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11/8/12 1:55 P

DIDS70 there is a reason anecdotal evidence doesn't make it into scientific journals.

It's great that "Suzi" feels that eating well is going to help her cancers. Since she was only diagnosed a couple of months ago she still has a long journey and can't really claim to be "cured" yet. However, the IPT treatment that she is undergoing is called by Quackwatch (a group of medical professionals keeping tabs on the quackery theories in alternative medicine) -

"Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) is one of several unproven, dangerous treatments that is promoted by a small group of practitioners without trustworthy evidence that it works."

Cancers can go into remission. Sometimes, possibly, when someone choose some kind of alternative (or no) treatment and the cancer goes away, it may be simply a natural remission that would have happened anyway. This is why you can never take one person's story as proof - you need to run tests on thousands of people and see if it goes away for everyone who does X. If not (or at least a high percentage), then X isn't the reason that one individual's cancer went away.

Eating right does not perform well in such tests. Some individuals feel it has helped them, but statistically when tested, it is not able to cure cancer.

11/8/12 6:38 A

This site our members and our experts are not able to "tell you" if it is safe or appropriate for you to be doing a detox once a week or using a supplement with a laxative.

I know of no physical health benefits for detoxing.

I know that some people because of a medical condition need to use a laxative regularly. I also know that some laxatives can be dangerous to the body and destroy your natural ability to control bowel functions. There are several different types of laxatives, each type with different purposes, side effects and usages.

Do not use this site to answer your questions, that really should be answered by the doctor who is managing your health care. Call and set up an appointment to meet with your doctor.

I hope this helps
SP Registered Dietitian Becky

AEGISHOT Posts: 4,493
11/8/12 1:16 A

Never mind Jamin, I am learning a lot for all the discussion.

Becky, I wish to know if one day a week will hurt.
What about the use of laxatives? I have a supplement that is a laxative that I use once a week, what effects do they have on my body and my health generally. Can it be counted as a detox?

JAMINURSE Posts: 3,834
11/7/12 9:16 P


I cannot tell you how much I wish that a diet could cure ANY form of cancer. I lost my mother, my father, my mother-in law, and my brother to cancer. I am only 46 so the people I loved were young. I have watched more people die in the Intensive Care Unit in the past 15 years than I would like to remember. Diets don't cure cancer. I wish they did.

@OP sorry your original thread got lost in this.


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11/7/12 7:38 P

Dr. Oz stated on his show that detox is actually bad for you. He explained that even though it gets junk out of your colon etc, it also removes everything that is good for you. So detoxing is almost counter productive. I am sure you can find more on his site. My opinion, skip it and save money

11/7/12 7:30 P

As the Registered Dietitian for Sparkpeople, I respect your right as an adult to select the medical care that you see fits best for you.

However, this site uses evidence based guidelines from peer-reviewed, published research studies. There is no reserach to support detox and cancer prevention or cure.

I ask that in the future you base the contents of your posts on actual published studies. A great place to obtain reserach studies is at:

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/7/12 2:12 P

since I am not sure how easy it is to google Dr. Charles Majors, here are some links

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/7/12 2:06 P

JAMINURSE-- check out Dr. Charles Majors. he was in stage 4 cancer in the brain. He became a chiropractor after he was YES cured. He did not do any conventional medicine-- no radiation and no chemo of any kind. he wrote a book with several others called the Cancer killers. I met this man. I hugged this man. he was on of my first chiro's mentors. They just had a big seminar. he was cured through detoxing and watching what he ate and getting adjusted. Of course there was a lot more but absolutely no radiation or chemo. He was literally at Death's door and met with a chiropractor. They worked on the cure.

SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 25,932
11/6/12 9:29 P

After having read about all the cancers that it is supposed to have cured, I really think that if there were any truth in the matter, the Insurance companies would be paying for this treatment rather than conventional treatment, but they don't. I also think that the Doctors world-wide would be treating their patients this way, particularly in countries like NZ where the bulk of the treatment is on Public Health, so free to the patients. There are also many conditions that they say is unwise to use it, and Diabetes, Kidney problems and implants (heart, joints, breast...) so that would wipe out an awful lot of people, too!


JAMINURSE Posts: 3,834
11/6/12 9:10 P

Sunshine, I am glad you are feeling better. Your liver still does not require a detox. I really would like to know what cancer this diet (Chiro method/diet) has cured. I see liver failure and cancer patients everyday. Typically, these patients are critically ill. I have never seen a Detox as a treatment for these patients. I sincerely apologize if I am being insulting to you. It is frustrating when I see information posted that is not accurate.

OPUSEVA Posts: 1,330
11/6/12 3:12 P

Here's more on this silly "Detox" / "Cleansing" fad:

I think it all makes a good test for "How Gullible are You?"

