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HARVEYRABBIT SparkPoints: (11,516)
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1/25/14 9:07 A

Well Said emoticon Ex-presso I am reading THE EDGE EFFECT by Eric Braverman. It helps me understand my brain chemistry and in turn identify what is food for me and what is not and in meditation gain the power for correct choices in order to avoid ingesting poison masquerading as "so-called food" emoticon

EX-PRESSO Posts: 478
1/24/14 1:48 A

If I eat the right food (for me), I can not overeat.
For ex. 2 slices of wholemeal bread with cashew butter, tofu, tomatoes, sprouts and avocado. I'm full after eating and do not have the WISH to eat any more.
But I'm still on my way to find out what to eat.

Do you need the the calories or the mass of food?

SCHEALTHNUTT SparkPoints: (49,055)
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1/24/14 1:21 A

Sometimes I don't. I just try to limit calories.

HARVEYRABBIT SparkPoints: (11,516)
Fitness Minutes: (16,408)
Posts: 291
1/23/14 9:51 P

Prayer is my primary protector as it activates my willingness to follow God's will for care of emoticon the temple he has given me to occupy.

ALLYALLYT Posts: 9,468
1/23/14 9:13 P

drink water, chew something like gum, cucumber or celery. take a walk

PTREE15 SparkPoints: (8,292)
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1/23/14 2:18 P

In maintenance, I deliberately devote two days a month to overeating and enjoying what I ordinarily wouldn't eat. F'rinstance, I found the most appealing-looking cream cheese/salmon with capers potato chip dip I'm having this coming weekend...DH may even join in!

It's like having two special holidays a month devoted to my favorite sport, the ol' fork-to-mouth marathon. I've maintained my weight for three years now."

This is awesome. When I get to maintenance, I am going to try this approach.

To the OP...I don't keep binge-worthy food in my house. It makes it harder to binge in the winter, for example, because the cold weather is a big deterrent to going out, which is what I'd have to do if the food isn't in my house. When I really want something I'd typically binge on, I buy a small portion of it, like chips. I cannot buy a big one because I will eat the whole thing. Also, I sometimes will make a cup of tea. Hot beverages sometimes take cravings away for me for whatever reason.

XXJDXX Posts: 117
1/23/14 1:21 P

Sometimes I can't stop it... it's like a runaway train, and then I have to deal with the consequences. I have a few triggers that I'm aware of, but it still happens once every few weeks. Sometimes I'll drink water, eat leafy greens or leave as some members have suggested.

I think you should involve your roommates, and make it a group support effort. Spark works, and that's its essence. If they don't want to, then respect their choice, as they must respect yours. Just a thought.

Best of luck!

PENNYSAVER2 SparkPoints: (144,018)
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1/23/14 12:38 P

I focus on the progress I've made. I don't want to return to my unhappy obese self.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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Posts: 3,116
1/23/14 7:42 A

That is my biggest problem with eating. I eat healthy food but too much of it. Two of my daily goals are to eat slower and not go back for seconds. Sometimes it works.

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
Fitness Minutes: (36,342)
Posts: 2,545
1/22/14 11:37 P

I think you need to try and figure out why you are binging.
Are you mad at someone? Or yourself?
Are you bored? (One of my triggers)
Are you tired? (Another of mine)
Are you feeling deprived?

If you can identify and deal with the cause so much the better for you. I used to eat to stay awake when I should have gone to bed.

Are you eating from habit? Do you always eat/binge at 9pm? Think about breaking the habit.
Are you eating because your roomies are eating?

I find that eating a lot of healthy foods helps to keep me on track. Are you eating 8 servings of fruits and vegetables? Getting enough protein and healthy fats? It really makes a difference.
If I eat that much food I'm too full to binge!

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
1/22/14 2:57 P

I'm lucky in that I don't usually have this temptation with the dietary plan I follow. Of course, I certainly have cravings for things! But I'm a big girl (in more ways than one - LOL). I do know how to say "no."

