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TCHRSHEA Posts: 228
5/11/12 2:58 P

I drink water instead.

DUSK-2-DAWN Posts: 377
5/11/12 1:10 P

It's hard (for me) to replace a craving for specific items with only fruit.

If you're craving salty, try pretzels, check the serving size and calories, I don't think it's that high.

Having a 100 calorie pack of cookies isn't ideal, but if it will crush your craving, go for it. Just know that you have to stop at 1 pack!

Good luck!

MI-ELLKAYBEE SparkPoints: (228,267)
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Posts: 4,388
5/11/12 1:04 P

Drink tea. (I get teabags free.) Dunk a rice cake in it (10 cents each, when they're on sale.) (50 calories.) Or, when I have found them on sale (like yesterday - buy one 16 stringster package, get one free) I have a Sorrento low fat cheese stringster. That makes them 14 cents each, and I can have one a day for a month. Each one has 8 grams of protein! And only 70 calories. That's two snacks a day for less than 25 cents a day!

FANCY941 Posts: 15
5/11/12 1:03 P

i drink a lot of water when im hungry throughout the day.i am diabetic as well so i have to have at least 2 snacks during the day. the hungrier i am the more water i drink. i also drink diet green tea. that seems to help as well. also monitor what activities im doing in the evening that can produce mindless snacking! watch out for that it can creep up on you! :) emoticon

OHIOGRL160 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 44
5/11/12 11:58 A

I did the same thing, mini candies were always my "go to snack". After all, how much damage could a few bite size peices of candy do, right?! A "few"bite size candies often ended up in eating the entire bag in a day! I changed snack foods, now enjoying frozen grapes, sliced frozen strawberries, or other type of berries or cubed fruit. .

ROGERSBABE1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (29,390)
Posts: 5,351
5/11/12 11:46 A

I am repeating a bit of what others have said: here's what works for me....always eat breakfast...sometimes all protein or very little carb. I find that the more carbs I eat, the hungrier I get. I also eat something every three snacks (which I eat about 3 times a day) are about 150 calories, and my main meals are around 300 or so. Also, stay hydrated. Also, try not to get bored. Staying busy helps. I tend to go to bed early, but on the occassional nights when I'm up past 10:00 PM, I get very hungry, so I am careful to get to bed on time. I hope this helps.

GETULLY SparkPoints: (131,212)
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Posts: 6,403
5/11/12 11:37 A

Hot tea; green, herbal, white--anything but black tea.

OPERAROCKSTAR SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,473)
Posts: 77
5/11/12 10:53 A

I drink water or herbal tea. If I'm still hungry after that, I eat something. I try to make sure it's something with fibre and protein so that I stay full until my next meal.

LVSHERKIDS05 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (16,440)
Posts: 21
5/11/12 10:45 A

I find something to keep me busy until the feeling of needing a snack passes. I find if I am busy organizing my kitchen, laundry room, or anything that keeps my hands busy I don't have time to snack a lot during my day. I also go for a walk, and drink some water.

TBURBANK Posts: 18
5/11/12 10:36 A

Thanks for posting your day - helpful to me.

MRSTABER Posts: 925
5/11/12 10:12 A

I like to chew gum, but if I am really that hungry, I eat something healthy like fruit or greek yogurt. I also drink a lot of water!

JOYFULME01 Posts: 621
5/11/12 10:09 A

I keep healthy snacks at the ready. Baby carrots, celery sticks (cutup and ready to eat), fruit, berries (these are currently my favorite), etc. The key for me is to have things washed and ready to each. I purchases tupperware crispers for the carrots and celery and wash all fruits and vegetables right away before I store them. I also focus on 6 mini meals each day rather than 3 large ones. I pack my lunch every night. This includes food for breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks. I eat my 2nd snack on the way home so I'm not starving while I'm preparing dinner. I guess as I think about it . . . it's all about planning ahead for me.

5/11/12 9:48 A

I have recently decided to stock up on my fruit supply for the week on Mondays. I keep some in a bowl on my desk at the office so it's readily available and eat about 5 fruit servings a day. So far this is having good results with keeping me from buy junk food snacks and when I get home after 5 o'clock I am not starving and craving the wrong things.

N16351D Posts: 2,349
5/11/12 9:15 A

Why would anyone want to stop snacking during the day? I eat small amounts about every two hours because I get hungry! I always have snacks with me in the car and my purse. The trick is to plan them and incorporate nutritious snacks into your daily meal plan.