11/6/12 3:06 P

To bust a plateau---check out this info from SP:

Dietitian Becky

AEGISHOT Posts: 4,493
11/6/12 2:06 P

Sunshine I will read more about Gerson diet.

AEGISHOT Posts: 4,493
11/6/12 2:04 P

Thanks to you all for your contributions and suggestions. It had been very helpful.

On one of the boards however, I saw something like a 5/2 diet. But instead of eating lower calories on the two days, can I go vegan on those two days and continue with my normal caloric requirements daily. I need to ask so much and whine so much, all I am asking for is a "plateau breaker".

I await contributions from all.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/6/12 1:52 P

As far as a "detox" diet goes I will join the bandwagon with everyone else saying that it is not healthy and won't really help.

On another note-- I detox regularly with supplements that my Chiro has. These are whole food, designed by Jordin Ruben whom I trust implicitly. The first cleans out the cells-- I live in a dirty city. I breathe in toxins all the time. The second "pill" is primarily charcoal and it flushes my system very gently overnight. I am not doing this for weight loss. In fact i probably haven't lost any weight while on them for the past two years.

I have also chosen to eat clean. I don't do processed food, no dairy, no whole grains, lots of greens, some fruit, nuts and seeds and if i do choose to eat meat it is 100% green fed. That is what is keeping the scale in a downward direction.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
11/6/12 1:42 P

Eating a healthy balanced diet of at least 1200 calories is great!

Doing that and having coffee enemas will NOT cure cancer.

11/6/12 1:14 P

Depends on how one detoxes. I am currently following the Gerson detox method. I just took myself of prescription medication, stopped smoking & am fighting a cold, so I started it 100% today. As long as you can get all of your nutrients, carbs, & enough protein along with at least 1,200 calories, I would say it is healthy. I tracked what I am consuming & I am w/in all of my nutritional goals for all. I also turned Vegan 1 month ago, so it is fairly easy on me. I work out at least 4 hours/wk. It probably depends on your current health. The Gerson method has been used to heal cancer patients when all else failed. Besides the cold, I am in good health. Now, I just want to detox my liver & cells. I want the glow & energy.

11/5/12 7:07 P

A general guide is that weight loss is:
80% related to your diet, decreasing calories, healthier food selections, etc
20% related to moving your body more, doing different type exercises, etc

For most people, it is difficult to lose weight through exercise and body movement alone.

Dietitian Becky

SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 25,932
11/5/12 5:45 P

I kinda get the impression that you want an "easy fix" to your weight. "Easy Fixes" are NOT healthy. The BEST way ..... the HEALTHY way is to have good, healthy, regular nutrition along with some exercise. I don't exercise hard out, and I don't exercise all the time - walking is the bulk of mine, and that is only putting the groceries and laundry away one at a time (and occasionally while talking on the phone). The reason is skeletal an fatigue problems, but the fact is, I have still lost a fair bit of weight and have been maintaining for a long time. I didn't starve myself, either. You are BEST to get into a healthy habit NOW and do it in a way that will sustain you the rest of your life. Please, DO NOT rely on these quick fixes because ultimately you will do yourself a lot more harm than good!


ANARIE Posts: 13,124
11/5/12 4:14 P

You might want to just read a little more on what "creating a calorie deficit" really means. The part most people don't understand is that your body burns calories all the time, even when you're sleeping. In order to stay at your current weight, you need a certain basic number of calories. At your size, it would probably be in the neighborhood of 1500. That's how many you would need to stay at your weight if you were in a coma and never moved, all day long. Normal everyday activities like sitting up, walking around the house, cooking, light cleaning, and so on will add a few hundred more.

If you eat just a little less than that, you'll slowly lose weight. If you add deliberate exercise, you'll lose weight more quickly. You don't have to fast; just eat a little less than your basic needs. If you put in all of your information, the computer program at SparkPeople will give you a suggested calorie range. That range *already* gives you a deficit, to start you on the way to losing weight. Exercise is extra on top of that, to increase the deficit and push you along faster. If you fast, you create TOO large a deficit, which can make you sick if it lasts very long.

AEGISHOT Posts: 4,493
11/5/12 2:18 P

From another point of view, how realistic is it to create a deficit through daily/consistent workouts?

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11/5/12 2:07 P

Detox is not any good. Let your body do what it is designed to do. Also, your digestive system gets a little rest every night as someone else said so well. Breakfast is most likely the most important meal of the day. Detox methods could mess up your electrolytes, not nice.

DOLLBABE56 SparkPoints: (68,647)
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11/5/12 8:07 A

When I was young there was a book my dad had called The Mucusless Diet. If I remember correctly, it was fasting. I used that book as a bible and now I believe that this is what led to my eating disorder. I would fast for days, (a few times for 5-6 days) and drink only water. And when I did eat, it would be a little bit of lettuce. This kind of warped thinking has affected me throughout my life, always on some kind of diet. Over the years I've lost and gained probably hundreds of pounds. Always the same 30 lbs. And, I have finally realized that I have been trying to reach an unrealistic number. I believe that my body is not meant to be 125 or 130 lbs. at this point of my life. My realistic goal is to be 140 lbs. This is where I believe I can be healthy and comfortable.

