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6/14/13 7:15 P

I'll try to look into this further to make sure everything on our end is correct. In the meantime, I'd suggest manually setting your calorie range if you feel like the one we're giving is lower than it should be.

Coach Jen

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6/14/13 12:55 P

I reset to 139 and it stayed at the same range.

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
6/14/13 12:54 P

Okay this probably isn't it... but try resetting your goal weight to 139 (your current weight) and leave everything else the same. SP goes a little screwy when you try to "gain weight" on it for some reason. You don't have to leave it that way but just see what it gives you for a range then - it MIGHT not be the same??

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6/14/13 12:18 P

Thanks ICEDEMETER... this is where it gets confusing. My BMR with the 1.2 multiplier is 1683.09. So if you take that into account, SP's range seems right on. Another site (can't remember which) gave me around 1900 to maintain, which seems more accurate.

Maybe my body just has a faster metabolism than I think it does... who knows. I definitely am very sedentary, desk job, 2 hours spent in the car. The most exercise I do is cleaning the house or walking to the mailbox LOL

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6/14/13 12:12 P

Thanks NAUSIKKA!!!

It's true, I didn't carry a lot of weight for years and years, I was a healthy weight all throughout high school because I was very active and through most of college because I didn't eat much. I gained the last part of college and was around 170 in 2003, but dropped to 150 in 2004 (thanks to living in a big city with a walking lifestyle, I still ate like crap), crept up to about 180 over the next few years, dropped back down to 160-165 in 2007 because I was working out with a trainer for awhile and making better food choices, but then crept back up to about 200 by 2010, so in the grand scheme of things, 5 years was not that long I guess.

My target date is set for 12/31/14 with a goal weight of 140 and I'm currently at 139. Oh and I'm 31 and 5'3".

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ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
6/14/13 12:06 P

Hmmm, interesting question. You are absolutely right that what they are recommending seems way too low for you.

I would think that they use the same formula as for weight-loss (
), but skip the "Step 7" where they deduct for the calorie deficit.

So, it would be BMR x 1.2 + exercise calories to get the centre of the range.

Have you checked to see what is recommended for maintenance on other sites?

Edit: Excuse the last line - I see now that you state right in your OP that you have! I really do have a dumb today...Sorry!
I did a quick check on another calculator that I know of, and they show maintenance for you at 1844 per day (which would be around 1600-1950 by the Spark ranges).

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NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
6/14/13 12:04 P

First of all, congratulations on reaching maintenance!!

I don't know how SP came up with it, but it's starting to be more and more believed/accepted that a person who has lost a substantial amount of weight will need to continue to eat the "weight loss calories" permanently to keep it off; I believe the National Weight Control Registry is the one who did the research showing this to be the case. This doesn't apply to a person who rapidly gained and then quickly lost weight, but rather to people who carried their extra weight for years before losing it. SP may be accounting for this by keeping you on the same calories as before. I have no idea, of course, but at least as far as I'm concerned, I have no misconceptions about being able to eat more when I reach my goal weight. I eat 1300 calories/day now to lose, and I expect to be eating 1300 calories for the rest of my life. (I exercise but only ST, no cardio, so I don't eat as much as many here.)

Since you lost an additional 10 lbs before you were able to get your body to stop losing, it sounds like you aren't really in this category of people - maybe you didn't carry your extra weight as long as some, or maybe you are just lucky :) Of course it's possible that you didn't set your "target date" far enough out, as well. How far out is your target date set? If it's too soon, it might give you a weight loss range for that reason.

Incidentally I don't know your age but a healthy weight woman who doesn't exercise, I think 1600-1700 calories is about right for maintenance. Of course I''m not an expert but I know I gain at 1850 and I'm a healthy weight 32 y/o woman who does exercise. You sound like a lucky lady :)) congrats again!!

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6/14/13 11:42 A

Maybe there's an article somewhere about this, but how does SP come up with a maintenance range? I ask because I feel like the range they gave me is really low. The range is 1440-1790. I was losing weight eating 1500-1600 a day average so the 1440 is obviously too low for maintenance. Another site (I forget which one) gave me a straight 1900 calories to maintain number, which honestly, feels more accurate. I eat in the 1600-1800 range during the week, and then don't track on Saturdays, but I'm pretty sure I go over 2000, and then I'm usually around 2000 on Sundays. So I would say over a week, my average is probably in the 1900-2000 range. I do not exercise and have a sedentary job.

And yes, I know our bodies aren't calculators, you have to experiment to see where you're at etc etc. I give that advice to people here all the time, and the experimenting is how I came up with where I'm at now, after losing another 10lbs after hitting goal by following SP's range. I'm just wondering why SP would suggest such a low point in the range for maintenance for me.

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