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RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
11/1/09 12:14 A

Depends how your hysterectomy is done. Some people have it removed out the vagina, others through incision in the stomach. Depends on the problem and why the method is used.
Either way listen to your doctors requests.. If you get the easy version, there will still be needed time for healing where the uterus has been removed.
6 weeks for a stomach hysterectomy is needed, you will feel the incision area attached to your eyes if you herniate it...

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10/31/09 3:12 P

I had my hyster just over year ago

within an hour of waking up I was doing kegals

not even 24 hours after surgery I drove myself home, wasn't on any pain meds

I was up and walking within 3 weeks back at work within two weeks (but I work from home so no issue there).

But in general 6 weeks is the time its given for healing and sexual activity.

For me it was 8 weeks before I was cleared for sexual activity but that was because I had a cuff infection so she wonted it fully healed before such activity took place.

DEBSKENT Posts: 32
10/31/09 12:43 P

Thanks for that, been worrying about it. Hope you were successful on the 9 holes!!

MICHELE338 Posts: 1
10/31/09 11:31 A

I was 6 weeks from surgery day to golf day (9 holes only). Light exercise really helped with post-surgical fatigue. Good Luck ... I have not regretted my hysterectomy decision once. It was the best thing I ever did for my overall health and wellbeing

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10/31/09 10:52 A

Check with your doctor. He or she is the best judge on when you can resume normal activity.

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10/31/09 8:55 A

Get a release from your doctor first. Good luck to you.

DEBSKENT Posts: 32
10/31/09 5:36 A

I am having a hysterectomy (abdominal) on 23 November and although I know everyone heals differently, I am interested in other people's experiences? I have managed to lose 3 stone (42lb) in the last year and still have another 3 stone (42lb) to go. I don't want to put lots back on due to not exercising so wondered how other people managed. What exercise did you do after the op and how long before you were back up and running??

i''m 38 and the consultant has agreed to leave my ovaries in so I shouldn't experience real hormone problems but obviously I won't be going to the gym, etc for a bit and I find the gym really makes the difference to my weight loss.

I think I'm coming back as a man! emoticon

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