11/4/12 1:22 P

You digestive system does "not" need a little rest once a week. Give your body a break and cut back on the piles of sugar, fat, and sodium. But give your body and digestive system the foods it needs: fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean meats, protein, and lowfat milk and dairy alternatives. check out this link to our SP Super Foods Listing.

Skip the detox, it is just a scam...but feed your body appropriately everyday and it will respond.

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
11/4/12 1:09 P

If you are fasting for religious reasons that is between you and your god, but please know that you should not necessarily expect that this will help at all with weight loss.

As it is, you claim you over-eat by eating a daily deficit with your meals already. How much more bingy do you think it will make you if you don't eat anything at all?

AEGISHOT Posts: 4,493
11/4/12 12:13 P

Thanks JAMINURSE, did not realized it could be serious enough to land at the ER.

AEGISHOT Posts: 4,493
11/4/12 12:01 P

Thanks CHEETARA for that lovely reply, dint realized that part. But I think I can still fast for religious reasons.

JAMINURSE Posts: 3,834
11/4/12 11:56 A

There are many schools of thought on fasting. Clinically, a human beings body does not need a Detox. Your liver, kidneys, and GI system (among many many other functions) maintain balance of waste in the human body. As has already been stated Detoxs can be dangerous because a person may become dehydrated and experience electrolyte imbalances. This can be very dangerous and may land a person in the ER. The Master Cleanse is of no health benefit at all. If a person decides to not eat for a day and drink lemon water with maple syrup, that's a personal choice but it seems like needless deprivation to me. I am not trying to give you a tough time, but when I see the Master Cleanse thing I kind of lose it.

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (103,382)
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11/4/12 11:43 A

Your digestive tract doesn't need a rest. It's at work all the time because that's what it has been designed to do. It takes at least 48 hours to digest food.

If you think about it, if you don't eat between dinner and breakfast, you are "fasting" for 10-12 hours every day. That's why it's called breakfast - you are breaking your overnight fast.

AEGISHOT Posts: 4,493
11/4/12 11:37 A

I am really overwhelmed by all these answers. Thanks so much, I am quite grateful for it.

But where is the place of the thought of giving your digestive system a little rest at some point (once a week). This 'school of thought' promotes fasting as well as detox too just one day within a week.

Need to say that daily calorie deficit through my meals makes me overeat most of the time and I don't make progress on the scale that way.

Besides, the particular diet I talk about is nothing but lime/lemon juice and maple syrup and there is an option of doing it just one day a week (which I like) instead of 10 days or 40 days as the "Master Cleanser" suggested.

Let me know your thoughts please.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
11/3/12 2:50 P

A TV show a couple of weeks ago put some girls on a variety of popular detox diets for one week.

Every one of them lost weight, some quite a lot.

Not one of them made any improvement whatsoever in bloodwork.

All but one had regained all of the weight lost one week after they finished.

You do the math - no weight loss, no blood work improvement, costs money and is hellish to go through .... Nope, I wouldn't do one.

Fitness Minutes: (20,400)
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11/3/12 11:08 A

Despite my name I don't believe that detox diets actually help eliminate toxins from your body. However, I credit a doctor-supervised "detox" diet with completely curing my long-term stomach problems (from early childhood until young adulthood I was plagued with nightly vomiting and diarrhea, and after a three-month elimination diet the symptoms disappeared... and stayed gone even after I returned to normal eating- it's been six years since and I haven't had an upset tummy since) and also being the absolute fastest way to change your palate to enjoy the taste of less sweet / salty / fatty foods more. For weight loss or detoxification, no. For other health benefits, as recommended by your doctor.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 64,606
11/3/12 8:06 A

The previous posters are correct. "Detoxes" can actually do more harm than good, so I'd skip them and stick with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Coach Jen

MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (75,924)
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11/3/12 5:05 A

The idea that toxins accumulate in the body due to unhealthy lifestyle is wrong. Toxins are continuously removed from the body regardless of how unhealthy the lifestyle is. The problem is, unhealthy lifestyles tax the body to the extreme and over time they lead to premature failure of some of the systems in the body causing diseases.

As such, detoxing the body does not exist at all. It is a catch phrase to market products that won't help establish a healthy lifestyle.

SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 25,932
11/3/12 2:06 A

Detox diets DON'T work and are a waste of money. Some can be down-right dangerous. Below are some links you may find helpful:


AEGISHOT Posts: 4,493
11/3/12 12:57 A

I really want to know how healthy detoxifying can be? How often can it be done? What are the popular detox diets/methods?

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