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This seems a little crazy, but if you measure the oil before and after frying, you can figure out how much oil was absorbed by the pieces. Then you would have to proportion each size to the overall amount of oil absorbed and then you would have your answer.

Or you could just google it and use a guesstimate. According to livestrong:

The exact nutrient content of your fried chicken depends on specific factors, such as the serving size, whether you eat the skin and any additional ingredients in the recipe. A fried, skinless chicken breast half weighing 86 g, or 3 oz., has 161 calories. A serving of breaded and fried chicken breast with the skin has 218 calories. Nearly half of the calories are from added fats and starches.

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This link might help:

The SP Data Base only states per serving and doesn't say what a serving size is.

Hope it is what you were looking for

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That is a good question, I always wondered about that. I know that it is no way near accurate but I just add 1/4 cup of oil to my dinner. But I would love to know how everybody else calculates

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rule of thumb is if in doubt don't eat it that way.bake it.

6/27/13 4:57 A

I am making home made southern fried chicken next week and want to work out the calories in it. I can obviously and quite easily track the ingredients but how much fat will an average chicken drumstick soak up when deep fried? I will get the oil sufficiently hot to minimise soaking up.

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