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4/10/13 11:20 A

Furthermore, how you burn those calories makes a difference. Ideally a balance of strength training and cardiovascular exercises should happen. If you do only one and neglect the other, you may have difficulty in reducing the body fat % even when you are at a caloric deficiency.

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4/10/13 7:45 A

My fitness calories to burn is 2000 per week tho sometimes I go as high as 2500 calories per week.

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4/10/13 7:00 A

I've always done way more than Spark recommended for my fitness goals. I lost 55 lbs in 7-8 months. I try to burn 2000 cals a week but since the spring started I've been burning around 3000 cals. Which is darn hard when you only weigh 107 lbs! What can I say, I like to be able to eat and I like being active.

Actually, the American College of Sports Medicine just published new recommendations for weight loss. It's no longer 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity cardio for weight loss/health, it's 250 minutes or 50 minutes cardio 5x a week plus strength training. I always thought the 30 mins 3x a week seemed low to have any sort of signficant impact on weight loss or overall health.

Here's the link:

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4/10/13 6:36 A

30 minutes 3 times per week is the minimum consistent with good health, and this is the default recommendation from Spark (how many calories this translates to depends on your current body weight).

Presumably one of your goals is to keep the weight off in the long term. From this perspective, it is important that the exercise targets you set are realistic and sustainable. Going suddenly from zero to exercising 60 minutes a day 7 days a week is probably something that is not going to 'stick'. A more moderate goal that you can achieve is probably going to be more helpful than a super ambitious one that you can't. Many people gradually increase their exercise target as they get fitter, and establish exercise as a regular part of their overall lifestyle.

While exercise has many significant health benefits, and should be part of any weight loss program, for the most part, weight loss is 80% nutrition, and just 20%.

Certainly I exercise a lot more than Spark's default recommendations, but this is for fitness, rather than weight loss reasons.


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4/10/13 1:33 A


Fat loss is made in the kitchen, not the gym.

Your "calories to burn" is purely a reflection of how long you said you would work out for, not anything to do with your weight loss goals.

Spark can only calculate either food given exercise, or exercise given food. Spark takes the exercise value you enter (defaulted to 3x30 mins) and uses that to calculate food. So there is no "recommended calories to burn". It's not so much a goal as a reflection of what you ARE doing.

And if you're not meeting it - change it. :) You can manually set how many calories you're burning per week, so go ahead and change that value if you're burning quite a bit more, or less, than it states now.

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4/9/13 11:28 P

Because SP adjusts your ranges based on the number of calories burned versus your goals, you should loose the same amount regardless of the amount you burn. :) If your goal is 1 lb per week, you will be provided a calorie range to meet that goal, whether you burn 400 or 4000.

There is a default of 30 minutes, 3 times a week, but otherwise, you set your own burn goals.

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4/9/13 11:20 P

How many calories does SP have you set up to burn a week? Are you seeing the results you want from that goal?

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