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NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
3/17/13 6:09 A

In my opinion (and it's just that), as long as you're spreading the water intake out over the course of the day, you're unlikely to drink too much water.

My grandmother died from water overdose so it absolutely DOES happen. In her case, she drank too much water in a short period of time and her heart stopped and they could not revive her. She did it because she had a UTI and was taking the typical 'old wives' advice to drink a ton of water to flush it out, rather than going to a doctor like she should have.

3/16/13 4:57 P

From what you share, it does not sound like your water intake is harmful to your health---but the amount you are consuming is in no way benefiting your health either---unless it is helping to keep calorie intake under control. It is basically a habit.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,247
3/16/13 4:33 P

too much is basically in gallons per hour. and holding it in, which is the big issue.

the idea behind water is to replenish what you lose and have enough on hand for all the stuff your body does with water. so a gallon of water a day can be too much [though not the kind of too much that is a medical issue unless you have a preexisiting medical issue to begin with] or too little depending on what your situation is. people who are in a cool climate, not really active and/or are not working out probably won't need a gallon of water a day. people who live in a hot climate, are active and/or are working out a lot lose a lot of water and so need to put a lot back in to maintain the balance.

SQUIGGLE12345 Posts: 107
3/16/13 4:26 P

Really it is just a habit. I keep a 20oz glass by me at work with a straw and find myself absently drinking while I am reading/typing on the computer or what not. I am not usually thirsty, but I also find that it keeps me from snacking too. If I think I want to snack I make myself drink a 20oz glass of water first, wait 5 minutes, then decide if I still want it. I aim for a gallon because I read somewhere (couldn't even tell you where) a long time ago that that is a good amount to aim for while trying to loose weight and if you exercise frequently. My job is fairly active - I walk a lot - but thats it, not really alot of manual labor or anything, and its inside.

It really is only that much while I am at work. When im not at work I usually only drink around 100-130oz of water , because I am usually busy doing other things.

I don't feel bad at all, I recently when to the Doctor for a yearly check up and had blood work done - everything was in the healthy range. I think its just habit. I just don't want to be doing more harm than good in the long run.

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3/16/13 2:35 P

There is no such thing as a set amount; it differs based on the person.

I would talk to your doctor if you need to drink that much. Excessive thirst can be a sign of diabetes and other medical conditions. Why are you aiming for a gallon? Most people don't need that much.

When you go to the bathroom, are you peeing clear? If so, then you may be drinking too much. You want your urine to be a pale straw color.

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3/16/13 2:35 P

For most healthy adults, thirsty is a good indicator of water/fluid needs.
So... drink when you are thirsty.
The amount you are drinking is "a lot" of water/fluid.
Why are you drinking that amount?
Are you really that thirsty?
This could be a sign of another medical issue that you should discuss with your doctor.
Perhaps you live in a hot, humid climate or in a job that has you sweeting most of the day and you need this amout?
Or is it just a habit?
SP Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist Becky

SQUIGGLE12345 Posts: 107
3/16/13 12:26 P

I am curious how much water is too much. I have heard many people say that you can mess up your electrolyte levels by drinking too much water, but I have never heard anyone quantify how much is too much. I aim for 1 gallon a day and I would say I reach that 99% of the time, occasionally I don't make it (usually if I am not at work).However, many days I even drink more, anywhere from 180-200 oz. I also drink at least 16 oz of coffee a day ( I don't count this in my water consumption, but figured I would mention it here.) I never feel bad, of course I go to the bathroom a lot but that doesn't bother me. I started taking a multi vitamin over the last week because many people at work began to express concern over the amount of water I drink, and how unhealthy it is. Am I doing more harm than good? I don't feel bad at all - actually quite the opposite, and I know that I shouldn't listen to people that only my body can tell me if I am doing something wrong, but when I hear the same thing from multiple people I start to get nervous. Are people just being overly concerned about nothing?

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