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12/12/10 1:28 A

According to the first site, there are about 2 cups per pound of squash. And the second site says there are 82 calories per cup of squash.

(1 lb x 2 cups) x 82 calories/cup = 164 calories for whole squash...
(1.5 x 2) x 82 = 246
(2 x 2) x 82 = 328
??? LOL

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12/11/10 1:08 P

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12/11/10 12:45 P

All I can find is calories for a cup of butternut squash. But in my recipe I am eating it the way it is... I am not cubing it or anything so I don't know how many cups are in half a butternut squash.

If it is to be, it is up to me.
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