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7/16/11 6:44 P

We live in a small town near Kansas City, MO and we belong to a YMCA, family membership for $500/yr, or we do the automatic bank draft at $38/mo. All land based classes are free for members, for water classes its extra, you can buy a water fitness card good for 6 months or 25 sessions of a class, for members it costs $25, for non members it is $40.

Our Y has childcare all day on weekdays including evening classes for $1/hr. We have an upstairs walking track with machines on one side and 2 separate rooms for weight lifting and a young adult weight room, for the teenagers. Then, they have like 3 or 4 basketball courts, including a big free room for anything like little kids basketball, gymnastics, etc. They have a raquetball court, an indoor playpark with an attendant, pool, hot tub, and even a steam room. Then back by the childcare area, is a room with video games, big screen TV, couches, chairs, and vending machines.

I know at ours, if income is an issue, you can get a "scholarship" based on need and pay as little as $10/mo. for a single person.

Blessings, Michelle

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7/16/11 5:34 P


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7/16/11 5:15 P

I live in a small town where a gym is literally just a gym. We have ST machines and cardio machines and nothing else, so membership is pretty cheap. Mine costs $20 a month.

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7/16/11 5:08 P

AZ 26 a month unlimited classes use of workout equiptment, pool rec rooms etc. Training, childcare are extra.

5/30/11 12:03 P

If you're a resident, it's about $25 a month or $30 a month for none residence. If you don't use the machines and instead just do the gym or the track, then it's free. Classes are around $3.50. This is in Iowa.

128PERFECT Posts: 3,026
5/30/11 10:26 A

I live in central New York and it is 19.95 a month includes tanning, classes, and child care.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
5/30/11 4:42 A

I live in Auckland, New Zealand and my gym costs $15 per week. That is a student rate, I think my parents pay closer to $20. That includes classes and access to a trainer pretty much whenever you want (not a PT, but a PT does a new programme for you whenever you want, the trainers all hang around and are happy to help)

MULEDOGGIE SparkPoints: (82,780)
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5/29/11 9:42 P

30.00 per month here in SE Texas. We have a large university in town with a 30M$ rec center, so the Gold's Gyms and others have to compete with price very aggressively.


LISA667 Posts: 301
5/29/11 9:38 P

We pay 130 a month. We're in the Chicagoland area. We get all classes, 4 pilates a month, pool, and unlimited court time for tennis- oh, and unlimited childcare.

Love it- wouldn't go anywhere else- they offer free health/wellness classes all the time and CHEAP spa treatments like massage.

It's affiliated with a hospital, so the facility also does a lot of rehab work with patients. Clean and spotless all the time. Machines in working order- all the time and all the latest equipment and classes.

MNIKODEM Posts: 421
5/26/11 6:44 P

So. Cali here - $100 per month but worth every penny. Would pay more if they increased the price.

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5/26/11 6:19 P

Gym Membership $19.99 , can bring a guest. full access to all machines, 3 separate rooms of treadmills, elipticals, rowers, and bikes, womens only area, tanning, daycare. ($2/hr) Classes are morning and at night $10 unlimited classes per month! I love my gym but I do wish they had a pool!

AUTUMNCHI1 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/26/11 6:11 P

$40.95 per month. Includes a swimming pool, aquafit classes, full gym (open from 6am-10pm), evening classes, sports classes.

BOOTYLICIOUS83 SparkPoints: (47,473)
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5/26/11 5:52 P

$200 for 6 months-1 yr

5/26/11 4:10 P

I pay $69/month for my husband and I together. Classes are included in that. The only thing you'd pay extra is for personal training (which neither of us want). I'm in East Tennessee. Oh that we can go to any of the clubs in the entire region and workout. We aren't just locked in to our "home" club location.

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ANGIEPIE82 Posts: 128
5/26/11 3:58 P

i pay 59 (with a teacher's discount) for new york sports club- i can go to any club anytime without being charged. i used to pay $55 for ONE club

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5/26/11 3:48 P

In southern alberta $40-80 and most of the classes are included.

SANDERSON83 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/26/11 2:06 P

$45 a month at BodyPlex

31MERLOT SparkPoints: (0)
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5/26/11 1:41 P

I pay $29.99 a month at LA Fitness in Fishers, IN. No enrollment fee. Includes ALL classes, pool, cardio, weights....

