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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/2/12 11:50 P

I have to agree with the previous poster.

If 1900-2100 is leaving you satisfied AND maintaining your current weight, you would want to eat around 1700-1800 or so to lose weight. Much lower will be too much of a daily deficit for your body and can often have the opposite effect - stalling or even gaining rather than losing!

Sorry, but the body wants to lose weight slowly when there is as little as 6 pounds to lose. You should look at taking 10-15 weeks or so to lose that.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,152
2/2/12 6:12 P

if you only want to lose 6lbs, why would you create so large of a deficit [500 cals a day is a pound a week, which is incredibly high for someone with practically nothing to lose]?

if your loss goals are so small, try cutting back to 1700-1900.

30SK06 Posts: 6
2/2/12 5:50 P

I'm really active. Workout 5-6 days/week. About 3 of those days I work out 2x.
5'4", 131, I want to lose 6 lbs. I've tried several different websites and they all come up with my basic calorie requirements being somewhere between 1900-2400. That's a pretty big spread. And there is a huge difference in cutting down to 1400 calories/day versus 1900 calories/day.

Just wondering if anyone else has had trouble figuring out their caloric requirements and what they did to resolve it. After about 2 weeks of messing around with low/high calorie counts I feel like 1900-2100 calories per day leaves me pretty satisfied. Which means I would cut down to around 1400 to start losing weight...does this seem legit? Do I need to just suck it up and get used to being a little hungry? Or does 1400 per day sound low?

Thanks for your help...

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