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VHALKYRIE Posts: 2,214
12/17/09 3:15 P

The people I see every day don't notice, because my weight loss has been so gradual. People I haven't seen in a long time, however, notice and comment on it right away.

IAMSHE Posts: 160
12/17/09 2:52 P

20 pounds and I feel great. my brother said 'you look like you lost a pound' I will take what I get

JPETERS43 Posts: 9
4/13/09 10:42 A

I have lost 13 pounds and my wonderful husband said to me last night "Wow, you look flatter"! I was like-THANK YOU!! It's kinda a weird thing to say- but if you knew my husband you would understand. I felt so happy about that. Others have not noticed yet, but I'm 6'4 so 13 pounds may not look like a whole heck of a lot yet. We will see as the pounds fall off.

LADYBUG197499 Posts: 637
4/13/09 9:09 A


4/13/09 9:08 A

Do you take this as a compliment?

I was asked last week at work if I've lost weight. I hadn't started my diet yet. I probably gained weight then because of being on a honeymoon and being rained in a hotel all weekend. Lots of sweets I'm not proud of. Anyway, I told the coworker that I wish I could say i was. Is this a compliment when ou haven't lost any weight?

4/13/09 8:33 A

After losing 26 lbs, I'm still waiting. My husband noticed a difference early on and I notice a difference, but no one else is commenting.

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ELSEYDON Posts: 3,438
4/13/09 8:05 A

20 LBS.

RD03875 SparkPoints: (388,436)
Fitness Minutes: (152,631)
Posts: 36,214
4/13/09 6:37 A

So far I've lost 20 & my DH hasn't said anything and I don't notice it either except for I feel better and I'm not out of breath everytime I move.

DUTCHIEKIWI Posts: 2,979
4/13/09 6:07 A

I've lost 10 kilo's now, a bit over 22 pounds. People do notice as even I found the difference huge when I looked at a before and after photo. But I found that a lot of people ( friends) are not saying anything, and then when I ask, " have you not noticed I've lost ten kilo's" they all say; " oh yes, of course you can really see the difference'
I really found it hard to understand why people are not commenting, as it really motivates me when they do notice. emoticon

SHARAMARIE83 Posts: 21
4/9/09 9:07 P

well I've only lose 12 lbs so far and some people are already commenting.

4/8/09 4:42 P

Men are same, first they are not content ,no matter how much do we lose,
they wd say we can lose more.
secondly ,they see wives all the time ,so they cant make out the difference.

and i guess ,if we lose like 8-10lbs, some people would say,i "THINK" u have lost some weight..Have you.
I lsot 10lbs,nobody in my office,husband,frends,no body said u have lost....

EZCOMM911 Posts: 155
4/8/09 4:06 P

I finally had a few comments...18 lbs but I just realized Monday I've lost a total of 15 inches overall - I think that's what people notice. It's what I've noticed. As for my hubby - he says he didn't think I needed to lose weight so he doesn't really see a emoticon

WINNIIIE Posts: 396
4/8/09 11:19 A

It took 20 pounds for people to really notice a difference and go "wow you have lost weight, you look great"
My mom is super observant though, she notices if I lose 3 pounds!

CINDYCIN9 SparkPoints: (4,026)
Fitness Minutes: (3,362)
Posts: 605
4/8/09 11:15 A

Your husband is mean! First of all, 20 lbs is a Great achievement. Change the attitude along with the weight and you'll see people will notice a new you! Know it and own it for yourself!! Buy yourself some new clothes, that may help! emoticon emoticon

SIFENAT Posts: 158
4/8/09 11:10 A

I've lost almost 20 and nobody has noticed. My husband still says I look the same! emoticon

FITNESSLOVE1 Posts: 2,262
4/8/09 11:01 A

10 pounds.

CREAM_BUN Posts: 327
4/8/09 10:51 A

17 lbs

Just happened today! I am 5'8" so I guess it takes a bit longer for people to notice. I'm just excited that I can finally post on this thread as I have been using it for motivation for the last 3 weeks!

emoticon emoticon

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KKJOHN3 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (15,337)
Posts: 727
4/8/09 9:33 A

Still waiting....I'm thinking about 4 or 5 more pounds

LCLUKEY Posts: 188
4/8/09 9:22 A

I have lost about 5 lbs so far and most people that know me have noticed the difference. I am only 5'3" so when I carry extra weight it is very noticeable.