A typical day of mine might look like this:
5 AM small bits of fruit
5:30 AM exercise for an hour (the longer the run, the more hungrier I am during the day!)
7 AM bowl of cereal, fruit and soy milk
10 AM hard boiled egg or banana
12 noon 1/2 of a sandwich (meat, cheese, tomato and lettuce, condiment of choice)
2 PM 2 tablespoons of cashews
3 PM other 1/2 of the sandwich
5 PM fruit or veggies while I prepare dinner
6 PM small dinner
8 PM low-fat popcorn (little butter)

You get the idea. I eat all day long. Always have, and probably always will. I am 5'2" and usually weigh between 114 - 119 pounds. This plan allows me to have a sweet treat once in a while.

The hardest part for me is not having two servings of dinner!

Go ahead and snack, but watch portion sizes and go for high-nutrient value snacks!

SHEILAJ2008 Posts: 163
5/11/12 9:15 A

I make sure to eat a very balanced breakfast and lunch with enough protein and fiber to keep me feeling full. I eat nuts for snacks, about .5oz-1oz. at a time. I also keep apples in my fridge for fiber and a fruit serving. I've noticed that simple carbs seem to "make" me hungry more often. Hope this helps! emoticon

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
5/11/12 8:22 A


5/11/12 8:08 A

I can't stop if I start. Much easier not to snack at all

5/11/12 7:13 A

It is a constant battle for me. When I am stressed or bored- I snack and sometimes (more often than not, my snacks become binges.

So yesterday I felt the need to snack again, after my mid-afternoon snack, but I decided to wait 1/2 hour. I distracted myself wit going for a walk, surfing the web and watching TV and was able to make it to not eat until dinner. After dinner had an orange and proceeded to go upstairs to brush/floss my teeth. No more snacks for the day.

Night time snacking is my biggest challenge.

LISAN415 SparkPoints: (501)
Fitness Minutes: (449)
Posts: 31
5/11/12 3:20 A

Tracking food does help, and writing down as soon I eat it.

Also, I eat when I am hungry, but first I drink a glass of water to make sure I am not just thirsty, the body can confuse thirst and hunger.

Also, I eat when I am hungry, so I keep healthy/low cal snacks with me. I like my 90 calorie fiber one bar, it's filling and tasty, 5 grams of fiber, only 90 calories. I try to eat more protein too because it's more filling. I bring low fat string cheese (Frigo Light string cheese is 60 calories, 2.5 grams fat and 8 grams protein, 0 carbs), I ike the "Old Wisconsin" Turkey snack sticks (like beef jerky) only 35 calories, I also will snack on 100 calorie packs of popcorn, carrot sticks, and I love apples. Eating 5 times a day has really increased my metabolism and prevented my binges.

Good luck!

VANILLANNE SparkPoints: (4,898)
Fitness Minutes: (455)
Posts: 163
5/11/12 1:34 A

Tracking my food has helped me realize that I ate mindlessly and snacked whenever I wanted -- to fill a void, not really due to hunger. Now, by tracking my food throughout the day, I see where I am and if I'm willing to use up my daily alotment on stuff that isn't good for me and I don't need and I'm trying hard to work on other areas of my life without using food to calm, comfort myself.

I drink alot of water (1/2 my body weight in ounces every day) and I split up food from meals to eat for in between snacks. When I am truly hungry, I reach for a spinach salad, some almonds or almond milk. Learning to like vegetables.

When I'm tempted, I look down at the shirt that I'm wearing and realize that it's fitting looser and ask myself if I like that feeling... the answer is 'oh yeah!' --- and then find something else to do.

I don't eat past 8 p.m. period. a little hungry at bedtime is okay with me.... cause I feel so much better every day without the junk.

BOOTYLICIOUS83 SparkPoints: (50,016)
Fitness Minutes: (38,164)
Posts: 4,044
5/11/12 12:26 A

snacking is a HUGE HUGE issue for me my problem is snacking at night and during the hours from 12 pm-4 pm

PRINCESSAA12 Posts: 473
5/10/12 11:12 P

I plan out my snacks and allow myself to have whatever I want, even if it means chocolates, tidbits or cookies.

MISSJANE2011 Posts: 45
5/10/12 10:57 P

I've taken to eating a protein-rich breakfast so I don't feel hungry, and also find keeping busy a good thing as if I'm bored I tend to find myself standing in front of an open fridge door without consciously realising I am there!!

