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5/14/10 7:46 A

Thanks for posting that article. I too have hypothyroidism, so this helps me understand what I need to do to successfully get healthy.

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5/14/10 2:44 A

thankyou will help me for sure...i have increased my exercise mins and intensity....thankyou once again for your prompt help...i will be extra careful about my

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Every failure brings with it the seed of equivalent success.
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5/13/10 6:11 A

Your exercise plan won't differ because of your condition, but there might be some tweaks you can make to your eating that will help. Check out this article:

Hope it helps!

Coach Jen

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5/13/10 3:40 A

hi,i am 31 yrs with hypothyroidism on levthyroxine 100mcg daily.i workout for 30 mins on a treadmill daily,do ST 5 mins daily,stay within my calorie range...i am not losing weight...i want to know is my plan correct for my condition or i need to do more and still reduce my calorie range further than recommended..coz the spark plan i received must have been charted keeping in mind normal people,so what should be my action plan if i have hypothyroidism...

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Every failure brings with it the seed of equivalent success.
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