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1/17/12 10:42 A

Does working out at night affect your sleep or ability to fall asleep? If it doesn't then there's no reason to place a time cap on how late you work out. Personally, exercising late at night does not keep me up.

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1/17/12 10:15 A

Finally somebody with a longer commute than me! We have similar schedules but yours *is* longer.

While every BODY is different, I often read or hear to workout at least a 2 hour "buffer" before bedtime. This isn't long enough for me. Like you, I get up so flipping early, I've attempted the 2:30AM wakeup calls for exercise. It's something I suggest you TRY for a week. I did it for about a month and decided it's not for me (as every body is different, I also have lupus, which means I need a LOT of rest -- even if I'm not able to sleep and I need longer for recovery).

Here's one thing I've found REALLY help my long days: 10 minute WALKS during my workday. My company gives a 30" lunch, which isn't very long. I rest during that time. We also get a 10" break AM and PM, permitting, I walk 1/2 mile during each. One mile isn't impressive but it raises my energy level and increases blood flow -- most importantly, it releases stress (which we all need).

It's worth carving out that time you're SUPPOSED to have for breaks! That gives me 20 minutes of stress-breaking. I do harder workouts but I know those work-walk-breaks do a great deal of good (if they don't burn calories).

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1/17/12 10:07 A

As long as it doesn't interrupt your sleep (which will be different for everyone), it's fine to workout later in the evening. One other option might be to have a snack on your drive home, then workout as soon as you get there and eat after.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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1/17/12 9:30 A

Well, if possible, I would recommend moving your whole workout to the AM (although it is incredibly early). Depends what you are doing. If it isn't a long overall workout, then at night should really be fine--the biggest concern I would have is missing meals.

You have the right idea, too, rest and recovery are very important if you're working hard. :)

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1/17/12 9:20 A

I work ten hour days and drive 3hrs a day so when I get home its 6pm, i rush to eat and then try to put in a work out or walk before I go to bed. How late should I do this to keep from interupting my rest. I get up at 3:15am and do a ten min job on the eliptical and do sit ups and push ups..

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