GETIT2GETHER SparkPoints: (35,282)
Fitness Minutes: (24,428)
Posts: 863
5/10/12 10:47 P

I have to drink hot tea,

MRSJOCCO SparkPoints: (29,479)
Fitness Minutes: (14,994)
Posts: 1,562
5/10/12 10:35 P

I try to have some protein with every snack and meal. I feel full longer and don't get the "carb coma." emoticon

STASCO24 Posts: 5
5/10/12 8:50 P

Personally if I am really craving something I just satisfy my craving and get over it. The key is to control your portiions and watch your overall calorie intake for the day. If I do bad on one day then I try to balance out the following day. I always try to leave room for the things I like so I can have them occasionally and not feel deprived. That way I dont feel like I am on a diet!

LIBBY_F SparkPoints: (42,685)
Fitness Minutes: (16,347)
Posts: 2,290
5/10/12 8:02 P

gum and water

5/10/12 7:18 P

Snacking is my downfall. I have found I am most successful when I eat on a schedule -- which is what I have done with my kids anyway.

Breakfast: 8am
Lunch: 12pm
Snack: 3pm
Dinner: about 6pm
After dinner - not usually but sometime I will save fruit for an hour after dinner is done

This schedule helps in 3 ways. I never let myself get too hungry since my calories are spread out throughout the day. And, IF I do get a little hungry, I know I will be eating soon and can make it to the next meal. If I find I am consistenly getting hungry between meals, I try to change up the previous meal to something that will hold me over better.

This has been helpful previously and seems to be doing the trick this time with Spark People.

Good luck!

JRINGHEISEN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (9,988)
Posts: 34
5/10/12 5:05 P

Gum and water...lots of water emoticon

JDMERCADO1290 Posts: 4
5/10/12 4:57 P

Gum and water! Mint gum... well mint anything surpress hunger.

5/10/12 4:45 P

Gum is my secret weapon. So many flavors! There is even chocolate gum, though I have to be really desperate for that.

Also I like to tell myself I can have a cookie later, and eat a carrot now. Make sure you're getting enough good fat & carbs though! Specific cravings can be naughty, but sometimes they are telling us about something that's missing...

GINGERBREAD22 Posts: 283
5/10/12 4:45 P

I eat every 3 hours, so I remind myself that I'll be eating in just a little while.

ASOLES1 Posts: 12
5/10/12 4:33 P

At work, I will snack on what I have. If I bring a container of nuts, even though that's a healthy snack, I'll eat the entire container in a day or two. In order to prevent that, I make sure I only take what I am allowing myself to eat. I have been preferring oranges lately, so I take a couple of oranges with me each day and when I'm ready to snack, I'll have an orange. I always pack my lunch, too, and if I am hungry at say 11am, I go ahead and have my lunch. This prevents me from over-snacking.

At home, I am always up doing something so I snack less. I'm not the type to sit down and watch TV or anything and I only start snacking if I'm really hungry. If I have healthy snacks available, I'll have that. If not, I find myself eating my childrens' unhealthy snacks (chocolate chip cookies are my weakness). I also try to keep frozen yogurt, milk and protein powder on hand to prepare a delicious filling snack while my children are preparing regular milkshakes!

KAYM24 SparkPoints: (5,374)
Fitness Minutes: (6,734)
Posts: 5
5/10/12 3:21 P

I don't keep any snack food near my desk. If it's there, I know that I'll eat it so I avoid the issue altogether and don't keep snacks around. I always keep mint gum at my desk also. Usually if I'm going to snack, it's out of boredom, so instead I just pop a piece of gum in my mouth and go on with the day! If I haven't had a big breakfast, or I know that my schedule is pretty free in the afternoon (leaving room for boredom eating) I will split my lunch. Then I can re-fuel and feel that I've had a "snack" when really I'm just finishing up my meal from earlier in the afternoon. Drinking water hasn't ever worked for me unfortunately! But kudos to those it works for! Sometimes I think it makes me hungrier!

SARAHG831 Posts: 87
5/10/12 2:39 P

My number one problem with food arises when I get "snacky" so I understand completely. For me I always try to stay busy or start a project if Im starting to notice a craving for something come on. It will side track me long enough for the craving to die down. If I am still wanting something really bad, I will allow myself an appropriate sized portion and account for it in my food tracking. The main thing is to be accountable for what you eat and how it reflects on your health goals. Try to not to get too deprived or it leads to overindulgence. emoticon

ANNE007 Posts: 153
5/10/12 2:24 P

Some very good ideas here! I also prefer to eat higher protein because I find it keeps me from getting hungry so quickly. If I start the day this way (high protein) I usually find it easier to stay on target all day long. Breakfast is a 1 egg + 2 egg white omelette with **lots** of vegetables (which fill me up immediately) a spritz (2 oz) of skim milk in egg mixture, a skinny cow light swiss cheese wedge and a side of morningstar vegetarian sausage. (which have much less fat than real sausage and 10 grams of protein). Overall it's under 300 calories and about 28 grams of protein plus carbs and fiber from the vegetables.

