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Yoga is yoga, My research found that the unsually high burn estimates for Bikram only come form Bikram sites. Some support this by heart rate but, unfortunately a heart rate monitor is just about useless for Bikram. First it does not meet the underlying assumtions of the math behind the estimates and the heat of the room will force the heart very high for cooling not for bruning calories.

Last time I entered a discussion on this the expert a long term Bikram Yoga instructor basicly called me "Fat and Stupid" for talking about my research and asking hime to support his contension that Bikram burns more calories per hour than running.

This does not mean that he represents all Bikram Yoga professionals, it does suggest that he did not have better arguements to support his contention that Bikram burned more than other yoga forms


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10/30/12 11:51 P

Be aware that movement burns calories. In all forms of yoga, you take a pose and ... hoooooold it. This doesn't burn many calories.

All estimates for yoga are likely to be high. Especially Bikram. A hot room accelerates your heart rate, which has nothing to do with burning more calories, but a heart rate monitor worn at the time would assume that higher HR was due to working out and provide a bigger calorie burn than realistic.

I would simply not track yoga. Yoga is fantastic for flexibility. Not for calorie burning. Not all exercise needs to be about "how many calories are burned". :)

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You can use the general yoga or power yoga as your option. Just know that calorie expenditure calculators are just estimates based on an algorithm.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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You had a great article about Bikram yoga but it does not appear in the drop down menu for yoga activities. I'd like to know how many calories are burned in a 90 minute session. The teachers will tell you it is a lot but of course I wouldn't want to over ( or under !) estimate

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