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2/20/13 3:41 A

Fruits are really essential for overall health.Fruits contain essential minerals and vitamins that facilitate and shield body from diseases, all types of fruits may be a natural remedy for several diseases and conjointly all types of fruits are inhibitor that shield against cancer diseases and forestall cell harm.
Fruits are helpful for those that need to turn, improve health, and regulate the blood circulation and digestion.
Thanks and keep posting....

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2/19/13 3:02 P

Thank you for taking a look at my tracker. Im trying to make a complete change in the way I eat, which has been kinda hard. So I will try to up my veggie intake. Im going from one fast food meal a day to trying to eat healthy and balanced throughout the day...still trying to figure it out :) Somedays I make myself sick trying to get in so many calories...but I know I need to reprogram my whole body and system :)

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2/19/13 2:45 P

Thank you for that information. I have never been a big fan of fruit myself. I can eat veggies till I pop however! :)

YANKEEGIRL6 Posts: 1,183
2/19/13 2:22 P

I don't like fruit, I rarely eat it, and I've never had scurvy. I'm guessing it's all good.

2/19/13 2:20 P

Eat the fruits you like and can enjoy..
Then make sure you are getting at least 5 servings of a variety of colorful veggies each day.
I did look at your nutrition tracker---you will need to increase your veggie intake.

SP Dietitian Becky

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2/19/13 1:40 P

I think that if it upsets your stomach and you just don't like it. Then it is ok to leave it out of your diet.

Just concentrate on all those vegetables that you love.

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2/19/13 1:37 P

Thank you for your replys. This definately was discouraging looking at my fruit i dont feel so bad anymore...and i can stop wasting money buying fruit with my good intentions, but watching it go to waste.

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2/19/13 1:05 P

Here is a list of vitamins and what fruits you would have to eat to get more of them:

Now you just need to find vegetable alternatives to get those same vitamins:

I rarely eat fruit. It has fructose, which is a sugar, and I prefer vegetables. Many of the people who will say that without fruit you will not get enough vitamins/minerals are correct. However most of us are short anyways. They probably are, and so are you most likely. However, you can replace what you are eating.

Never eat something that you don't like, or causes you discomfort.

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2/19/13 1:03 P

I don't like most fruits. I don't like the texture of bananas, peaches, and most melons, and I hate the seeds in berries. I also don't like the texture of most oranges although I can stand cara cara oranges for some reason. I don't like most grapes, except for the Thompson seedless that are grown where I'm from in CA, as they are very sweet so it's like eating candy. The ones I can get where I live now are not good. I do eat an apple every day but otherwise, I am NOT a fruit lover. So, of course, I think it's OK that you don't like fruit either :) As the PP mentioned, as long as you're getting the important nutrients from veggies you're fine to not eat a lot of fruit.

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2/19/13 12:59 P

If you eat all the colours of vegetables then you have nothing to worry about. At all.

Fruit contains a lot of sugar, even if it is completely natural, it is sugar alongside those vitamins and minerals... so vegetables are a way more diet friendly choice anyway, and often a lot more fibre than fruit does.

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2/19/13 12:52 P

I know all the basics....fruit has important vitamins and should be included in a healthy diet but i have a real hard time with it. Most fruits i dont even like...melons are okay, but i have to eat in small amounts. Fruit jst hurts my stomach and i dont really care for them. I do love almost every veggie out there.So can i get the same nutrients from veggies as fruit? Or is it something that i have to grit through and just deal with the upset tummy? I doesnt like fruit right?

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