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TCANNO SparkPoints: (314,619)
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9/11/13 10:05 A

3000 a week plus

LUCKYSTRAWBERRY SparkPoints: (5,726)
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9/10/13 11:58 P

I like to aim for 300-500/workout

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,412
9/1/13 11:20 P

Your post doesn't mention it, but I am assuming you are working out for an hour plus to achieve those kind of figures.

Longer workouts can be muscle wasting, as your body starts to look for alternate sources of fuel, and can break down muscle tissue to liberate protein. As muscle burns calories even at rest, this can hurt your longer term performance and weight loss.

Unless you are training for a specific endurance event, you are probably better off keeping your workouts to 30-40 minutes, and adding more intensity to your workouts rather than more time. Working out harder and getting your heart rate higher creates more health and fitness benefits.

Also, if you are working out 5-6 times per week, burning 500-700 is probably at a level where you need to start eating more to support that level of activity. You will likely max out your weight loss in the 300-500 range without having to eat more.

I'm not saying that 500-700 is bad for you. Just that a slightly different workout program might be more time efficient.

And when it comes to my own exercise, I pretty much ignore my own advice. While I am generally in the 300-500 range during the week, on weekends I like getting on my bike and riding 2-3 hours and burn 1000-1500 calories. I justify it on the basis that I enjoy it.


NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,157)
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9/1/13 9:13 P

Like Zorbs, I burn however many my distance for that day burns. That typically ranges from about 400 on my short runs to over 1000 on my long ones.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,623)
Fitness Minutes: (86,171)
Posts: 2,489
9/1/13 8:33 P

Sounds great! My high calorie burn days are over... I'm lucky to get a 400 calorie burn for an hour of high intensity cardio.

Yesterday was my first high calories burned through exercise day that I've had in a really, really long time. I did an hour of high intensity plyometrics and burned 400 cals and then I did an hour of laps in the pool for 478.

As long as you're eating enough to support the amount of calories you burn and are not creating an extreme deficit, there's no such thing as *too much*. Look at Michael Phelps, he has to eat 10 000 cals a day just to maintain his weight while training. Guess you kind of have to when you spend 6 hours a day in the pool. When he's not swimming... he's eating.

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SWIMMERGIRL0222 Posts: 785
9/1/13 7:37 P

I think that sounds like a reasonable amount of calories to burn! Depending on my workout I can burn anywhere from 800-1400.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (183,624)
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Posts: 15,625
9/1/13 7:26 P

however many it takes to finish the distance I have in mind.

LOTUS737 Posts: 2,506
9/1/13 7:19 P

i think that's perfectly reasonable! i try to do between 500 and 800 myself :)

BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,384)
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Posts: 3,415
9/1/13 4:08 P

1600 calories

ALBERTJON SparkPoints: (3,133)
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Posts: 1,299
9/1/13 3:20 P

No, I don't think that is too high, but it would make for a great workout. Good job! I would assume that the calorie burn added to the BMI would be the right amount in terms of your healthy diet.

I divide my workouts into smaller ones throughout the day. I generally try to burn 800-1200 calories exercising for an entire day.

TEACHDIANN78 SparkPoints: (11,006)
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Posts: 825
9/1/13 2:54 P

How many calories do you aim to burn per workout?

I try to get between 500-700. Too high?

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