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ECASPERS Posts: 1,116
5/4/10 10:13 P

Depends on the exercise - 10 lbs.

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5/4/10 10:11 P

This evening I tried 12.5 pounds and could not do more than 10 per set. I was struggling. I did 5 sets. Sometimes 5 reps, sometimes 7 or 10. I also used 10 pound weights and found I could do 15 - 20 reps. So I will use both until it's time to do more. I also did dips. My arms are sore, but it's a good feeling. emoticon

KARENANN95 Posts: 253
5/4/10 11:49 A

I use 15 lbs free weights and 40-60 lbs on the that too much? I was always told you should be able to do no more then 12-15 reps at a time..if you feel like you can do more you should increase your weight.

TAPEKNIF Posts: 271
5/4/10 11:41 A

Puny little 3lb weights with lots of reps.

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RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
5/4/10 11:38 A

30 lbs free weights bench press
20 lb shoulder press
total body weight full pull ups 4 set of 8 reps

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5/4/10 11:03 A

Working with 10lb free weights right now.

5/4/10 10:55 A

I haven't done the bicept and tricept machines in awhile. The last time I did it I was up to 20 lbs on the bicept, and I don't remember what the tricept was.

I can use 8-10 lb free weights.


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SHALERJ SparkPoints: (6,257)
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5/4/10 10:51 A

25lbs Biceps
65lbs Triceps

5/4/10 10:47 A

I use an EZ bar for bicep curls (50lbs) and I do 5 sets with 12 reps each set and 1 min. rest between sets. Then I use the EZ bar (50lbs) for behind the head tricep extensions, same sets/reps as above.
I do this three times a week.

JETTSTAR999 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/4/10 10:45 A

personally I do 5's & 10's and lots of reps/super sets for toning...

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (163,106)
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5/4/10 10:43 A

What results are you hoping for ? What is it that you hope to achieve by weight training ? Are you trying to lose weight ? If so, that's all about what you eat. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy.

If you're trying to show "definition", once again, that goes back to what you eat. In order for a woman to show muscular definition, she needs to have very low body fat. So, if you want sculpted arms, you're going to need to lower your body fat.

As far as bulking up, that's a misconception. Most women do not get bulky. That's because we don't have enough testosterone.

Also, women who do look bulky had to do an awful lot of work to get to that state. Most women who do a Pump class or weight train 1-3 times a week, will not look like a body builder.

That said, if you are trying to increase your lean muscle, then yes, you are going to have to lift weights that are heavier than 5 pounds. You may have to go to 10, 15 or even 20 pound weights. Now, if you don't have access to those kinds of weights, consider buying a set of resistance bands.

Resistance bands can and do provide a very versatile strength workout. You can also do body weight exercises like push ups or plank. Both of those are great ways to increase the muscle in your upper body.

If you want to increase your lean muscle, you're going to have to work your muscles to fatigue. Do fewer reps with a higher weight. That's what will make a difference WITH TIME.

You must be patient with your body. Because women have less testosterone than men, that means it takes longer for us to increase our lean muscle. Results will be subtle.

However, I do highly recommend that you lift heavy weights or at least start using resistance bands. I routinely use 25-40 pound weights for different exercises at the gym. I do not look like a body builder. But, I am strong.

Women can be strong and beautiful at the same time !

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5/4/10 10:37 A

I have 5lb. weights and an 8lb. medicine ball I also use. Sometimes I "set" it up in the air like a volleyball... total shoulder workout!

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GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
5/4/10 10:32 A

Does Pumping Preschooler count? My solid and stocky 54lb and 44" tall 4 year old likes for me to let him hold my hands so he can jump...a lot.

Other than that, I use 3 lb weights for reps.

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ALYSCO2003 Posts: 477
5/4/10 10:30 A

8-10 at home. At the gym on machines, I thing I lift 25 but it's dispersed differently and equally.

