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NEW-CAZ SparkPoints: (323,451)
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3/20/14 10:45 A

34 pounds been maintaining since March 2008

Caz, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk UK on the North Sea coast, and live with my other half - not married) and have no kids.

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BOB5148 SparkPoints: (189,683)
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3/20/14 10:43 A

88 in a yr

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,395
3/20/14 9:53 A

Oh wow, blast from the past thread! I was one of the original responders, back on March 17, 2013, all happy about my 24# loss. Well... it's closer to 80# now :)

And I STILL feel GREAT! :D

Goal 1 - break 200 (46 pounds lost)**DONE**
Goal 2 - leave obesity behind (BMI 29.9, at 185#) **DONE**
Goal 3 - BMI = Normal (154# or less)
SUZIEQUE77 SparkPoints: (9,260)
Fitness Minutes: (40)
Posts: 1,065
3/20/14 7:29 A

Since joining Sparkpeople? Not more than a few pounds.
But I am maintaining an 80 lb weight loss from my highest non-pregnant weight. I have been at, or within a few pounds over or under my goal of 120 for over 7 years now.

LIZANNE115 SparkPoints: (6,702)
Fitness Minutes: (4,032)
Posts: 138
3/19/14 10:56 P

I've just started tracking again, and I recently added some exercise back in, so I had a little beginners boost in the past week. I'm about 5 pounds lighter that I was last week, but that's partly from staying hydrated and clearing out my system, along with my body being startled out of hibernation.

Nothing changes until you do.
FLORADITA SparkPoints: (50,192)
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3/19/14 10:46 P

I joined Spark People on Jan 12 and as of today I have lost 15 pounds for an overall total of 50 pounds lost with 30 more to go. I wish I had found Spark earlier as tracking my nutrition and exercise has really helped me zero in on what I need to focus on to get to my goal and keep me there. I am determined to maintain my weight loss and to improve my overall health and fitness. The tracking has been invaluable and is keeping me accountable.

"It's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abe Lincoln
LORIVIOLA SparkPoints: (113,775)
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3/19/14 10:22 P

5 pounds since January 1, 2014.

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.
MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,873
3/19/14 10:16 P

I have lost 35.6 pounds

I lost 21.6 with Spark People. And I joined Weight Watchers in January 2014 were I have lost an additional 14 pounds

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DRKPKING Posts: 98
3/19/14 10:10 P

Since Jan 2013 I've lost almost 50 lbs!

Eager to learn and be of help where I can!

aka Geek Goddess (GG)
390 520 390

Starting weight: 245 lbs (Jan, 2013)
Diabetes diagnosis: 227 lbs
Post TKR (2nd) 202 lbs (Dec 26, ,2013)
March 8, 2014:
193 lbs (51lbs lost!)

Target weight #3 : 185.0 lbs (July, 2014?)

Goals: Recovery from knee replacements, and training to return to golf, dancing, and Arizona as much as I possibly can!
3/19/14 9:56 P

16 lbs since December, have stalled out the last couple of weeks, but held steady. I'm expecting loss again the next 2 months! (being positive and back on track)

SLLYONS51 Posts: 3,169
3/19/14 7:18 P


BANKER-CHUCK Posts: 5,965
3/19/14 7:13 P

21 lbs....this time around but have lost 60 in the past.


1/1/10 Start Wht 279 lbs
12/1/15 Goal 180

**Maintain** "OR" set new Goal! 170's maybe??
LOSTLIME SparkPoints: (74,331)
Fitness Minutes: (21,430)
Posts: 19,221
3/19/13 7:09 P

2lbs since 3/5/13

SCHEALTHNUTT SparkPoints: (49,055)
Fitness Minutes: (24,637)
Posts: 1,913
3/19/13 6:50 P

12 lbs since joining spark people

FIREWOMN Posts: 634
3/19/13 5:49 P

56 lbs and still going strong. I use Spark everyday to keep me motivated and on track.

Have Fun!

CARTOON3 Posts: 1,601
3/19/13 5:11 P

14 pounds.

