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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,976
4/17/14 1:12 P

"I guess my question is, do you have to eat your exercised calories?"

I don't.

MARTHA324 Posts: 5,817
4/17/14 11:49 A

For me it depends on the day. Over the weekend when I eat and drink more I will often be at my calorie goal when I factor in exercise and calories burned. During the week I tend to be under my calorie goal because I get more exercise on Mon, Weds, and Friday at the gym. I definitely don't eat back my calories.
part of my reasoning is that the whole calorie thing is just not that accurate. Sure I track my food and am as honest as I can be about the calories, but still I guess in many cases. Same with the exercise. Right now I'm holding steady so I guess what I'm doing is working.

LGREGG07 SparkPoints: (44,509)
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4/17/14 11:45 A

you don't have to eat back your exercise calories. I don't. I have heard that if you wanted to "eat back" those calories, to eat half of what you burned (EX: you burn 300 calories and eat back 150). But, I would suggested playing around with it to see how your body reacts.

However, the low end of your "workout range" is 1450 which fits in within the 1200-1500 range for no-workout days, so you could try eating 1450 on the days when you workout and on days that you dont workout as well. 1200 should be the minimum you should eat but please listen to the needs of your body!

CHANGE_FOR_GOOD SparkPoints: (5,789)
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4/17/14 11:21 A

Hello. I am wondering how many calories I should for sure consume now that my exercise is connected to my food tracker. Normally (without exercise) I'm 1200-1500 calories. But when I exercise, then it bumps that up by what I burn. For example 1450-1750. Should I then make sure I eat to the new bottom of the range (1450) for sure, or is it okay to make sure I at least get 1200? I guess my question is, do you have to eat your exercised calories?


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