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IVYLASS SparkPoints: (210,534)
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2/3/12 12:48 P

I use it with my coffee, but I bake with sugar.

DOROTHYCLAXTON1 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/3/12 11:24 A

Jen, This was so helpful to me! I use 2 packs per day in my cup of tea...I am not going to worry about it any more!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 64,985
2/3/12 11:05 A

Here's an article you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

SONICB Posts: 4,362
2/3/12 10:30 A

IMO, it's the lesser of two evils. One packet of Splenda a day is perfectly reasonable and well within the recommended daily allowance. I would rather use Splenda to sweeten my coffee than consume empty calories from sugar.

SPOORK Posts: 1,193
2/3/12 9:59 A

I only use real sugar. Personally, I don't think artifical sweeteners or sugar substitutes are healthy in any amount.

SILVERSTAR1975 SparkPoints: (8,820)
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2/3/12 9:28 A

I don't think one packet of anything, sugar or Splenda, is cause for concern. I use Splenda in all my baked goods as well as in any other recipes that call for sugar. I'm also an avid diet soda drinker making my consumption of artificial sweeteners higher than the average person. I don't feel I suffer any ill effects and it's a lot better than all of those extra calories I would be getting from sugar.

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
2/3/12 9:10 A

Artificial sweeteners are one of the most heavily studied food products available. While excessive use has been shown to cause problems, we're talking about many times the amount that a person would normally consume. Moderate usage has been shown to be safe. A single packet a day is far below levels that would be considered dangerous. Some people don't think any amount of artificial food is acceptable, but according to the science, you should be fine.

If you're still concerned about it, use real sugar. Even a diabetic can handle real sugar in the quantities you're talking about. Since you'd only be adding a tiny bit of sugar to offset that packet, switching to caloric sweeteners will only give you a small amount of extra calories, and you can work them off with just a couple minutes of activity.

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DVILL818 Posts: 45
2/3/12 9:08 A

I only ask because some people have told me the sugar substitute could be bad for you in some way. I use it to sweeten up my coffee every morning and I tend to feel guilty because I know I am enjoying something sweet with no calories.... There has to be a catch, right? I use one packet every morning.

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