GINNY1215 Posts: 4,087
5/4/10 10:25 A

5 lb

NOWEAPON SparkPoints: (58,937)
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5/4/10 9:10 A

5 and 10

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NISSANGIRL Posts: 22,547
5/4/10 9:00 A

8 to 10

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5/4/10 8:46 A


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5/4/10 8:29 A


DMORRISON2 Posts: 388
5/4/10 8:28 A

15 on weight machine 5 free weights

MARYAM2010 Posts: 3
5/4/10 8:24 A

I used to lift 5 lbs for all my upper body routines, now I use 10lbs 15 reps except for triceps..

MARYAM2010 Posts: 3
5/4/10 8:24 A

I used to lift 5 lbs for all my upper body routines, now I use 10lbs 15 reps except for triceps..

CHER321 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/4/10 8:17 A

I started out with 3 and now I use 5 pound weights.

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5/4/10 8:10 A

Thank you very much for all the help and feedback. I am going to keep lifting.

HEIDE69 Posts: 516
5/4/10 8:10 A


BILL60 Posts: 533,151
5/4/10 7:54 A

In spite of what other say, it's not the number of pounds, but rather the number of reps, if toning is what you're after.

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5/3/10 10:23 P

using the SHAKE-WEIGHT...just started about a week ago. emoticon

Vickie Sandsbury
PRESHUZ SparkPoints: (34,062)
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5/3/10 10:18 P

The most I've done is 15lbs for bicep curls, but I use 12.5 and 10 for other exercises.

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SPLDRTTN1 Posts: 573
5/3/10 8:44 P

yes depends on the exercise i am doing the heaviest i do lift is 20 pds
5/3/10 8:43 P

6, but could use slightly heavier for several of the moves.

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5/3/10 8:39 P

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5/3/10 8:23 P

I use 5 pd. weights.

THRASH29 Posts: 1,692
5/3/10 8:23 P

8 pound free weights and it varies on the machines

SEXYSIZE_12 Posts: 2,390
5/3/10 8:14 P

I have 5 and 10 pounds weights and when I want to increase I can actually hold them together to make a 15 pound weight for more intensity. Keep up the good work, it sounds like your on the right road to firmer toned arms. Just make sure you have a good workout program so your getting the most from your workout no matter which weights your using. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JWELL2011 Posts: 1,206
5/3/10 7:53 P


RED_RIDING_HOOD Posts: 1,397
5/3/10 7:44 P

I have 3 sets of dumbbells 2lbs, 5lbs and 10lbs and I am happy with the weights I use.

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KKLENNERT809 Posts: 9,576
5/3/10 7:43 P

I use 3, 5, 8 and 10 depending on the exercise and the day.

I did my best today, tomorrow I will do even better.
DAISY443 SparkPoints: (181,094)
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5/3/10 7:42 P

After reading some of your responses, I'm ashamed to admit I'm at 5 lbs. emoticon

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12004RILEY SparkPoints: (19,434)
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5/3/10 7:03 P

15 pounds.

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5/3/10 7:00 P


LETOVERN Posts: 2,603
5/3/10 6:42 P

I use 5 lb. Works great for me.

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 17,575
5/3/10 5:33 P

"Don't want to bulk up."

Unless you have a testosterone problem, that won't happen!

I use between 8 to 15, depending on what I am doing.

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TKISNER Posts: 493
5/3/10 4:59 P

Please don't buy into the smaller weights, more reps myth. You will not bulk up! You don't have the testosterone to do this. Think about how hard it is for a bodybuilder to gain a pound of muscle. I use 10-15 lbs for most exercises but I still need the 5 lbs for some shoulder exercises (could use an 8 but I don't have one). I am seeing great results using these weights.

I recommend you read The New Rules of Lifting for Women. It will make you rethink what you've been doing! HTH!

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LEAG0628 Posts: 1,987
5/3/10 4:29 P

It depends on the exercise I am going. Usually anywhere from 3lbs to 10lbs.

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5/3/10 4:25 P

I have been using 3, 5 & 10 not really seeing the results I want. Trying to figure out which will tone better. Don't want to bulk up.

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