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Well, your given range here was probably 1200-1500, yes? Then that is your range you should eat.

It's quite admirable to have a goal to stick to the lowest end of your range every day....but not feasible.

There are gonna be days where you are hungrier than others - that's just life, and for those days you need to eat at the higher end of your range. There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating (let's say) mon-1225, tue-1452, weds-1301, thurs-1498, fri-1523, sat-1272, sun-1369.

It's a weekly average you are looking for. Doing it weekly, 1200-1500 per week equals 8,400 to 10,500. Using the above example gives you 9,640 - but with so much more flexibility (which equals happiness, which equals sticking to it!!)

And if you do do the 2 mile walk every single day, you might even need to bump a little higher - it might be best for you to be at 1300-1700 per day. It depends. These numbers are not set in stone - it's finding what works best for you!!

I love Leslie Sansome, btw - all of her workouts are on youtube :)

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5/23/14 9:38 A

Hi everyone!

I never counted calories and decided that this time I would try. I am not very active. I plan on striving for 30 mins of Leslie Sansone 2 mile walk everyday. I don't do the leg movements due to joint pain, just the walking. My concern is how many calories should I eat a day? I am 5 feet 7 inches and 195-198 pounds. I am in my 20s. I want to stick between 1200-1300 calories.

Thank you in advance.

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