RGBIGUN Posts: 1,677
3/19/13 4:48 P


COREYSGIRL1020 SparkPoints: (1,748)
Fitness Minutes: (1,554)
Posts: 10
3/19/13 4:42 P

4 lbs. just started back in last week=)

JENNIK2 Posts: 1,829
3/19/13 4:36 P

36 pounds


Michigan, Eastern Standard Time
ILOVESALUKI SparkPoints: (11,219)
Fitness Minutes: (3,362)
Posts: 644
3/19/13 4:07 P

1.3 kg

CBLENS SparkPoints: (47,498)
Fitness Minutes: (16,557)
Posts: 1,220
3/19/13 3:52 P

18 lbs in 2 months

Your encouragement is greatly appreciated!
MARITZA_TIRADO SparkPoints: (7,839)
Fitness Minutes: (1,599)
Posts: 208
3/19/13 2:25 P

2 pounds in 14 days!!!

KARA623 Posts: 727
3/19/13 1:33 P

Just hit my goal last week. 125 lbs. I lost the majority in a couple of years on WW but plateaud and have been plugging away at the last few years.

Motivation will get you to the start line; discipline will get you to the finish.

Starting Weight: 264 (didn't get there overnight)
Current Weight 129.4 (didn't get here overnight)
JLTRACY Posts: 462
3/19/13 1:24 P

9.6 since Jan 7

GANEC5104 Posts: 414
3/19/13 1:11 P

70 lbs in almost 3 years (weight watchers and sparkpeople)

TRACYLYNN853 Posts: 490
3/19/13 1:10 P

11 pounds since Jan 2013

NWLIFESRC Posts: 9,316
3/19/13 1:08 P

85 lbs in 3.5 yrs

MRMRMMR Posts: 5,152
3/19/13 1:01 P

in four years ten stone

MOMMA2SKI SparkPoints: (35,527)
Fitness Minutes: (4,292)
Posts: 1,100
3/19/13 12:44 P

8lbs. since Feb. 26th

Fakin' it, til I make it!!!

FIRECOM SparkPoints: (107,673)
Fitness Minutes: (11,796)
Posts: 5,855
3/19/13 12:14 P

Total from my highest weight in '83, 172 lb. - I weighed at least 335 lb. at that time.

On SparkPeople, 63.4. I am now within my goal of 160 Lb. May not get that last 2 lb, but that would be OK with me.

"It is easier to raise good children than to fix bad men" by Fredrick Douglas.

Co team leader for Living With Diabetes team.

Co Leader for Healthy Hearts team.

Leader of Gilbert Speaks team.
WISHFULDREAMING SparkPoints: (33,591)
Fitness Minutes: (11,777)
Posts: 496
3/19/13 11:51 A

42 lbs

DATTEBERR SparkPoints: (5,640)
Fitness Minutes: (1,261)
Posts: 534
3/19/13 10:04 A

11 pounds

ADAPTOR Posts: 1,831
3/19/13 8:47 A

20 lbs

in eastern Washington State (PST)

If there is no wind, row.

Learn to let it go when appropriate, learn to breathe deep and slow in a focused manner, keep moving, and seek contentment and happiness.
WHOVIAN85 Posts: 861
3/19/13 7:21 A

17 since end of Jan. have another 60 pounds to lose until I reach goal weight.

"The good things donít always soften the bad things ó but vice versa ó the bad things donít necessarily spoil the good things or make them unimportant."
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SW: 232
CW: 203.2
LGW: 150
TRYINGTOLOSE64 Posts: 74,126
3/19/13 6:50 A


TIG123GER SparkPoints: (76,906)
Fitness Minutes: (17,391)
Posts: 2,116
3/18/13 10:36 A

Since I "really" started Spark, I've lost 26 pounds with another 75ish to go. At the moment, I've hit a plateau and haven't lost anything for a few weeks even though I've been working out solid every day. Hopefully that turns soon.

Lay aside life-harming heaviness and entertain a cheerful disposition.
3/18/13 10:21 A

10 solid pounds since Early December, 10-12 more to go!

