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BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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3/13/14 10:07 P

I give it 20 minutes to digest, if it is a meal. Snacks 10 minutes.

INSH8P Posts: 1,715
3/13/14 10:01 P

I agree with Ethelmerz� But most importantly, it depends on what you want to do after you eat� Three of my routines require deep twists in the lower abdominal area of the trunk. To do these routines, I need to have stopped eating solid food 4 hours before the activity start. When I do the three routines that are less jarring to the abdominals, I cut off the meal to 2.5 hours. In either case I know what quantity and types of food don't work for me, and the water-based carbs that need to wait until "after" the routine. I love how this journey gives us events to enjoy as we work through how to think, plan, eat and move for a lifetime.

MLAN613 Posts: 15,891
3/13/14 7:56 P

I found a SP article that may be helpful to you. It gives suggestions on how much to eat and, as you asked, when to eat prior to exercise.

ETHELMERZ SparkPoints: (188,101)
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3/13/14 2:46 P

Go ahead and exercise when you feel like it, there are no set rules for this, each person is different. We can't designate a number for you on here, sorry.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (180,813)
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3/13/14 12:40 P

It depends on what you are doing and how big the meal was.

When I go out for a morning run, I can't eat before hand because it upsets my stomach. However, I can't eat on an empty stomach when I strength train.

If this was a light meal, I'd say you'll be fine to start working out as soon as you'd like. If the meal was heavy, you might want to wait 30-45 minutes. That will give your body more time to digest the food.

How do you feel ? Do you feel as if the food is sitting in your stomach ? If so, wait a while. If you feel okay, try a short workout. If you get an upset stomach, it's okay to stop.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 7,920
3/13/14 4:58 A

I was about to exercise but I was tempted by an Asian salad instead. Julienned cucumber, carrots, shredded thai basil and torn mint leaves with a special sauce (I don't know what's in the sauce but it's virtually fat free) and topped with ground peanuts.

I had 2 small servings with some fish crackers.

My question is, if I still want to exercise, how much time do I give for all that to digest before exercising? It's about 5 pm now, is it safe to exercise at like 7pm?

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