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7/24/13 8:51 A

Oh, no... I just meant because I wouldn't eat 'em!

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7/23/13 8:18 P

I don't know about DEEP-fried chicken livers... but here's a listing for pan-fried livers. Should be approximately the same, I would think.

The "serving size" here is listed as 100 g. That would be 3.5 oz, cooked. You need a proper kitchen scale! They're not expensive. Find one. =D

This website is a great resource for all sorts of nutrition data. It lists almost any food you can think of, plus restaurant food, fast food, and even "outs" the commercial enterprises who declined to offer their data!
Great site. Check it out!

And here's a link to the USDA database as well. It looks to me like a lot of the data on the website above is also derived from the USDA information.

In checking this link, it goes to a page of many nutritional leads. The one for the USDA database is in the right-side pane, listed under "Nutritional Content of Foods."

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7/23/13 6:22 P

No such thing as Cals? haha I knew very well this would be brought be :P

But, I meant calories. :)

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7/23/13 4:23 P


Bet you can guess why...

7/23/13 2:37 P

You would still need to know the weight of the livers.
The USDA food database shows that 1 ounce of pan-fried chicken liveres has (numbers rounded):
49 calories
2 grams fat
7 grams protein
0 carbs

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7/23/13 1:49 P

How may Calories does 3 pieces of chicken livers have? When they are old fashioned fried.

I tried looking on the food thing that tells you the nutrition info. But, all I could find were things like "One pack" was like 400 and something cals.

But, what if I only want 3 or 4? I'm confused.

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