SIRIUSSUE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,230)
Posts: 61
4/8/09 7:13 A

I have now lost 18lb and most of my friends now know I am changing my habits with a view to losing weight. so they will comment I think the spiteful ones only comment because they are jealous but I am now becoming more pleased with my progress so if they do not comment I do be proud of your achievements..... emoticon

WHATAGRL42 SparkPoints: (49,550)
Fitness Minutes: (36,255)
Posts: 3,563
4/1/09 2:42 P

I lost 8.5 lbs in the month of March
The first mention of it came when I had lost 7 pounds. This seems to be the amt needed for people to notice, with me. I should add that I'm pretty short (5'2").

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3/31/09 11:47 P

just got my first comment- so 56

STEFANIE822 Posts: 3,096
3/28/09 10:44 P

People started noticing once I lost about 15 pounds.

SASSA130 Posts: 252
3/28/09 7:12 P

Shydina, i started at just a bit more than you, and I swear nobody noticed until I hit about 175! People around you everyday probably won't notice until someone mentions it to them, but if you see people you haven't talked to in a while, they will see a difference, even if you don't say anything! They'll also notice if you wear different clothes too :) good luck with everything!

FITWITHIN Posts: 25,054
3/28/09 6:30 P

I finally notice today which put me at 78lbs, since the beginning of my weight lost journey. Other people way before this amount. I'm my worst critic!

3/28/09 4:42 P

People started noticing at a about 14 lbs... but only a few. I think another 20 and I will start to notice.

SHYDINA Posts: 616
3/28/09 4:37 P

Shoot I've lost 20lbs so far and people still haven't noticed I think it will take another 20 lbs. Oh Well, better get to losing more.

MEADSBAY SparkPoints: (370,894)
Fitness Minutes: (178,813)
Posts: 14,047
3/28/09 4:33 P

10-12 lbs
I think because I'm only 5'3"

SASSA130 Posts: 252
3/28/09 4:22 P

someone noticed when i lost about ten...but then nothing until about 25! I was called in to work today (i work seasonally at an ice cream/chocolate shop/candy about HARD!) and my boss couldn't believe it! She kep telling me how little I'd got :) :) I'm starting to notice too, i think i lost a LOT of inches this month, if not actual weight. My parents noticed, but not my mom said "Lukas, have you noticed Sassa130's lost some weight?" and he said "No. But I never really notcied she'd gotten big either." what a nice bro lol :)

PIXXY76 Posts: 90
3/28/09 10:15 A

10 pounds, my hubby has not said a thing but recently I have been getting a lot of conpliments from people and a friend I havent seen for a while saw me and the first thing she said was "you lost weight". I have been singing la,la,la since and I am even more motivated to keep going

3/28/09 10:01 A

for me it was about 15.

LORIK4EVER SparkPoints: (12,908)
Fitness Minutes: (8,548)
Posts: 328
3/28/09 4:29 A

For me 25-30 lb is needed to be lost until someone notices.

BLONDISSIMA777 Posts: 794
3/28/09 3:43 A

30 lbs!

LAURIEJAY Posts: 666
3/28/09 1:48 A

My husband finally noticed!!! I was wearing a tank top and sweats and I have lost about 6 or 7 inches off my waist. I look like I have a figure.

ELSEYDON Posts: 3,438
3/24/09 4:33 A


CHRISHOUSE12606 Posts: 47
3/24/09 4:33 A

so far ive only lost a little over 20 lbs

they are starting to notice now!!

i cant wait to see their reactions after about 50-60 lbs lost.

that kinda motivates me see people excited for me!!!

SHERRYSAVAGE706 Posts: 325
3/24/09 2:04 A


GRAMVICKI Posts: 10,696
3/23/09 4:52 P

About 15 lbs

PR0NSTAR Posts: 209
3/23/09 3:52 P

At 20lbs people noticed, but after 30-40 they really noticed.

Hopefully after 50 they're amazed :)

NAVYWIFE4 Posts: 162
3/23/09 3:43 P


KATHYK24 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (71,656)
Posts: 2,216
3/23/09 3:05 P

about 25

BISND78 Posts: 41
3/23/09 2:42 P

People started to notice after I lost about 40 pounds. That's about the same time I started to notice. My arms got bigger (weightlifting). My neck shrunk by an inch and a half though, which is what I think got people noticing that I was losing weight.

3/23/09 12:03 P

about 25 pounds is when most people I know started to comment.

BIKER94 Posts: 264
3/23/09 11:45 A

NO, one has noticed a thing yet......

JACIONES Posts: 33
3/23/09 11:39 A

PENNYBETH1 I know what you mean... I guess for me I try to convince myself I don't look that bad all the time and that nobody notices my body. But then if they realized I lost some, that is proof that they were paying attention before, so I can't deny it.

