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CORINSKI SparkPoints: (8,657)
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10/10/11 12:55 P

I live in a big city so I have many choices. There are certain stores that have better produce than others. I find myself shopping mostly at Frys, Fresh & Easy and occasionally Sprouts if they have a good deal on produce

SWEETSUGAR7 Posts: 2,450
10/10/11 12:37 P

I like using Fred Meyer and get points to get cheaper gas.

Winco is great also

I don't care for Costco or any of those clubs. Just the free card and points is good

DORK-135 Posts: 298
10/10/11 11:44 A

There are about 5 that I alternate with. 2 by work, 1 on the way home from work, 1 by home, and 1 by BF's house. Depends who has what, where I am, and how much time I have

4ANEWME2DAY SparkPoints: (117,573)
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10/10/11 11:31 A

There are 2 in town. 1 is operational while the other one is under flood renovation. I hear by December the store will open up.

DOROTHYLEE61 SparkPoints: (25,791)
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10/10/11 11:08 A

2 in my town and 3 in the town 2 miles away..

10/10/11 10:47 A

None in town, nearest is 30 mile round trip. Nearest super market is 100 miles round trip. A little far to walk!

SECTION1RON Posts: 5,759
10/10/11 10:33 A

There are 3 large + others. I go to the same Sobeys store unless there is a good sale on produce at one of the other stores worth making an extra stop for.

JASTAMPER11 SparkPoints: (57,189)
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10/10/11 10:09 A

Several of the same brand name. We have about 3 brand name stores. I agree it is hard trying to find the best deal of the week. I go to what I know

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10/10/11 10:07 A


PEDAL-PUSHER Posts: 6,501
10/10/11 9:18 A

I have about 5 major ones in a 5 mile radius (6 if you count Walmart)) and where I stop depends on what I need. If I do other shopping, it's Walmart, and maybe a Giant.Other errands on the opposite side of's Foodland. I have 2 grocery outlets I will hit FIRST, about 6-7 miles away. I live alone, so it's more of a 'pick up what I need' thing.

CIRANDELLA SparkPoints: (59,534)
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10/10/11 8:49 A

About 6

COLELIFTSNRUNS SparkPoints: (6,715)
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10/10/11 8:46 A

We have 9 in about a 5 mile radius. 2 Pricechoppers, 2 Shaw's, 1 Hannafords, 3 locations of the same Co-op, 1 other co-op.

This definitely isn't a food desert!

ERICREH Posts: 2,646
10/10/11 8:37 A


MLAN613 SparkPoints: (174,925)
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10/10/11 8:35 A

I go to Super Target the most. Cooper's and Cub sometimes and Lakewinds when I want a great selection of gluten free products. We also go to Costco when we want to stock up on items. Rainbow and a Super Walmart are also close but I rarely go to them.

JACEYLEE SparkPoints: (35,235)
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10/10/11 8:31 A

lots but a 7-10 mile drive or more for the best vegetable stands...closeby we have a few family owned markets for the small stuff...pricey, but so is gas.

WELLNESSME09 Posts: 7,634
10/10/11 8:21 A

Many, we shop at three regularly!

RRP546 SparkPoints: (123,299)
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10/10/11 8:21 A

a whole bunch

THERESAPHILBY SparkPoints: (0)
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10/10/11 8:18 A

Many, but only two we use

TENNISJIM Posts: 10,620
10/10/11 8:11 A

There are four in walking distance and then many more if you drive.

NISSANGIRL SparkPoints: (232,870)
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10/10/11 8:11 A

a lot

SHERRIE59 SparkPoints: (54,044)
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10/10/11 2:20 A

We have a whole lot...some small, some are a chain of stores....right on my door step, there are about 5 within a 5 min. walk..or less. Within a 10 min. driving, I have about 12 to select from.

REBCCA SparkPoints: (276,927)
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10/10/11 12:42 A

7 that are around 10 minutes drive

RONIH2O Posts: 3,546
10/9/11 10:43 P

Can't count them all

RUTHDEN1 SparkPoints: (115,251)
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Posts: 2,496
10/9/11 10:30 P

4 large scale and 1 health food store.

DLDROST Posts: 8,082
10/9/11 9:58 P


JO88BAKO SparkPoints: (189,404)
Fitness Minutes: (112,875)
Posts: 8,234
10/9/11 9:45 P

2 Walmart, 2 Fareway, 8 Hy-Vee, 2 Sav-A-Lot and many small and specialty

VICSAC Posts: 418
10/9/11 9:41 P

Within my town we have 2 Super Walmarts, 4 HEBs, a Sprouts, a Sam's Club, 2 Mexican groceries and 2 Indian groceries (probably some more small ones I do not know about).