That will easily hold me 4-5 hours, so I will eat lunch later and try again to have a higher protein meal.

When I do snack, it's a good protein-carb-fat ratio (like greek yogurt and a handful of almonds, or string cheese and the almonds, or half an english muffin, toasted, with peanut butter).

The only time I find myself in a snackie mood then is at night, when I am finished with the day and relaxing. If I am out of food before I am out of day, I just go to sleep early. Breakfast will really taste good the next morning!

MJLEIGHTON SparkPoints: (9,789)
Fitness Minutes: (4,570)
Posts: 43
5/10/12 12:48 P

I keep plenty of healthy snacks at work but I'm very careful about whether I really need one or not. The first thing I do when I get the urge to snack is drink a ton of water. I find that gulping water, if i still feel really hungry after that I have a snack but most of the time I find that I'm not really that hungry. I read somewhere that when your body wants water it can present itself as hunger because people get a lot of there water from food. Staying hydrated keeps me out of my snack cabinet!

AMSTERDAMAND125 Posts: 556
5/10/12 12:46 P

Invisalign braces. :D I have to remove them to eat or drink anything but water and then brush and FLOSS before they go back in. I used to snack all the time... not anymore! :)

TIKLERS Posts: 8
5/10/12 12:33 P

Lots of great ideas! You definitely want to eat snacks during the day like a lot of the other posters have mentioned. I find that I get cravings for sweets during the day, and I have found the chewing gum really helps with that. Extra has a brand of gum called dessert delights. With flavors like key lime pie, apple pie, strawberry shortcake, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. I know it sounds really odd, but it actually tastes like the real thing! I was shocked. Each stick has 5 cals and 2g of carbs, so it can definitely help fight off those cravings.

ROLLSTAR SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (9,406)
Posts: 370
5/10/12 12:25 P

There are a lot of good ideas in this thread!

One thing that helps me is pre-tracking. Once I see the calories of my snack-elect and how it fits in with my day, that helps me to realize if it's worth it or not. Something like, "do I really want to only leave myself 400 calories for dinner?" "Do I really want to get that close to the high side of my calorie range?" or "Do I really want to go over my calories today?"

Brushing your teeth is also another thing that helps... lots of foods taste nasty after brushing your teeth.

And of course, out of sight, out of mind. Keep the snacks hidden and hard to reach. I think someone said that already, though.

And DO allow some healthy snacks! This helps you eat smaller meals and control yourself more easily at meals because you're not so hungry you want to eat everything you see (that's me). Better to spend 75 calories on a snack than eat an extra 200-300 calories at dinner.

CHRISTINA791 SparkPoints: (70,324)
Fitness Minutes: (119,653)
Posts: 789
5/10/12 12:18 P

I'm bad for nibbling too. For me, it's about redirection rather than outright denial. I'm going to snack, especially in that gap between lunch and dinner, pre-workout, so it's important that I have good things available.

For me, that means keeping a big container of cut and prepared veggies in the fridge so I can grab a handful whenever I want. When they're in season, I keep bowls of grapes or cherries on the table, and just generally always try to have some freggies available. I also use higher calorie snacks like granola (homemade) and almonds, but I portion those out before hand and keep them in a place where I have to make a conscious decision to grab them.

I also make it a point to track it all, even the veggies. Snacks have an important place in the day, but they need to be treated the same way you'd treat any other meal.

RTRUSKEY2 Posts: 59
5/10/12 12:08 P

Thanks guys for the help!

PEANUTSMOM96 Posts: 2,045
5/10/12 11:58 A

Hello PHIMAT37 -
If it is not near meal time I drink a glass of water to make sure I am not just thirsty. I tough it out for half an hour, I figure if I am still hungry after that then I must be hungry. I try to grab something similar to what I am craving. So if I want cookies or other sweets I grab fruit like an apple and am usually satisfied.

If I am craving salty like chips or pretzels I make popcorn (kernels in a pot plain, I don't buy microwave popcorn. It's cheaper and better for you.) If I am unfortunate to have them in the house. I get a measuring cup or small bowl and literally count out the portion recommended on the package. Then I secure the rest up and put them away. I snack on them with another glass or two of water. I am not always successful but as long as I am mindful I feel better when I snack.

