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6/30/14 3:43 P

Sorry to say washing it does very little because the sodium in things like cheese and lunch meat is not only to season but the way it is preserved so it is thoroughly inside and out of the products. Unless you buy organic or unprocessed foods sodium is very high in the foods we eat.

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6/30/14 3:11 P

As you found out, deli meats are crazy full of sodium. They are best avoided.

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6/30/14 2:46 P

I can't say for sure but would guess that the amount you could wash off (or brush off, for stuff that shouldn't get wet) would be next to nothing except for things like pretzels where much of the salt is added directly on the surface. The meats you're using, for example, are treated with a salt solution such that the salt is taken up all throughout the meat. Rinsing wouldn't do a thing.

The easiest way to reduce salt consumption (besides the obvious -- not putting any additional on foods, and reducing what you use in your cooking) is to reduce your reliance on processed foods as a whole (which includes deli meats and cheeses in this context). Foods you prepare yourself from whole ingredients aren't going to have any more sodium than they come with naturally. Just about everything else will.

Otherwise, check labels on anything that comes in a box, a bag, or a can -- you can likely knock off some mg that way. Avoid cured meats and deli meats as part of your regular diet (and maybe some here who eat meat more than I do can offer advice on the regular stuff at the meat counter, and on cheeses), and that should help.

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6/30/14 2:43 P

I try to keep mine at about 1500 a day.

Wow...washing the food? I dunno about that (maybe that's just me...wet lunch meat?)

Anyway, what I do is make wise choices.

I rarely eat ham - the sodium in it is not worth it to me.

So for something like the sandwich, I'd do turkey, one piece cheese, mayo and pile it high with lettuce and tomato.

You can also buy lower sodium lunch meat.

The biggest thing that I found was to make as much as my food myself (liittle/no processed). The more processed (like the lunch meat), the more sodium.

So, say I ate the sandwich for 900 mg of sodium. Ok - my dinner could be a fiery lentil concoction that I make with sauteed onions and carrots (maybe 250 mg sodium). Snack, apple and Pb (I get the salt and sugar free kind), and another mini snack could be steamed carrots with a little butter, maybe another 50 max.

Does that make sense?

And if sandwiches are your go to meal (lunch), and you enjoy turkey -consider buying a small breast, and roasting it yourself, and slicing thinly.

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6/30/14 2:32 P

Yes, washing your food can reduce SOME sodium, but not all of it. It's in the food itself.

To avoid overdosing, you need to get back to basics. Shop on the outside of the grocery store, and avoid prepackaged things. Make your OWN food. Read labels before you buy. There's low- or lower-sodium versions of most thing, too. :)

6/30/14 2:23 P

I am trying to find out about how much sodium there really is in foods. I will give an example: For lunch I made a ham and turkey sandwich with cheese and mayo. Now a serving of mayo is 88 mg, in the cheese it is 221 mg or 442 mg if you two pieces of cheese. A half of serving of deli sliced ham is 195 mg. A half of serving of turkey is the same. The wheat bread has 250 mg for two slices. The total for the sandwich is 1170 mg of sodium. Now here is my question, some of the sodium is already in the product by the manufactures. But if you wash the solution that is on the meat, will this help lower the sodium intake of the in anyway? I am trying to figure out if washing food under water will get rid of sodium that is on the food or we all are doomed to eat so much sodium?

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