GROWNUPGIRL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,182)
Posts: 78
3/23/09 7:56 A


ELSEYDON Posts: 3,438
3/23/09 4:10 A


3/23/09 2:43 A

About 15 pounds, but then everywhere I went people made comments of how great I looked.

3/23/09 2:12 A

10 or so..

3/23/09 12:01 A

I lost 15 pounds last year. No one really noticed. I put all 15 pounds back on and I didn't know why. I've decided to make exercise an extremely large part of my life. Oh! In the morning I ache. I still keep plugging away though. I've only lost 10 pounds, but I was told, "You are looking really good. You've lost quite a bit of weight, haven't you?"
The exercise is making a large part of the difference. I have learned, a weight loss diet without the exercise, does not work very well for me. I've needed to change many things in my life, starting with my attitude.

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3/22/09 10:18 P

I think when I got to about 30 lbs people really started to comment on how great I looked! It is the nicest feeling in the world to have others notice what your hard work is doing for you

3/22/09 3:10 P

To AS83077 and PENNYBETH1, I agree. But sometimes, I think the comment about weight is almost meant to acknowlege your hard work. It's not that you looked "bad" before, it's just that most people need to make an effort to lose weight, even if it's something as small as just 'watching' what you eat. AS83077, I am right there with you about being short! I feel like a loss or gain of 5 pounds shows a lot on me, but that's mostly MY perception. If I am right... you started at 122... and lost 24? So now you are at 98? This is an okay weight for someone who's 5', but be careful. I was right where you are and kept on going (kinda developed an eating disorder actually), and once you go below the mid 90s people are going to start to notice that you actually look sickly. It's a tough balancing act when your so short,which is why I think muscle mass is really important to avoid that sick look.

FIT2BTHIN2 Posts: 286
3/22/09 1:36 P

Maybe about 15 - 20 pounds

MAMABEAR93 Posts: 66
3/22/09 1:31 P

I have lost 9 lbs so far. My husband seems to notice if I lose anything, so I don't count him. But Friday at work, I had my first compliment from one of my co-workers. My goal is to lose 35 total, so I have 24 more to go.

EJEANNIE68 Posts: 25
3/22/09 12:10 P

I've only lost 6 pounds, so far no one has noticed. However I have lost weight several times before and it is usually more than 10 before anyone notices.

NANCANGEL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (78,150)
Posts: 5,470
3/22/09 11:34 A


AS83077 Posts: 24
3/22/09 10:45 A

to PENNYBETH1: i understand. i lost 6 lbs. on another diet before i started spark people and then lost another 24 while on spark people. i am 5 feet tall. so being so short people noticed quickly when i started losing weight. so when i see people i haven't seen in awhile they say that they can't beleive that i've lost so much - i didn't realize that i was that big before, considering that i started out at 122! i think that some people need to know how to rephrase their words, because sometimes a compliment may more sound like an insult.

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3/22/09 10:36 A

Ten pounds is very noticeable to others. It only takes about 5 pounds for your clothes to feel looser. emoticon

VICKY777 Posts: 289
3/22/09 10:34 A

20 I am 6 ft tall and it really does not show one way or the other

DIVALOCS Posts: 690
3/22/09 10:32 A

10 pounds and and I am a big girl. Everyone notices in my face.

AZALIA34 Posts: 672
3/22/09 10:12 A

I have started healthy living before I discovered Spark People, and lost a few extra kilos before I started this program. Two of my friends have noticed my weight loss at 9 lbs. I kept losing weight, and suddenly got sick, and had to stay home for two weeks. When I returned to work everyone was commenting on my weight loss. 15 lbs! I agree with many of you, that those who see you every day don't notice it as much, because it's gradual and small every week.

3/22/09 10:00 A

lol i lost about 10kg- 20 pounds? befoere some people noticed.......... kinda makes me feel bad its like 10 kg hello thats alot of weight all up i want to lose 25kg....

3/22/09 9:53 A

22 lbs and someone finally noticed lol

PENNYBETH1 Posts: 14
3/22/09 9:30 A

why is it that it upsets me when someone gets all excited and exclaims, "you've lost weight"! - instead of feeling proud my accomplishment is noticed, I somehow feel bad because they must have thought I looked so fat and terrible before - somehow I'd rather if people just said I looked fabulous or beautiful and not link it to weight loss - does anyone else understand what I am talking about?

3/22/09 7:22 A


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