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8/6/11 2:17 P

I had a set-back, and I'm allowing myself a little break... emoticon

GENIE118 Posts: 732
7/14/11 9:29 P

Usually 5-10 lbs, depending on where the weight first comes off for you. For me, it is top down, so it shows in the face first. (wish it were from bottom up...)

7/14/11 1:57 P

I noticed this morning. Day 43 of Spark, but I have been working out since the last week of April.
I put on a shirt that has been in the back of my closet for a year. I was able to button it and wear it today!

What a great feeling!

Other people haven't said anything yet. emoticon

MOM2HEC SparkPoints: (0)
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7/14/11 12:15 A

My neighbor said she noticed already and I've only lost about 8 pounds. I saw it a little when a pair of shorts fit better.

JDELEON81 SparkPoints: (12,792)
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Posts: 290
7/12/11 5:46 P

I feel like people started noticing at like 10 to 15lbs. My face had deflated soooo much that you couldn't help but notice. It doesn't seem like you are very big at all so it may be difficult to notice especially if you're toning areas that used to be a bit "looser" . It'll happen.. keep it up!

ANGIEUKFAN07 Posts: 446
7/12/11 4:31 P

Honestlly, other than having to buy new clothes because everything is too big...I still can't see the difference in myself. My husband noticed almost immediately and so did a close friend. 30 lbs. later, everyone I haven't seen in a while can tell. I'm the only one who still sees the old me.

7/12/11 4:10 P

I fit in my leather shorts! emoticon

IDNAR1984 Posts: 182
6/29/11 7:49 P

People didn't noticed till about 20 for me

6/29/11 12:36 P

I bought a par of white jeans and tried them on at home... Couldn't close the button!
Then I refused to let my jeans go, and started with a plan to make it fit...
What wore those clues I had before?
What is a girl to do?
So, 3 months passed on by, and one day I tried them on, laying on my bed, and they closed - I wore them for a week!
Now, they are loose one me... emoticon

HELIDOC65 SparkPoints: (6,708)
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Posts: 25
6/26/11 3:58 P

I've lost 6 pounds over the last three weeks (my total time here). Things about some of the changes I've been making in my daily life sorta hit me like a ton of bricks Friday night when I got off my train and headed for the crew motel, I was so tired after work that once I made it to my room I went to strip down for some much needed shut eye. Keep in mind I normally wear sweats at home around the house so after taking my boots off without thinking I stuck my thumbs into the waist of my jeans and stripped them off like they were my sweats! Once I realized what I had done it was an aha moment for me. emoticon Needless to say it wasn't about just the pounds but also the inches as well as how good I'm feeling inside as I stick to my goals.

BELLATRIX1224 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 251
6/26/11 3:47 P

Usually 10 pounds for me

6/25/11 12:37 P

At this year winter I was 10 pounds heavier in my clothes, but my scale reads the same weight, even though I can wear clothes that wouldn't make it up my knees... What's up? emoticon

JANEY102482 Posts: 393
5/17/11 10:53 A

Keep in mind that you see yourself every day, so changes might not jump out at you like they do with other people! When I had lost 10 pounds, only my boyfriend and family noticed (and one eagle-eyed coworker). Now that I have lost 20, many people have commented about it to me so I guess now it's more visible. When you are in between clothing sizes and your clothes are a bit baggy, that might be hiding your weight loss a bit, too. I am sure that if you've lost 14 pounds, there has been some change in your appearance! You might just be looking too hard for it. :)

Also, do you keep track of your measurements? That would be a good thing to do to show yourself that you are in fact changing.

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WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
5/17/11 10:24 A

I've lost about 10 lbs and I don't notice it all over, but I do notice that my clothes fit different in some places. I've also noticed parts of me changing shape slightly. I think it'll take about 30 lbs before other people start to notice.

I also took some before pictures in a swimsuit so I have something to compare with.

SWTBLOND05 Posts: 189
5/17/11 9:03 A

It took about 30 pounds, or 10% from what I weighed and that is when I finally went down a size. It can be very discouraging not seeing the effort right away, but I was feeling better as a whole. Some tips on how to track the changes by taking measurements or to take pictures as you go along.

Keep at it, the results will come.

SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 46,222
5/17/11 8:24 A

Hi Fiona,

The most difficult part of the journey can be working so hard and not really seeing the results in the way we look or the way our clothes fit. For me it took about 30 pounds for me to really begin to see the changes, even after I hit a very long plateau that lasted for months. But it only took a few weeks to experience the great mental changes from exercise and making healthy choices. One thing I knew is that I was gong to make this my way of living so regardless of how long it took I was never giving up.

Hang in there!

NICK3RD Posts: 7,152
5/17/11 7:52 A

one week

ROSEWCI SparkPoints: (108,061)
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Posts: 7,308
5/17/11 7:21 A

Hello FIONAD86! I've lost 62 lbs since Feb 2010 (starting weight was 230 lbs)...& I can honestly say that it took a while for anyone to notice my weight loss in the beginning. Probably because I was weighing my clothing baggy back then...& w/lots of "cover ups" to hide behind! True!

It's difficult for others to see subtle changes in you if they see you everyday! And it also makes a difference on your particular body type & where you lose it first! For some, they lose a little all over & for's on their face or arms that thin first. Focus on how you FEEL right now.....are your clothes fitting more loosely? When you look at your face in the mirror...can you see a difference? Did you measure before you started so you can "see" those changes? Unfortunately, I never did measure myself....honestly, because I just didn't want to know how big I was! But I would recommend it because now I wish I actually knew how much I've lost, inches wise!

Bottom line here is WILL lose the weight! If you track your foods, stay within caloric range, drink your water, & move your body! It will HAPPEN! One day on track + one day on track + one day on track = SUCCESS!

Good luck my friend! I wish you well on your quest for better health & wellness! You CAN do it! One day at a time!



FIONAD86 Posts: 77
5/17/11 7:09 A

I know this topic has been done before but I couldnt find it. Just wondering how long/how many pounds each of you had to lose before you could really see a difference and until other people could also see a difference? Would be good to know starting weights too to get it in perspective!

I have been losing a steady pound a week so far and as I am not that big I feel disappointed that I havent noticed much change in the last 5-6 weeks. Its hard to keep motivated when Im not seeing or feeling any change!

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