My first beneficial step in this direction, other than changing the way I look at food, was to correctly identify "hunger" from "appetite." Apparently I never knew the difference in my "former life." For me, this means that when I feel it coming on, I offer myself something nourishing, but not the thing my tummy is yelling for. Or my eyes see and make me salivate over. Or smell. You get the idea. If my "hunger" accepts the alternative I offer, I call that true hunger. If, on the other hand, I get a whiney, "oh, I don't want *that*... let's have some (fill in blank with some unhealthy snacky thing)", then I know it's not hunger, but appetite. In that case, then just NO. Can't have that. And I go get something "safe" to drink. In my case, it's PowerAde Zero, which has a bit of flavour but not much else other than some electrolytes. It will fill any empty-tummy malaise. Then I just go about firmly monitoring my resolve.

It does help to have balanced and nutritious meals. If you do that, you can tell yourself you don't *need* any of that, because you're fueling your metabolism properly.
Of course, some forms of "balanced" will vary from others'. In my case, plenty of healthy fats help to keep me from hunger. Sometimes I forget to eat at all, and have to go in the kitchen and stand around trying to figure out what I should eat. This isn't always the case! but I'm so relieved that it is for me. I'm not always exceptionally good at saying "no" to my whiney appetite-ridden inner child.

Good luck finding your own solution!

ZIGGY122 Posts: 2,198
1/22/14 2:57 P

If it is late at night around 10:00 p.m. and I feel a binge coming on I just go to bed.
Doing the day, if I feel one coming on I come online to Spark People and do one of their 10 minute fitness video.
Lately, keeping within my calorie range and no processed foods, I haven't had an urge to binge.

1/22/14 2:29 P

Drink lots of water to keep my tummy full

CAMEOSUN SparkPoints: (86,617)
Fitness Minutes: (5,698)
Posts: 10,426
1/22/14 1:46 P

…walk away from the temptation. I have told my kids to "get that bag of chips out of here." Leave the area…go for a walk…anything to distract.

1/21/14 9:22 P

Thanks for the response. I've lost weight a few times as well but, it always seems to find it's way back. LOL. This time, I want to lose it and keep it lost.

JRSONE SparkPoints: (2,616)
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Posts: 35
1/21/14 10:08 A

It's hard to do and I think different things work for everyone. I am one of those people who want to give up the minute I mess up and I dislike that about myself, I'm go hard or go home.
This time around I haven't allowed myself a lot of wiggle room because I know that a little turns into too much for me. Most people can treat themselves but I get into bad habits. For me, to not overeat, I always measure, track everything and just think of the end result. I've lost a lot of weight before so I know I can do it and that helps keep me on track some.

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KRMFREEONE Posts: 1,005
1/21/14 9:54 A

So hard to do. Create portions out of any multiple portion item you have or make, such as chips, fruit, cheese, dinner, and leftovers. And my worst thing that causes over eating is clean plate syndrome. Whether its home, or out automatically, put part or half of you meal in a box, and then clean your plate:)

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (556,047)
Fitness Minutes: (342,647)
Posts: 15,614
1/20/14 11:50 P

Online Now  • ))
I just STOP and that's all!!!

1/20/14 11:18 P

Thanks for the tips. I especially like the "brush your teeth" and "do jumping jacks" idea. I live in an apartment with 2 other overeaters, not having "junk food" around isn't really going to happen but, I need to learn to control MYSELF around them.

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
Fitness Minutes: (82,255)
Posts: 2,954
1/20/14 4:15 P

I plan my meals every Sunday with DH. I also make sure I drink a lot of water as it fills me up.

TOWNE4 Posts: 8
1/20/14 3:05 P

Great job Lola - keeping the weight off. I have fluctuated greatly (20-30 over the past 20 years), however, I was a mason laborer for twelve years when at my lower weight, and a student sitting at a desk all day, sitting doing homework, or working 3rd shift work (lack of sleep really messes with your leptin levels causing weight gain) when at my highs. I just got done with most of my schooling. I just started back to more physical work (not masonry), so, this should help me out. Don't have too many cravings, but, once and awhile when my blood sugar drops, then, I do. My seizure meds can cause low blood sugar. So, if this happens, and sweets are in the house, I am more prone to having a couple (or 5 or 6!) cookies! Not diabetic - was tested, physician said lows are from Dilantin. I just really need balance (mainly of consistent activity) in my life!

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LOLA_LALA Posts: 659
1/20/14 12:30 P

In maintenance, I deliberately devote two days a month to overeating and enjoying what I ordinarily wouldn't eat. F'rinstance, I found the most appealing-looking cream cheese/salmon with capers potato chip dip I'm having this coming weekend...DH may even join in!

