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5/1/13 12:45 P

A new runner ("new" meaning for the first 6-12 months) shouldn't run more than about three times a week. Because it's so high impact and it takes your body a while to adjust to it all, you need a day of rest in between each run. So, your schedule of every 2-3 days sounds great. I agree with the previous poster, though, that doing strength training on the in-between days is a great idea, for many reasons.

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5/1/13 7:28 A

Thanks this is really helpful, I've been doing cardio and jogging. But will deffo do strength training on my days off :)

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5/1/13 7:14 A

If your goal is to lose fat, doing 1h long cardio workouts (e.g. jogging/running/cycling etc) once every 2 or 3 days is OK. However, during the non cardio days, you should engage in strength training (ST) starting with body weight exercises that this site offers. Without ST, part of the lost weight during a prolonged caloric deficiency is lean body mass, including bone and muscle tissue, which you would not want happen to you. Also it would be good to take one or two days a week off to prevent burn out from overexercising.

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How many times do you recommend jogging a week maximum. At the moment I'm doing it every 2-3 days, for 1-2 hours walk jog walk jog.
I love that I can now get back into jogging now my broken foots fully recovered, time to loose weight and see those abs again. I use my friends as motivation, if I motivate them I feel even more motivated myself.

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