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3/5/14 6:33 A

I am assuming this is generalized muscle soreness, rather than specific pain.

Muscle soreness is a common response whenever you do something your muscles are unfamiliar with. If you stop every time you get some soreness, your muscles will never get used to it.

Moderate workouts can actually help, as the increased blood flow helps the recovery process. So keep working out, but definitely dial back the intensity for a week or two. If you work out regularly, your body adapts quite quickly to the new demands you make if it.

If it is the sharper pain that may indicate a muscle or tendon strain, then that is when you should take some time off from working out. (Although from your description, it doesn't sound like this is the case).


3/3/14 6:50 P

Thanks! I'll give it a shot. I'm hoping since it is focusing on upper body she will leave my poor legs alone lol. If not, I will try to modify the exercises to not use my legs as much. Worst thing that could happen is I'll delay my workouts for a day or two, not the end of the world I suppose :)

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3/3/14 6:36 P

If it were me, I'd try it. And then if my body told me NO (pain, intense fatigue, really struggling to do the moves, etc.), I would either take a rest day or try and find an easier workout for today. Sometimes when you're starting out with something new, you have to take things slower or add more rest days than you would like to give your body time to adjust to the increased/altered level of activity. It's better to take the rest days and be patient than risk overdoing it and injuring yourself! The important thing is to get right back at it as soon as you feel up to it again, so that it doesn't become an excuse to stop working out altogether.

3/3/14 6:10 P

I started on the 21 Day Fix yesterday by the Beachbody group, and oh man it kicked my behind something fierce. Today my thighs are very sore from some of the workouts. To add to it, I had to spend 7 hours on my feet today filing paperwork at my job, so my legs haven't gotten much of a rest.

Day 2 of the 21 Day Fix is supposed to be an upper body workout. She seems to incorporate full body moves in her videos as much as possible though.

I'm really not trying to make excuses to not work out as I want to lose this weight so badly. With that said, is it safe to work out when you are already this sore? I don't feel like I'm injured, just the kind of sore you get when you work out muscles you haven't in awhile. I'm just afraid of overdoing it and then not being able to work out at all.

I appreciate any input! emoticon

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