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3/24/10 8:37 P

I did that Liquid Protein back in the 70's adn lost 70 lb. in 3 months, and made same mistake as here, went back to just eating without watchign what I was doing and had it all back +10 or so within 4 mths...
Glad you saw the light and changed and wish you the best as you do it the healthy way and make it your new lifestyle...

3/24/10 8:33 P

Not to be disrespectful, but several of the statments in your post are NOT based on scientific research or nutrition evidence. Your metabolism does NOT cease, one does NOT hold onto everything you eat. The original poster is still burning calories.

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3/24/10 6:48 P

Good For You For Realizing This Isn't Good For You

Your body can only handle 12 days Max and under perfect conditions (so for you it might have been 9 or 8 days or even less) with less then 1200 calories. At that point, the body goes into salvage mode. It holds onto anything you do eat because it fears that you are not going to eat again. So right now you are holding onto everything you eat. Also, your metabolism ceases to exist at the moment. So you are not burning anything up naturally.

Stick with eating 5 times a day at around 1800 calories every 3-4 hrs to restart your metabolism and slow your body from hoarding. And I agree with the below 4-6 weeks for your body to balance back out.

3/24/10 6:37 P

I usually tell folks to give their body about 4-6 weeks to TRUST again, however, you have only been doing this for 4 weeks, which is much shorter than many who have been following a very low calories diet for months...hopefully you will stabilize sooner!

dietitian Becky

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3/24/10 2:46 P

Haven't been there, but wanted to offer support. Good on you for recognising that wasn't healthy and ceasing it.

I'm sure you probably will gain a little immediately upon ceasing and massively increasing your calories. But that's okay.

I would suggest you give your body six weeks before weighing again and deciding THAT is your "start point" for your new, healthier, weight loss approach.

3/24/10 1:38 P

I recently went on a diet called the Accubead diet and lost 20 lbs in a month. This diet consisted of me taking in about 500 calories a day.

I stopped this diet because I was losing my life. Even more so than being over weight. I had no energy. I had no social life. My fiance felt like he was losing his partner because I didn't have the energy or attention span to interact with him.

I decided to stop the diet last Thursday and did not transition "properly." I just started eating what I deem healthy, counting calories, and stopping when full (which doesn't take much since my tummy shrank). I have noticed that I look like I just ballooned right back up. I am ignoring that for now and sticking with counting calories and exercising. I was just curious if anyone has gone through a similar experience and how long it took their body to recover. I realize everyone's body is different. I'm just looking for some community and hope.


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