ZENANDNOW SparkPoints: (62,493)
Fitness Minutes: (2,138)
Posts: 4,024
3/18/13 10:18 A

Hi Alyssa... emoticon Since November 1, 2012...I've lost 93-pounds. The food tracker and the fitness tracker are the among the most valuable tools here at SparkPeople. This site is loaded with helpful articles, tips, advice on nutrition/health, fitness; and there are some really good Sparkers here that will support you and help keep you motivated. emoticon

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KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
3/18/13 7:45 A

50 lbs.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (80,279)
Fitness Minutes: (85,382)
Posts: 2,489
3/18/13 6:56 A

55 lbs. The best part of this website is the small goals you set for yourself that snowball into huge lifestyle changes. Last summer, I couldn't cook to save my life... now I'm a regular gourmet chef in the kitchen and cook all mine and my families dinners from scratch (including my kid's snacks; crackers, granola bars etc. no more packaged snacks), I spent most of my free time on the computer during the day, now I can't sit still and am far more productive. I only come on the computer to do my mornin' Sparkin' and periodically to check recipes, meal plans and to use fitness videos. I workout nearly every day now. I am getting super muscular, brought my RHR down from 70-80 bpm to 45 bpm, my blood pressure into the range of kids and professional athletes. Before I would sit whenever I could, I was tired all the time, slept a lot... now I stand and pace about always looking for more things to do. I guess what I'm trying to say is Spark's has changed my entire lifestyle.

Tips: Just keep challenging yourself and setting new mini goals for your diet, fitness, health and life and in a year time, you'll look back and will be absolutely amazed by how much self-improvement you've made.

Edited by: JENNILACEY at: 3/18/2013 (07:07)

Take your focus off the Marshmallow.

"Toning" is marketing muscles to women who are afraid if they pick up a barbell, they'll leave the gym looking like She-Hulk. It doesn't happen, what does happen is you get results. Lifting Barbie weights does nothing but waste time.
BILL60 Posts: 533,151
3/18/13 6:47 A

Not nearly enough.

"Excellence is but for the few."
TCANNO SparkPoints: (184,201)
Fitness Minutes: (111,528)
Posts: 32,286
3/18/13 4:54 A

I got to my goal last week 16 kilos


Trev, Kent Southeast UK

How can you know that you can't unless you have tried and failed.
Join the 10 minute exercising challenge and get exercising.
See what you are made of by joining the 10k steps day challenge.

NMSUSTUDENT SparkPoints: (29,604)
Fitness Minutes: (57,409)
Posts: 1,258
3/18/13 3:10 A

73 Lbs

Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.--Dwight D. Eisenhower
LINEBACKER1968 Posts: 394
3/18/13 12:52 A


Moving Foward!!!
TACDGB Posts: 6,136
3/18/13 12:27 A

lost 60 lbs. total. love this web site. I found that getting all the junk food out of the house is important. I also love to workout....real important for me. I love the articles and have learned a lot.

AGITATOR1 SparkPoints: (3,500)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 480
3/17/13 10:48 P

43 pounds and I hope I never eve emoticon r find it

Life has many doors that lead to SUCCESS that many people fail to open
ALYSSA0522 SparkPoints: (533)
Fitness Minutes: (805)
Posts: 2
3/17/13 10:47 P

Thank you ladies, that was wonderful advice! I too love the trackers, for the simple fact that I'm happy to put in a good meal and exercise. In the same sense, disappointed in myself when I don't do so good, I find that if I plan my meals and exercise for the day, I really follow through rather than just tracking, you know?

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,395
3/17/13 10:08 P

Down 24# since Jan 5th - (245 to 221).

And I am feeling GREAT.

I use the Nutrition Tracker and track EVERYTHING - which has been of such immense benefit, in getting a handle on both portion control and "nutritional value" (really helps me keep an eye on my protein, which seems to be chronically low when left to my own devices).

I enjoy reading blogs and official Spark articles, and chilling out on the forums. I did join a couple of Teams but find that I prefer the general (and busier) forums.

Goal 1 - break 200 (46 pounds lost)**DONE**
Goal 2 - leave obesity behind (BMI 29.9, at 185#) **DONE**
Goal 3 - BMI = Normal (154# or less)
JULIACOLLINS62 Posts: 1,666
3/17/13 10:01 P

Hi Alyssa,
I have lost 28# in 5 months.
I love the food tracker and all the health articles. The communities I'm involved in have taught me a lot about my personal health issues.
This is a great site. It looks like you have a great start by starting your own thread. Good luck.
Sincerely, Julia

Skinny taste better than butter!
ALYSSA0522 SparkPoints: (533)
Fitness Minutes: (805)
Posts: 2
3/17/13 9:56 P

Hi, my name is Alyssa and I have just started with on Friday, I am already feeling the benefits. So how much have you lost? What is the best part of the website, and do you have any tips for me?

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