Another trick I have is to hide the goodies behind in the back of the fruit and veg drawers. This way if I really am craving I have to look at what I should be eating and a lot of times I will change my mind. Give myself a mental talk "what are you doing? you should be eating that pear instead of ... o all right, fine, pear it is". I guess I mom talk myself.

I am not always successful but I figure you cannot eliminate everything all the time. I just try to make sure what I have is either really good or not the worst for you. I found weight watchers has really good key lime pie in the frozen food section of my grocery. They come six to a pack. They have other flavors all involving chocolate in some way. I like the key lime because the tart kinda kills the pallet for anything else but it is sooooo yummy. They are a little pricey but I find I only need one or two a week at the most, It has been a few weeks since I have enjoyed one.

Good Luck emoticon

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (208,212)
Fitness Minutes: (118,325)
Posts: 9,323
5/10/12 11:28 A

I plan 2 or 3 healthy snacks each day. I try to have fruit or raw vegetables, and to stay away from salty things, which are my weakness. Sometimes I have protein in between meals because it satisfies me more. Cottage cheese and peanut butter are two that work for me.

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (81,290)
Fitness Minutes: (47,481)
Posts: 5,092
5/10/12 11:28 A

FRENCHIFAL is right. If you feel the need to snack, ask if yourself if you're actually hungry. I tend to snack out of boredom sometimes, but I'm trying to snack on veggies instead of something that's not so healthy. Get rid of the junk and stock up on the good stuff, that way when you do feel the need to snack, at least it's something healthy. It's hard going from snacking on chips and cookies to carrots or peppers, but you get used to it.

CARADAWN Posts: 1,955
5/10/12 11:22 A

Are you trying to cut out snacking or what you are snacking on? If you are trying to cut down on the cookies, chips, etc. then joining a challenge or making one for yourself might work. I just did a 30 day no sweets/desserts challenge with my husband to help with my sweet tooth and it has been really hard but wonderful at the same time. If you want to cut out snacking all together then you probably need to eat better meals to keep you full longer.

Snacking isn't necessarily a bad thing - I eat about 5 to 6 times a day. If you incorporate it into your meal plan and have pre-made snacks ready you can still have them and not blow your calories for the day. Lately I have using toasted almonds, bagel & cream cheese, pop chips, and fruits and veggies as snacks. I pack the almonds and chips into one serving size bags so the portions are controlled. I don't have a set time when I eat them; just when I am hungry. But, I also make sure I am eating healthy, full meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Like the other poster, I find that when I eat a good meal with protein and not tons of empty calories I am less hungry later and don't crave the bad stuff.

FRENCHIFAL SparkPoints: (141,699)
Fitness Minutes: (127,935)
Posts: 2,615
5/10/12 11:22 A

It depends on whether you're snacking because you're hungry, or bored, or tired. If it's because you're bored, replace snacks with gum or a straw, anything to chew on, and that should take care of it! If it's because you're hungry or tired, you might want to check your meals and make sure you're getting lots of protein AND complex need both to stay full! You could also plan and pre-portion healthy snacks to keep you full between meals and level out blood sugar...a handful of almonds, a granola bar, etc.

Good luck!

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,289)
Fitness Minutes: (15,545)
Posts: 9,713
5/10/12 10:50 A

I've found I do a lot better if I make sure I eat filling meals with plenty of protein. If I don't, I stay hungry and tend to wander into the kitchen more often to fill in the gaps.

It's also really important to stay well hydrated... too often we mistake thirst for hunger! I know it sounds weird, but I tend to be a lot less snacky if I keep water on hand and drink it constantly.

CARDAMOMMA SparkPoints: (21,057)
Fitness Minutes: (21,962)
Posts: 467
5/10/12 10:50 A

Joining a challenge this month was really helpful for me. There are a bunch of us who check in daily. Taranitup is leading, and the group effort has helped me stay on plan all month so far.

When I first started, Judith Beck's books were a big help, too.

Then there's always getting rid of or hiding the cookies!

This is a tough one, but you'll figure out what works for you if you keep working on it. Good luck!!! You can do it!

RTRUSKEY2 Posts: 59
5/10/12 10:37 A


I have problems controlling my eating habits sometimes. It's not bad but still. I tend to crave chips or cookies or something. Maybe even pretzels. But lately, I've tried to control my eating habits during the day.

Any advice, though?

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