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NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
2/11/13 3:43 P

I have only ever "met a goal" for a few minutes - because I immediately change the goal. When my goal was to get to a healthy BMI, as soon as I weighed myself and saw that I was a healthy BMI, my goal became to get to a certain body fat %, and then a lower body fat %, and so on. It never ends. I find striving for a goal (any goal) far easier than attempting to maintain a value, whether it be weight or body fat.

I basically don't believe in maintenance as a concept. I believe in always striving to be better. Unless I reach "perfection" (probably not in this lifetime), what's to maintain? Always push the goal further along.

THOMS1 Posts: 11,177
2/11/13 2:05 P

When I reach a goal I always strive for the next one. I have not yet reached my goal weight but, I have been close. When I do reach it I will just try to maintain it.


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2/11/13 1:58 P

i did. once i reached a small goal, i set another one. i didn't have tons of goals at first-it would have been too overwhelming. some are non scale goals too. i wanted to add less sugar to my coffee, i wanted to be able to jog a mile. then it was 1.5 miles... now my goals are reducing the time it takes me to jog a mile.

HAWTLIKEME SparkPoints: (21,813)
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2/11/13 1:56 P

For sure, but if anyone were to ask me now, I would have done it differently. I think sub-consciously, although I knew I had more weight to lose to be pleased with my shape, I was content with my weight loss when I hit my original goal. That number was a target based only on getting into the normal range of BMI, but once there, I knew that I wasn't done. That said, the mind games that I played with myself allowed me to hover as if I were in maintenance for almost two years! Now, I've recommitted to losing the last 10-15 that I know will make me look so much more like how I feel: fit and lean. I want to live an active life and I want to look the part. Had I made my original goal a lower number, I may have had the drive and committment to keep at it in a more serious and unfaltering way and to soldier on rather than taking a bit of a break. Just my own POV, but everyone's journey is so personal that you have to do what you know will work for you.

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NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (75,457)
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2/11/13 1:41 P

Yes, my original goal was 50 lbs. by the end of last year. I knew when I set it that I would probably want to lose more, but I wanted to hit that specific milestone first. When I did, I figured I still had about 20 I could get rid of, so I changed my goal. The 20 is just a guess, though. If I feel like I'm done before that, I'll be done, and if I get there and feel like I could still lose more, I'll adjust my goal again.

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,900)
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2/11/13 11:52 A

I did. My original goal weight was 150, but even though I tried to start maintaining there, I kept losing (slowly, about a half pound to no pounds per week), so I mentally have a new goal of 140, which gives me a "normal" BMI... I just never thought I could get there. I was 140-145 when I was very physically active in high school (15 years ago), so I didn't think getting below that was possible. I guess it was :) After I hit the 140, I'm going to try maintaining again, I've just found it hard since I feel like I eat a lot most days already (1700-1800 calories a day, plus 1-2 no tracking days on weekends where I'm sure I go over that), so eating more feels weird to me.

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MISSRUTH Posts: 4,094
2/11/13 7:09 A

I think there are a lot of people who do that-- lose the original weight and then decide they could do 5 or so more pounds. Those last few pounds can be a lot harder to lose than the original ones though. So don't be distressed if they come off slower.

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STEPHEN_NANNY SparkPoints: (10,496)
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2/11/13 6:33 A

I did the exact same thing you did, for the same reasons - hit my 150 goal, then set a goal at 145. For a while, at least, and for me, it is what I need to keep the right mindset to at least maintain my current weight. I'm sure someone can come up with a counter-argument to this approach - but in the end only you know your ways and your motivators.

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AZALEE Posts: 22
2/11/13 5:05 A

I keep going back and forth on focusing on small goals or not because I know I'll want to lose more. I guess it's just how you look at it.

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2/11/13 4:56 A

So I was wondering......have you changed your goal after you reached it. I hit my goal today and feel better, but could afford to loose a few more lbs. Only 5 lbs. I did not want to put that original goal in because I would have found that daunting. I know that from previous times I achieved my goal, maintenance is the hardest part of weight loss, for me anyway. I'm an all or nothing girl. I am really enjoying my spark program. I love the tracker on my phone. Keeps me accountable. As you can see by my ticker, I adjusted my goal by 5 lbs.

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