AYANKEEFAN51 SparkPoints: (4,554)
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5/26/11 1:36 P

I live on Long island, NY and recently became a member of Planet Fitness's black card member. The price is $19.99 a month for the major membership contract ($29 yearly fee but you get the 1st year free) and you get the 1st month free or for $10 depending on the time of the promotion. My membership allows you to use all their locations, bring one person with you 13 & up with an i.d. for free (which I love the most about this membership), and other things like free tanning and use of the massage chairs. They also have free personal training classes, just have to sign up yourself and whoever you bring before the class is full, which in my location is 5 ppl. They also have a basic $10 membership, $39 yearly fee, which gives you access to just the main location of your choice. All in all, I'm very happy with Planet Fitness so far. I used to be a member of NYSC for $64 a month, which was very expensive, and you had to pay to bring a friend/family member. Even their freeze your account rate is expensive at $15 compared to Planet Fitness. Hope this helps.

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5/26/11 1:34 P

I live in SoCal and most of my friends here pay $80+ for their boxing clubs/fitness centers. I love 24 Hour Fitness - it's around the corner from my house, has awesome classes every day and is only $19.99/month!

I believe there are 500 around the country - may be a good option for someone without kids (I don't believe they have a childcare program) who isn't looking to spend a lot but still have access to a wide array of machines and classes!

DAVISSTEVIE69 Posts: 223
5/26/11 1:16 P

The gym that I am interested in joining is $36 a month for single member, $60 a month for double members and $80 a month for triple members. This includes classes, weights, machines. Childcare is $1 per hour. Trainers are extra and the price is set by the trainer.

NANCYANNE1956 Posts: 532
5/26/11 1:08 P

There's a full service fitness center near me that charges $100 enrollment fee & $50/month to belong. There's a community center that charges $79 per year, and if you choose to take classes (yoga, dance) that's additional.

SARAH0335 SparkPoints: (6,450)
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5/26/11 12:47 P

I pay $25/month with a $50 enrollment fee

5/26/11 12:41 P

My Y is $36/month.

RUNNINGAL425 Posts: 1,070
5/26/11 12:39 P

$40 a month for a family membership.

Olympic pool
Raquetball courts
Basketball/volleyball courts
Outside 1K track
Strength/Cardio room that has free weights, a bunch of weight machines, treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, recumbent bikes, stair steppers, some ab machine, and strengthfit or some new thing (don't remember the name) that is cables hooked to the wall, a spinning class room, a group classroom for zumba, pilates, muscle works, kickboxing, interval workouts, etc at scheduled class times

Child care is extra
There is also a grill and a wave pool but they are extra.
Tanning and massage are extra.

EIDOTHEA1 SparkPoints: (23,924)
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5/26/11 12:28 P

I belong to the Y and it's $42/month.

LILONENY25 Posts: 268
5/26/11 12:16 P

I pay 27.00 a month but i have a contract. For no contract you can pay as little as $10.00. My gym also offers childcare(2 hr limit). Other gyms in my area go for about the same price, but you do have some that are on the more expensive side. I live in NYC.

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BTLSMUM SparkPoints: (39,132)
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5/26/11 11:47 A

Where I live, $60-70 a month seems to be average.

When I can afford it, I take a month at the downtown boxing gym. It's $69 dollars and that gives you gym access (weights and cardio equipment) and unlimited classes.

FITWITHIN Posts: 25,054
5/26/11 11:17 A

I pay $15.99 a month.

5/26/11 10:46 A

After paying 700 for 3 years, it's 100 a year.

ARACELI0071 SparkPoints: (779)
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5/26/11 10:42 A

from 32.00 to 45.00 depends on gym you go to.

MFOSTER2003 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/26/11 10:21 A

32.00 a month

4XCHARM SparkPoints: (0)
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5/26/11 10:06 A

I belong to the YMCA and the cost is $40./mo. for me, and an additional $25./mo. for my husband. We both use this wonderful facility frequently. There is an outdoor track, racketball courts, a rock-climbing wall, a huge basketball court, personal trainers and a large weight and machine room. Zumba and Les Mills classes are offered daily, and are included in the monthly fee. Oh, and two pools, Olympic for swimming, and another for exercise classes. On my way for Step and Yoga classes now.

