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1/10/10 5:52 P

I also didn't know-thanks for the info!

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1/10/10 5:48 P

I have it listed in the team goals. Its the 1st thing on the page. I probably walk that considering I walk back and forth and walk the treadmill everyday. Thanks for letting me know. Hope

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1/10/10 1:25 P

How far is 5,000 steps ? Depending on your height, it's about 2.5 miles. In general, 10,000 steps is assumed to be roughly 5 miles.

Is one of your spark teams doing a challenge ? If not, you don't have to do 5,000 steps per day. The software doesn't automatically tell a person to do X amount of exercise. A person has to set their goals.

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1/10/10 1:16 P

Who's "they"? Your goals are your own. If you want to track the distance rather than steps, you're perfectly welcome to. Don't feel you must track something that has appeared and you don't know why.

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1/10/10 12:30 P

For the "average" person, one mile is usually 2000-2200 steps.

Hope this helps.


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1/10/10 9:37 A

it depends on how long your legs are, i estimate between 4-5 kilometers?

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1/10/10 9:05 A

On my tracker they've added 5,000 steps a day. I don't know if I'm meeting this quota or not. I usually walk a mile a day not counting walking around to different rooms getting mail and etc. Can you give me an estimate? I looked for someone with it but they were 2 teams that I don't need to belong to. I'm sure others are just as curious as me. Hope

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