down 3.2 pounds. 7 pound difference.

Try to avoid the scale during TOM it can be very discouraging.

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4/15/08 12:43 P

I'm 3 lbs. up...I hope its temporary.


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