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10/6/13 8:51 A

I would say in the range of 1,500-1,800. I know for myself if I try to limit below 1,400 it does not last and I am constantly hungry. You seem to be fairly active, and 1,200 is too low for that.

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10/6/13 6:21 A

Just to put things in context, someone your height, weight and age would have a BMR of around 1580 calories/day. Add 20% to this for a sedentary lifestyle, which would take you to 1900.

I'm guessing you burn around 300-400 per workout, or about 200 per day averaged over the entire week.

So this would give you a total burn of about 2100 per day.

Most nutritionists recommend a intake of the higher of 1200 calories per day, or your total burn less than 1000 calories (assuming a maximum weight loss goal of 2 lbs per week). So 1200-1550 sounds right on the money.

A range is recommended, to cope with differences between workout and non-workout days, and also just because it is not worth beating yourself up about meeting a single target (especially given the inherent inaccuracy wth calorie estimates). If you are eating within your range, you will be fine.


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10/6/13 12:07 A

Given your activity level, 2000 calories sounds right to me. You have a lot of activity in your day. 1200 isn't going to cover it.

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10/5/13 10:08 P

Thank you

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10/5/13 9:43 P

Well thank you Kris!

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8/17/13 9:01 A

There is no "magic" number of cals that you should be eating. But as long as you are staying at least at 1200 (which is the BARE minimum), and are creating a calorie deficit, you will see weight loss.

On the days that you work out more, I would eat at the upper end of your range, and the days where you aren't, eat lower closer to 1200.

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8/17/13 5:53 A

You haven't been a member for very long, but you are already seeing success. I would be inclined to continue with what you are already doing because it seems to be working :-)


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8/16/13 11:56 P

Sparkpeople is designed to calculate your caloric needs. If you filled out the information correctly, it should be trustworthy. I believe it, I've lost 40 pounds since January. Go to your start page, look for the yellow box that reads "goals and progress". At the bottom, look for "--Pounds Lost" there is a link, "change goal". Go to "Set your weight goal". It will calculate it for you, based on how much you need to lose. You can also calculate based on a goal of a date. Look to the right under "Need Help?" it says "Enter Target Weight, Find Out How Long it Will Take" and "Enter Future Date, Find Out How Much to Lose by Then". I love it, it is so helpful.


You can also change your plan to a differential. Your calorie needs will change based on your physical activity. I will find it and post how to find it. If I find it, I always forget where it is!

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8/16/13 7:45 P

I'm trying to figure out a better range then just 1200-1550 Like which amount would be better

I'm going on a lot of websites saying I should eat 2,000 + But i'm sure that's not right

Normally I'm at a desk minus house hold chores I do daily ( for right now) when I'm back in class it's going to be from a desk to standing 5 hours moving around alot.

I work out cardio atleast 35-50 4x a week ( not counting jump roping on ST days)
I do St 3x a week

I include Swimming, Boxing with a heavy bag. Ellipitcal on weight loss intervals, Biking on weight loss intervals or cardio intervals and jump roping for cardio. I also Stretch and do some light yoga.

St is normally Compounded. I try to do atleast 3-5 minutes for each group of exersize.

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