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7/11/13 8:28 A

When you are punching in your info keep in mind that the 1200-1550 range is the lowest range that SP will give anyone. 1200 is the bare minimum you need to keep your body functioning.

Whenever I see someone with a range starting at 1200 I always wonder if their goal is realistic or if they are setting themselves up to be very, very hungry and extremely disappointed when they don't see a loss of 2 lbs a week.

I think Jenni has a great point. Check and see what your maintenance range would be and then set your goals so you get an idea as to how realistic your weight loss is. There's no need to starve yourself.

Also building muscle mass is extremely important not only for losing weight but also for overall health. Do you do any strength training? Squats, pushups and lunges are great starting strength exercises.

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7/11/13 7:49 A

You would probably be in the 1200-1550 cal range but I'm just guessing here, it would be more the more calories you burn through exercise. I started at around the same weight as you but I also exercised and I believe my range started at around 1300-1600 cals (goal setup to lose 1-2 lb/week).

If you enter your information correctly into your Spark account, they'll take the guess work out. They're very accurate here as long as the information you entered is correct. Make sure you've entered a realistic goal date (no more than 1-2 lbs per week) and go to your Fitness Tracker and then "fitness setup", scroll to the bottom of the page and enter manually approximately how many cals you burn per week through exercise. Spark already factors in light activity; running errands, cooking dinner, showering, light house duties, etc. when computing your calorie range. They add this to your BMR. This would also include calories burned while at work. Unless you work as a hard labourer there is no reason to add that when determining your calorie range. Our bodes are very adaptable and will burn less calories for our regular activities and Spark already accounts for those as "light activity".

Basically though, if you eat any amount under your estimated maintenance calorie needs you are creating a calorie deficit. If you consistently create a deficit you'll lose weight (it's just a matter of how quickly/slowly). Most women require around 2000 cals to maintain their current weight.

Sparkpeople has a high rate of success for members who follow their program. They are very realistic in their calculations and estimates. I find most other sites tend to over exaggerate how many calories you're actually burning.

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I just want to get some advice on how much I should be eating on a daily basis. I've been getting various numbers everywhere I check so I thought I'd get some real opinions.

I have a history of binge eating and have been on a restrict/binge cycle for too long. I'm sick of it, and I'm also sick of being overweight.

I am 5'4, 21 years old, and currently I weigh 160 pounds. I work retail part time (maybe 20-25 hours per week) and when it's not summer I am in college. I go for regular walks, but they aren't vigorous enough so I know I need to incorporate more exercise.

Can anyone help?

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