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2/1/12 4:52 P

You're not being OCD at all. Those things all add up.

I just track the amount that I added in the first place, as the others said. If there's a lot left in the pan after you're done, you can measure what's left and subtract that from what you started with, but if you're finding lots left in the pan (unless we're talking about something sticky), you might be adding too much in the first place.

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2/1/12 4:33 P

I do the same as LAETU. I measured how much I would use regularly and add that. For example, if I'm sauteing some mushrooms I use 1 tsp of olive oil, etc. Once you do it for awhile, you get used to adding those few pieces and won't have to measure anymore!

LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
2/1/12 3:57 P

Take a tablespoon of flour and see if that is how much it takes to cover a piece of chicken...keep adding till it is covered. Then you record that much per piece.

Oil...meaure it in advance. I think absorption is about 30% if frying...but you probably shouldn't be frying if trying to watch your weight.

Breadcrumbs, same as for flour.

Breads, flour, and oil can add up so you have to measure it fairly accurately; but once you know how much you use you don't have to measure each time.

SMARGE130 Posts: 52
2/1/12 3:48 P

the flour that I "lightly" dredge my chicken in? Or the olive oil that I cook in? Or if I lightly coat in breadcrumbs? Is there a way to quantify that when you are entering calories or putting in a recipe?

Or am I just being ocd about it??


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