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11/6/11 8:39 A

my stride says it takes 2100 steps to make a mile

NIRERIN Posts: 14,013
11/6/11 7:54 A

it really depends on you. three of us do a three mile loop and all wear pedometers [all ipod nano ones]. steps vary from 4500 or so to almost 7000. and while we are 5'11, 5'6, and 5'7 it's the 5'6 and the 5'7 that are the highest and lowest. 5'11' is in the middle.

PEDAL-PUSHER Posts: 6,501
11/6/11 7:30 A

It depends on your stride, and Omron pedometers let you set your stride length. I find that my stride differs according to my speed in walking

Dr. Oz says that 10,000 steps is about 5 miles, What I did was map out a mile, walk it, and check my pedometer.........for me a mile is about 2250 steps, a 5K is about 5000 Did it several times and took an averagae.

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11/5/11 11:51 P

5 km is approximately 10,000 steps. 10,000 steps is the daily requirement..

11/5/11 10:58 P

I just was wondering if anyone has taken the time to figure out how many steps there are in a KM or mile? If you do a 5 k walk that takes one hour, have you got your 5,000 steps in there or do you need to do 2 5km walks?

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