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3/18/13 11:03 A

My reception is 4 hours but if we want we can go longer with cash up front

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3/18/13 10:30 A

My reception is 4hrs... its a great enough time to eat, meet and greet and move on to the next thing.. My wedding we have 2hrs for preparing (getting ready and pics if we choose) and then 2hrs after so for the wedding we have 4hrs total from the time we are allowed to dress to the time we have to leave the church..

Hope that helps.. I really don't think there is a time set or a "set guideline" of what must be.. My dream was to have the wedding at my home with the reception, but with over 100 people coming, that is not an option and if it was at my home, we would have made it an all never ending night LOLOL

Sounds like a lot of fun that you have planned but I think you must go with what your comfy with as well..

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3/3/13 7:29 P

About 4 hours.

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2/14/13 11:00 P

Our dance/reception was 4 hours about 8 - midnight. Are you doing dinner as well? If you do the ceremony & dinner, it sounds like you'll need more time.

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2/14/13 8:29 P

Hi all! I have a venue that I am loving for both ceremony and reception. The wedding package they do is for 4 hours total. I am wondering though whether we should invest in an additional hour (which isn't too expensive to do) so that we don't have to rush (we'll have time for photos et cetera)... Thoughts?

That is if it is even possible, I suppose! I sent them an email to find out.

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