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Welcome back!

What you are seeing is the new method of calorie calculation, but you are able to switch to the older method if you would prefer. With the newer method, your calorie range will adjust when you track fitness activities or your Fitbit syncs your steps/distance info. So yes, if the range goes up, the lower half would become the new minimum for the day.

For more info about the two methods and figuring out which one might be best for you, please see this page:

Hope that helps!

Coach Denise

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So I need some help on learning how this works. I have done sparkpeople in the past but started new yesterday and I bought a new fitbit flex to add to the mix. Which I love by the way..I see that I have a daily goal for calorie intake which is 1250-1500. I have noticed that as my flex syncs to my SP it adds more calories that I can eat. Does the lower half become my new minimum for the day? If I eat all of the allotted calories (the high end) will I still lose weight? Or should I only be eating the original amount of 1250-1500?

I have done weight watchers on and off for years but after seeing that I could sync fitbit with sparkpeople and neither of them have a monthly fee I thought it would be better to go this route and hopefully for the last time.

Any help or explanations are well appreciated. Thank you

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