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4/7/14 11:55 P

Rest days can be very important if your trying to build muscle or endurance, but if you are just an active individual than you shouldn't worry so much about rest days, especially if the activity is mostly just walking.

I don't normally have rest days either.

SPORTY883 SparkPoints: (45,072)
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4/7/14 10:35 P

I started a workout program with strength training and did it everyday for three weeks with only one day of rest a week. I saw no improvement and didn't feel very good either. Went to every other day and saw results in a couple weeks and felt much better.

LESLIESENIOR SparkPoints: (208,458)
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4/7/14 10:05 P

Extremely important!!!!

MNCYCLIST SparkPoints: (136,894)
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4/7/14 9:28 P

Extremely, at physical and psychological levels.

OTTO76 Posts: 23
4/7/14 7:52 P

I like my rest day, it keeps things from getting monotonous. Gives me a physical and mental break from the daily gym visits, runs, etc.
I've also been eating my cheat meal on my rest day which makes it even better! It's like a small reward for killing it all week.
To me, pretty important.

Edit- didn't really answer the OP, I don't worry about how much walking I do on rest day or "incidental" exercise that comes up, I just don't have any cardio or weight training planned for the day.

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4/7/14 7:30 P

I have to agree with the fact that walking is not going to hurt you. I mean seriously I am a lot heavier than you and if I can get off my big butt and walk 2x's a day everyday than I doubt it will hurt you, unless you have a medical issue that is causing you extreme fatique. I mean I have multiple medical issues and I am still doing it. I have lost almost 50 pounds in about 2 1/2 mths so you can rest or walk. Good luck!

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4/7/14 5:23 P

I can't believe everyone is falling into the trap of this poster. I'm all for helping anyone exercising but I remember another thread she posted where she posted what if you don't like exercising and then gave every excuse as why not to exercise.

All I can say is good luck.


_TEDDI SparkPoints: (637)
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4/7/14 11:31 A

You don't need rest days for walking. I have 2 dogs, I never get a rest day from walking them! We do 2-4 miles per day just with the dogs then gym and walking to and from work on top of that.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,258)
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4/7/14 10:45 A

Rest days are when your body gets stronger. Don't take them, and you break your muscles down instead of building them up.

With that said, you're not "working out", you're walking at work. That's not the same thing, and honestly, at this point, (injuries aside) your body is adapted to it. Don't fall into the trap of walking at work being considered exercise. Nurses are some of the most active walkers in the world, logging many miles daily doing stressful, intense jobs.

And yet many are overweight.

A four hour shift of stop-and-go walking is not a workout. It's just doing a job.

Rest days mostly apply to intense cardio and strength training. Walking can be considered "active rest". As Coach Jen said, listen to your body. This isn't a black or white answer.

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4/7/14 10:40 A

Rest is important, but I think it's also individual. I have back problems and find that if I don't do "active rest", I tend to get extremely stiff and sore. I'm also on my feet at my job for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. Like others have said, I don't think that you necessarily need to rest from walking, but you do need it if you are doing any higher intensity workouts.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (191,659)
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4/6/14 8:45 A

Online Now  • ))
extremely. I did 9.5 hours of formal exercise this week (ran 48 miles/heavy ST/hot yoga) and nothing can keep me from my rest day today.

However, walking at work is not and should not be considered formal exercise and you don't necessarily need a rest day from that.

4/5/14 10:39 P

I would not worry about overdoing walking.
I very rarely take complete "rest" days where I literally do nothing, and usually not unless I'm ill or injured. In a normal week, I will work out 4-5 times per week more intensely (running, lifting) and then walk on the other days. I haven't had any problems with doing this and I think the habit of being active every day actually makes it easier for me to stay consistent.

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4/5/14 11:40 A


ZURICHMAN SparkPoints: (1,775)
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4/4/14 7:46 P

Honey I'm a visual guy and so I remember you having a thread where you said what if I don't like working out and had every excuse why not to work out, so I don't have any advice for you.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
4/4/14 12:39 P

I walk 45-60 minutes 365 days a year. Unless work and walking combined are making you tired, I would keep it up. I lost 160 lbs, just walking. After the initial " I don't wanna do it " phase, I found that after a walk, I had MORE energy, and as I lost weight, of course I felt better, and better.

I just recently started strength training, and do most of my bodyparts once a week, over 3 workouts @ gym. That way, I give my muscles time to rebuild. If you are doing a weight lifting circuit, I would just do as Coach says, and listen to your body. If you are still sore/run down on the day of your second workout, wait another day. If you want a set schedule, why not do upper body one day, and lower body the next? That way you have 7 days in between, and can still do your walking daily.

DISCDOG Posts: 2,668
4/4/14 7:18 A

You don't need to take a rest day from walking. Humans were evolved to walk long distances on a daily basis.

Rests are needed for muscles to repair, but walking doesn't break down muscle tissue. If someone is in a large caloric deficit and training extremely hard, they'd need more rest.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,434
4/4/14 6:24 A

How are you feeling? Are you consistently sore and tired? Do you have problems with lack of energy? What's "too much" is a very individual thing, but usually your body will start to give you clues that it needs more rest and time to recover. Lots of people prefer to take take "active rest" days instead of days where they do no activity, which means lighter workouts like walking, yoga, etc. As long as those days aren't too strenuous and you're feeling good, I'd say it's probably okay. Here's an article about overtraining that will give you signs to look for that you might be doing too much:

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

FTSOLK Posts: 1,392
4/4/14 12:19 A

I've been realizing that I don't really get any "rest" days from working out.

My job requires me to be on my feet (primarily walking) for 4-6+ hours at a time 5-6 days per week. I have 1-2 days a week off from work. Because of my usual work schedule, I work later shifts (afternoons to early evenings most days), while my best friend works mornings to early afternoons, so we're able to go out earlier on my day off. This means the 1 day a week I am guaranteed to have off, we like to go out walking (outdoors in nice weather, inside at the mall if it's too hot/cold/rainy). So, the one day I can "rest" from walking at work, I STILL will go out on a 3 mile walk (plus the 2 mile round-trip walk to get my nails done ).

So, I'm doing a LOT of walking every day. Even if I have, say, Mondays off of work, and I'm sedentary most of the day (since Monday is my official "rest" day from doing purposeful activity), we still make a point to do a couple of laps around the mall after dinner, or to try out the Just Dance demo to get a bit of activity in.

And then, we have days like yesterday (Thursday) where I went on a 2 mile round-trip walk instead of driving to my nail appointment, and went on a nearly 4 mile walk in the evening. Tuesday was another good example. I did a strength training workout (workout 1 of Jillian Michael's Body Revolution), a 4 hour shift at work, and walked another mile or two at the park in the evening.

I'm just a little concerned that I could be overdoing it since I'm not taking any time to really "rest." Granted, I'm only doing strength training twice a week. It's just the walking that I'm worried about "overdoing."

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