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VALCARAZ Posts: 127
1/6/12 12:08 A

HSHORNET, if you feel that you are not hitting your calorie burn, instead of working out everyday maybe add 15 minutes more everyday.. and that will amount to working out a bit more than an hour and that rest day :)

VALCARAZ Posts: 127
1/6/12 12:05 A

VERY IMPORTANT!! your mind and your body need to rest and relax at least for a day. Believe me, I'm a workout freak (everytime I get stressed studying for the bar, I go out for a run even at 11:00pm)... but those muscles need to recover from the workout and the daily stress in out lives. If possible, try to pamper yourself a little bit that day, even if that means staying in bed a little longer, or sitting to read a good book... or longer baths

MENHALLS SparkPoints: (31,663)
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1/5/12 11:59 P

I love rest days - I can go so much harder & longer the day after that it more than makes up for the day off.

MELSIE20 Posts: 34
1/5/12 3:51 P

You may feel like you don't need a rest day at first, but overexercise and burnout will sneak up on you if you don't rest - especially if you are working at an intense level all of the days you are working out (or doing a lot of strength training)

That's what I was doing and I paid for it dearly.. I recently had a ton of aches/pains/cramping and get this, intense amount of water retention (like pants not fitting!), and my cycle disappeared. I didn't take a rest day for something like 6 months.

I took two days off and the water retention is down and I don't feel like i'm 90 years old today, which is a first in a long time.

MICKAELAP SparkPoints: (0)
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1/5/12 2:52 P

Rest days are the best and very important. Don't skip out on your rest day. Your body needs it.

OFCCAT Posts: 127
1/5/12 2:25 P

Very important. Do not skip out on a rest day. Like others said your body and muscles need time to recover.

SWTESKAPE Posts: 115
1/5/12 1:48 P

Muscles need to rest and recover. I find it difficult myself to force the 1 or 2 rest days that I need to take. I find that yoga is a great way to keep in the swing of things and not feel like a couch potato.

If you are having difficulty hitting your target for calories burned you may need to reevaluate how many calories you are trying to burn and your calorie intake.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/5/12 1:35 P

A rest day isn't your "reward for being so good the rest of the week", it's an essential part of the program.

Rest is when muscles repair and rebuild stronger the best. It's essential for strength training. Rest also allows your body to cope with the high demands you're placing on it the rest of the time. If you go non-stop, you burn out.

If you find rest days make it hard to hit your calorie burn target, lower your calorie burn target. It's a number YOU control and should only reflect what you actually do, not be a goal that you attempt to bust your butt to reach. There's no sense at all in having any specific number and forcing yourself to make that many. Just have it reflect reality.

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1/4/12 10:34 P


As important as exercise, do not underestimate the power of a day of rest. Remember your body makes the adaptation to your exercise when you are not exercising, but when you are resting. Remember too, that burnout is one of the biggest factors people end up giving up on their workout routines, therefore, if this is not a lifestyle routine you think you will maintain, you may want to re-think your plan.

With all this being said, a rest day doesn't mean you just have to sit on the sofa all day watching TV. Going for a nice walk or working in the yard can be a great way to work in a day of stress without having to worry about 'formal' exercise.

I hope this helps!
Coach Nancy

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1/4/12 10:24 P

I am doing the EA Sports 2 program for the Wii and 45 minutes of Cardio(usually Zumba or Trail walking). The EA Sports program suggests a rest day. Now granted I am busting my tail feathers working out but do I need a rest day? It makes it harder for me to hit my calorie burn for the week:(

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