It's like having two special holidays a month devoted to my favorite sport, the ol' fork-to-mouth marathon. I've maintained my weight for three years now.

PATTIEMCD Posts: 1,107
1/20/14 12:03 P

I don't have a problem with over eating but I wanted to share my daughters method......
She brushes her teeth after every meal.
Whether she's at work or home, once she has eaten a meal or snack, she immediately brushes her teeth. She says, " once I've brushed my teeth, I know that if I eat more, I have to brush my teeth again and I don't want to keep brushing my teeth " !!
She always carries these cute, little disposable toothbrushes in her handbag ( I also keep some in my car ) so, if she eats out, she can still brush her teeth without the need of running water & a sink.
My daughter and I both agree, food doesn't taste all that great right after you've brushed your teeth.

SUSAN29NJ Posts: 2,425
1/20/14 11:43 A

I don't keep any foods in my house that I would want to binge on. I never once thought about stuffing my face with grilled chicken breast and steamed broccoli, but if there are cookies or cake in the house, all bets are off.

TOWNE4 Posts: 8
1/20/14 11:35 A

I am a new member, but, I have fluctuated in weight of about 20 to 30 pounds for the last 20 years, mainly due to level of activity. I find that I have foods that I like that are more "addictive" than others. Those I do not bring into my house (except when hubbie shops with me), because it is just a temptation. But, if I do have it in the house, I have a bite, enjoy the flavor completely, then I immediately wash the flavor completely out of my mouth with milk or water so the flavor is completely gone - not leaving me wanting more. I hope this helps - it works for me.

EXCELDREAM SparkPoints: (85,808)
Fitness Minutes: (49,004)
Posts: 160
1/20/14 11:25 A

I've been amazed how much easier it is not to overeat when I'm eating enough of the foods I need. I try to fit my weakness (mainly ice cream) into my diet on a regular basis. Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches are a real boost - containing not only taste and the texture I'm craving, but protein, calcium, and fiber - my daily struggles to meet. I was actually able to keep two half-gallons of special holiday flavored ice cream in my refrigerator during the holidays without eating more than fit in my nutrition tracker - usually 1/2 cup at a time (one container lasted from before Thanksgiving until New Year's Eve. I never would have dreamed that could EVER happen as recently as a year ago.)
Whatever you are craving, try to find a method to get it often. Portion control is often the key. It's difficult at first, but once you convince yourself you'll be getting more in a day or so, the proper portion becomes easier (especially when you've eaten the calories your body needs). I actually bought new 1/2 cup bowls which make eating only 1/2 cup of ice cream more satisfying. Maybe a bowl doesn't apply to your weakness, but maybe something else does.
Best of luck!

1/20/14 9:35 A

I measure my food.

SLUGGER17 SparkPoints: (90,555)
Fitness Minutes: (104,090)
Posts: 1,404
1/20/14 9:34 A

Limit portion size and brush my teeth to help me to stop eating more

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,319
1/20/14 9:30 A

stay away from processed foods as much as possible.
Use the nutrition tracker and measure your portions.
eat a piece of fruit and drink water.....and wait 20 minutes before for more.
It takes the brain 20 minutes to realize it is full.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
1/20/14 8:30 A

Go for a walk, then eat a healthy snack. Or take an apple with you on the walk.


SHAWNEELLOYD SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (546)
Posts: 87
1/20/14 8:26 A

when you feel a binge coming on stop and do 10 jumping jacks after you do them you will ask yourself why you wanted that snack in the first place where you really hungry or just bored? at least that's what I do

MLAN613 Posts: 18,446
1/20/14 8:23 A

Personally, I try not to keep binge worthy foods in my house. My trigger foods are snacks like chips and cookies. So, if I am wanting a snack like chips, I go buy a small bag and enjoy and then I am done.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
Fitness Minutes: (6,555)
Posts: 2,744
1/20/14 8:20 A

Identify foods and/or situations that cause you to binge and then avoid them.

1/19/14 11:50 P

Prep and pre- log my food, I'm less likely to eat something I haven't logged.

1/19/14 11:05 P

I'm a binge eater and I need some ideas.

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