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You adjust your calorie to your fitness; not the other way around. You set up your fitness program to the level you want and can sustain long term, and enter that data into your guidelines. Then, you can adjust your diet to that. The more you work out, the more you will need to eat to support that exercise. :)

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To me, that sounds just right. Have you been losing? You can also google recommended daily caloric intake and find many calculators (I'm sure there are some on here!) to see what you should be eating to maintain and then lose. Here's one:

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How many minutes per day should you exercise if you are trying to lose weight and eating 1500 calories per day?

Every other day I take the baby on a bike ride which is usually between 15-20 minutes. Everyday I try to either do 25 minutes on the Wii Fit or A Yoga Zone DVD. Is this too much, too little or just right?


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