5/26/11 10:06 A

I pay $70/month for me and two kids at the YMCA. It includes all classes except pilates reformer and a couple others I think. It also includes unlimited childcare!!! (1.5 hr limit per visit). The childcare is excellent and makes it worth every penny. My kids beg to go an run around the whole time.

Gyms without pools/childcare seem to run about $15-25 a month.

WCUNNINGHAM3 SparkPoints: (13,253)
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Posts: 330
5/25/11 11:47 P

At Fitness 19, I pay $11/month (only has weights- free and machines and then Elliptical machines, treadmills, crossramp, stairmasters and personal trainers). Great deal for what you get, but I have joined a new gym, In Shape, that opens June 1st. I need a pool to help with arthritis exercises, etc. can't wait to get started there.

WENKEN SparkPoints: (0)
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5/25/11 11:27 P

I am from a small town...not much selection.I do love the ppl at my gym though. I guess I m worth the money :)

WAGN5784 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/25/11 10:59 P

I go to a gym where i work, the gym is for the community here to use. I work for an indian nation hospital where diabetes is rampant, so to battle that the gym membership is free! Works out great for me!

5/25/11 10:58 P

I'm a student, and i receive free membership during the year through my university. It's a multimillion dollar facility built two years ago, so i've REALLY lucked out! olympic pool, floors and floors of cardio rooms, machines, weights, trainers, and a selection of free classes every day.

In the summer, it's $24/month. If you come from a University/college town, try checking out the rates for community members! they are usually quite competitive.

FITMOMMY18 Posts: 384
5/25/11 9:48 P

I pay $45 plus about $60 a month in child care. There is a cheaper guy, 15 a month, but no child care, pool, sauna etc. Child care is a must for me as my husband works out of town and i have no family here.

I'm in Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada

SOCCERFREAK83 Posts: 106
5/25/11 8:44 P

I live in Indianapolis, IN and I pay $10 a month at Planet Fitness. Most places around here charges $45 which include classes, pool, etc. While I would love the pool I can't afford $45 every month so I went with the bare minimum of cardio machines and weights.

DEFALISE Posts: 1,122
5/25/11 7:24 P

I live in AZ and pay $20.00 a month but I'm grandfathered in. Most gyms are about $30 a month out here. That includes all the classes.

EMILYMAYA SparkPoints: (0)
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5/25/11 7:03 P

I live in England but my local gym costs me £27 one off membership carries through till the end of august (i bought this a month ago) and then after that it's a £1 a time, or £1.50 for a class. Without membership it's £3.50 a time or £4.50 a class. But no pool involved just a lot of gym equipment the place is crammed full of the machines, so there's always one available and there's enough options to cover all your work out bases.

DAVEJANET SparkPoints: (0)
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5/25/11 6:49 P

I pay $35 per month everything included. This is in the Chicagoland area. Gym has classes, rockwall, pool, hot tubs, steam room - pretty much everything you need.


5/25/11 6:47 P

Hi there! I live in Evansville, IN and because I'm 19, my membership to the YMCA only cost me $25/month. I know one of the few things that isn't included is swimming lessons.

FINDYOURWAY SparkPoints: (6,290)
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5/25/11 6:43 P

The ones I have checked out around me are roughly $55-65 per month.

I have yet to join one, other than when I joined the one at my school (but it was $200 for a year because I was a student and got a great deal).

BRIDGETTE1961 SparkPoints: (26,936)
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Posts: 66
5/25/11 6:39 P

I live in Central New York and the YMCA family membership is around $75/month. It includes everything though - classes, pool, gym, weights, and treadmills. We have a new Planet Fitness that charges just $10/month per person. Granted there are no classes but I'm told they have a huge amount of cardio equipment and weights. For $20/month they throw in a trainer. Now that's a great deal!

WENKEN SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 104
5/25/11 6:12 P

I pay 75 dollars a month for me and my 8 yr old classes are an extra buck per class per time. Membership includes pool and aqua fit...cardio room, weight room and raquet courts. Just curious how much you all pay. I live in rural northwestern Ontario canada

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