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KAT472 Posts: 44
4/15/13 4:16 P

Thanks, KClark. I backed off a couple of weeks with the exercise and lowered my calories. Was afraid I was doing too much. I still exercised just less. I dropped 3 pounds and am ready to get back to work. I just won't push myself as hard. I do make sure that I keep up the calories I need though. I make sure I get enough of the nutrients I need each day. Its getting easier as each day goes by and I'm learning how to do it. I am very thankful for Sparkpeople. Its taught me so much. Thanks for your comment!

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4/15/13 10:52 A


With working out as much as it looks like you are, it sounds as though you are doing well with your eating. You definitely need to be fueling those workouts as Coach Nancy said. I made the mistake of not doing it before, and it was NOT good. Yes you would lose weight that way, but you aren't building muscle, and I felt awful a lot of the time because I wasn't getting proper nutrition.

But if you are tracking everything properly on here, then you'll be getting a pretty good range of where you should be eating.

Good luck! :)

IRISHEI Posts: 8,379
4/15/13 9:05 A

I am trying to bet back on track with Calories daily. How do I know how many to eat each day?
Was I was thinner, I kept it at 1250-1350.
I see now I am eating over that amount. does it depend on your current weight? I appreciate any help. thanks.
Irish Ei emoticon

KAT472 Posts: 44
3/1/13 8:50 P

Thanks, it upped to little over 1900 calories. I wasn't sure if it was too much. I was still trying to eat enough to cover the 1700 and 1800 amounts lol. Thought it was right, but didn't want to screw up anything. I use the reports almost everyday to help me. This has been a big help, thanks again

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,443
3/1/13 8:40 P

One way to see this would by to look at the Calorie Differential reports (listed in the My Reports link under the My Trackers tab), to see how many calories you are burning and eating overall.

(Remember, in coming up with an intake recommendation, Spark averages your exercise over the entire week, so you may want to look at more than just one day).


KAT472 Posts: 44
3/1/13 7:16 P

Thanks, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't eating too much. I have following what my trackers say. I would love to see everything fall off overnight but know thats not a reality lol. Exercise has helped some health issues and I make sure I'm not overdoing, I'm just getting able to do more and that feels good.

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3/1/13 7:02 P

Hi KAT472,

This is a great question. Remember food is fuel for your body, therefore the more calories you expend the more fuel (food) your body needs, not just to complete your activities you participate in, but to aid in repair and recovery of the damaged muscles, not too mention take care of normal biological functions (fighting off illness, growing new cells, regulating body temp, blood pressure, etc). Doing too much exercise and not eating enough can lead to a greater loss of lean body mass even if you are strength training.

All changes take roughly 6-8 weeks to show up on the scale, therefore if you plan on keeping this aggressive exercise schedule I would give it a solid month before you make any decisions to cut back the calories based on your calories burn goal.

Remember too that weight loss and fat loss are not the same thing. Fat loss takes much longer to achieve than weight loss-the reason, our bodies are made up of a large percentage of water, therefore any shift in our diet, hydration, workouts, even hormones can show up on the scale quickly, whereas fat loss takes time.

I wish I could give you a more precise answer, but tis better to make sure your body gets the calories and nutrients it needs based on your activity than to short-change your body from receiving adequate recovery.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

KAT472 Posts: 44
3/1/13 6:41 P

When I started with sparkpeople again in January, I was at around 1700 calories to lose weight and lucky if I could actually do 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week. I'm on my second challenge and exercising about 80 minutes about 6 days a week. I seem to always go over my calories to burn. I've changed my fitness settings and my calories in increased, but how do I know if the calories are too much that I take in? I'm averaging about 4000 calories burnt a week between strength and cardio, I alternate days and take one day off a week. I don't want to start gaining weight but I don't want my body to think its starving either. This is pretty new to me and I'm clueless. Thanks in advance for any tips or advice.

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