I get most of my fruits, vegetables and meat at Spouts, every thing else at HEB. If I am at Walmart for another item I may pick up a grocery item that I need.

SLLEE1961 Posts: 2,277
10/9/11 9:15 P


GRANDMABABA SparkPoints: (128,299)
Fitness Minutes: (112,405)
Posts: 6,206
10/9/11 8:44 P


JAVACHIP Posts: 391
10/9/11 8:25 P

About ten.

JUDYAMK SparkPoints: (22,384)
Fitness Minutes: (6,608)
Posts: 1,395
10/9/11 8:20 P


10/9/11 7:56 P

4 or 5

I do my main shopping at Walmart. I buy some items at Publix and buy most of my fruits and veggies and the farmers market.

-LINDA_S Posts: 4,178
10/9/11 7:55 P

We have lots within a 20 minute or so drive. Closest one I can get to in about 8 minutes although where I live is pretty rural.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 13,880
10/9/11 7:52 P

Would you believe about seven in a two or three mile radius.

That is the large chain stores, I didn't count the small independently owned stores

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JOAN_HEO Posts: 3,145
10/9/11 7:42 P

3 or 4 but I go to 1's the best grocery store!

BABAKAPUSTA SparkPoints: (17,347)
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10/9/11 7:37 P

I live in Chicago and work in the suburbs I shop at so many stores it is insane. Each has something I like about it. Meijer is handy. I like shopping in a lot of small ethnic stores that aren't chains. I can get really good deals there that I would pay an arm and a leg for at Whole Foods or someplace like that.

10/9/11 7:30 P

We have many sources for groceries here as I live in a city. My favorite for produce is Costco.

10/9/11 7:03 P


YBROWNING40 Posts: 982
10/9/11 5:43 P


LAURIED1176 SparkPoints: (17,374)
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10/9/11 5:25 P

At least 3 in my town, too many too count in this area.

MOM2ACAT SparkPoints: (173,377)
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Posts: 28,747
10/9/11 4:31 P

Just 2, Walmart and Meijer

10/9/11 4:23 P

We have 2 smaller grocery stores and Walmart

DROPCONE Posts: 1,547
10/9/11 4:20 P

There are lots of places to get food in my neighborhood in the city where I live, it's amazing. I mostly shop at one local market, although there are several that I can choose from. There is also a farmer's market if I get up early enough, and a large chain grocery all within walking distance. The local market has the edge because it's easy to get small amounts of produce - I can buy one carrot instead of a whole bag of carrots, for instance. Since I'm shopping & cooking for only two, that saves a bit of money, nothing goes to waste, and I can introduce a lot of variety easily.

MR54BLD54 Posts: 352
10/9/11 4:11 P

I live in a small town and we have had 2 stores for years. Now Walmart has come in and the stores are hurting. Where does Walmart gets its produce---it is always old and has gnats flying around them.

MEXGAL1 SparkPoints: (257,042)
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Posts: 13,628
10/9/11 4:05 P

Only one very small one worth anything in the small village where we live in Mexico....miss the stores in the states where you have lots of options.

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (136,256)
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10/9/11 3:57 P

We have one full-service grocery store in town plus one butcher shop, one bakery, a small local shop which has excellent produce and meat, but not all the staples, plus WalMart which in our town doesn't have any fresh produce. I comparison shop the ads in the local papers, then make a list by store.

FLAXEN SparkPoints: (10,432)
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10/9/11 3:43 P


FKSUZIEQ Posts: 72
10/9/11 3:33 P


Fitness Minutes: (5,233)
Posts: 620
10/9/11 1:47 P

mainly Cub, but buy at Walmart & Walgreen's occasionally

KELEKONA Posts: 605
10/9/11 1:36 P

I randomly go to two grocery stores that are across the street from one another. Both have decent produce sections and I haven't put the brainpower into determining which store I should go to if I'm after something specific. One is a bit better for chicken, the other a bit better for pork. Certain items are only available in one store but not the other, and I happened to discover that the one store had a gap in the availability of dairy products.

I recently found a third grocery store that looks like it might be best for beef, has a small produce section, but seems lousy for healthy dry goods.

I only grocery shop at the super-everything store as an afterthought to whatever I went to the super-everything store for... Or if we need coffee.

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