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IAMJOYFUL2 Posts: 4,001
2/16/13 12:02 P

1500 calories is almost half a pound. It is easier to say "no" to 1/2 pound than to going out to eat.

GOODWITCH333 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (19,035)
Posts: 137
2/15/13 10:06 P

Lunch at the Chinese Dim Sum place... probably close to 1500.

IAMJOYFUL2 Posts: 4,001
2/15/13 4:30 P

10:30 am - I wanted to nibble. I thought to myself "what is it that I want". I hadn't drank much water so I drank some water and was satisfied. Later on I wanted a scone. I told myself I could wait until my next meal. I soon forgot about the scone.

1:20 pm - Once again I wanted to nibble. What did I want? I wasn't hungry or thirsty. To distract myself I came to the computer. hmm
I forgot about wanting to nibble and realize it was just a thought that I didn't have to obey. So many things that I keep forgetting. I am not now hungry and I forgot about wanting to nibble. I think I was just bored.

Each time I give into mindless snacking, I know I will indulge in at least 200 calories. No wonder I am overweight.
So far I have said "no" to about 450 calories.

LVELVETJ SparkPoints: (389)
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Posts: 78
2/15/13 4:23 P

I am not the calorie countnig type when it comes to what I eat on daily basis, but I know for a fact that based on the nutritent info on the package of a bar of dark chocolate that I eat, I saved 210 calories by trashing 1/2 the bar. I normally eat an entire bar in less than 10 min.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/15/13 3:47 P

since i don't count calories, i can't say "no" to them. I am more into the nutrients since i don't make my "calorie" count on a daily basis.
Yes, i am fueling my body enough

IAMJOYFUL2 Posts: 4,001
2/15/13 12:14 P

Day 3 - 142.4 lbs

"Habits are at first cobwebs, then cables." --Spanish Proverb
"A nail is driven out by another nail. Habit is overcome by habit."

yesterday I said "no" to 550 cal or 1/7th of a lb.

IAMJOYFUL2 Posts: 4,001
2/13/13 9:04 P

I said "no" to another snack attack.
It helped today to think of mindless eating in terms of calories not eaten.
If I keep this up, I will start getting trimmer. emoticon

MRS_NELSON10 SparkPoints: (1,460)
Fitness Minutes: (1,056)
Posts: 85
2/13/13 3:51 P

I said no to the following;

2 kfc fried chicken wings- 150 cal each.
1 long john silvers hushpuppy- 60 calories
An extra serving of brown rice at dinner- an additional 218 calories.
As well as the additional approx. 1200-1600 calories from sweet tea daily. (This week i have made my challenge to drink NO tea, and NO soda. )

IAMJOYFUL2 Posts: 4,001
2/13/13 3:31 P

I said no to a cookie earlier - 60 calories
I had a little snack and wanted to nibble more (would have been a mini binge). I wasn't hungry so food would not have satisfied me and I would have kept eating until I was stuffed. And of course it would have been high calorie foods (sweet delights).
Instead I went out and worked in the garden. I was out there 90 min and burned 523 cal -

So instead of eating at least 300 cal (a mini binge) I burned 523 cal. emoticon
350 cal = 1/10th of a lb.
No wonder I am overweight as I mindlessly nibble throughout the day. emoticon

KITTY_SOZE Posts: 79
2/13/13 12:07 P

I said no to a Pepsi yesterday - I have been craving soda like a mad woman! Saved 150 calories.

IAMJOYFUL2 Posts: 4,001
2/13/13 11:32 A

a cookies - 60 calories

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