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12/5/12 7:12 P

This is a good question. I am down to the weight I was back in 2000. This was before three kids and a hectic life. But even at this weight, while my husband calls me skinny I don't see it. My body is different now than it was then. And I carry weight differently. All I can say is that with time and improved self esteem maybe we both will see that we are no longer what we once were. emoticon

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12/5/12 1:42 P

If you had a friend who had succeeded in losing 35 pounds, would you talk to her the way you talk to yourself? Just a thought. I've lost over 40, and I'm really close to my goal, and I do still look at my belly and think "gross". But it's floppy because I just lost the weight, and hopefully it will recover with time. I may never look like Melissa Rycroft, but I have to remember that I am still a work in progress even though I may have reached whatever number on the scale. None of us knows, when we set a weight goal, what we'll actually look like when we get there. I am now more focused on lean bodymass percentage.

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Help. I really want to do this! I am really struggling today. I started eating healthy and working out a week ago. I had not weighed myself for about 4 months. I knew that I had put on more weight and was at my heaviest. When I just saw a number on the scale, I am disgusted and disappointment in myself. Although I know I have been working hard to stay on track, working out 6 out of 7 days and eating right, I feel defeated. The starting point is at least 10 pounds from where I thought it was.

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12/5/12 1:30 P

I too struggle with this. I am not near my goal weight, but I've lost a great deal of weight, and those who haven't seen me for a long period of time do notice. The problem is I still feel like I'm as big as I was. I was told by my fiance's step mom-who used to be quite overweight herself, that it's something that will never go away completely, but also, the moment we lose awareness, is a moment where it's possible to fall back into the old habits that made us overweight in the first place.

Hang in there! If you know you look great, you deserve to feel great!

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This may not seem easy, but it is actually quite simple. The answer is intention, attention and balance.

If you focus on weight, you will never find resolution. Weight in and of itself has little to do with well-being, and therefore focus on gaining/losing weight as an intention is not particularly useful (as you are finding out) - it is off-balancing.

If, however, you have an intention to enjoy a life of balance and well-being, you will gradually shift into a pattern of nourishing your body with the foods that are most appropriate/desirable for your body. A body in balance is not obese or underweight.

Of course it is a journey, but this gives you a starting point and a direction as you walk your path.

The intention/attention of the human consciousness is powerful. It is quantum. It will engage forces that you are not aware of, and things will begin to unfold in ways that amaze you.

I wish you well,

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12/5/12 8:47 A

It's all a game in your mind. We are our own worst critics.

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12/5/12 8:25 A

I have this same issue. I went from 165 to 117. I still saw fat rolls. I decided I needed to add muscle. I'm up to 124 now, and I feel disgusting, and I know I shouldn't. I still wear a size 2, although one of my pairs of work pants is too tight. I can't wrap my head around gaining any more, even though I want to gain muscle, I had a spate of really, really bad eating at Thanksgiving. All I see are the "fat rolls" around my tummy and hips. I am slowly trying to fix my thinking. I keep telling myself, "You're an effing size 2! You are NOT FAT!" I just feel like I could be a "tighter" size 2. It's hard, so hard. I will always have body image issues. I will always have food/eating issues, but I am working to feel comfotable in my skin, and I'm getting there, I am also looking forward to getting some trendy clothes as Christmas treats, skinny jeans and the like. My biggest fear, is passing my issues on to my daughters, so that's what I try to focus on when I find myself saying/thinking things about my body. I don't want my girls feeling this way about themselves. It's so funny. We work so hard to lose the weight, then still have issues. The mental takes longer to catch up to the physical, I think.

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12/5/12 8:08 A

Hello Pixi Elf,

emoticon Congratulations on your success!
Yes you can become realistic with your new size. It took me a little time too. Look at your clothes that now fit and acknowledge they fit you and you are that small. I have a friend who is my same size and notice how she looks and acknowledging that I must look like that size too, because I am,.Hope these help because it is time to celebrate your healthy size and success. emoticon

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12/5/12 6:47 A

I have lost over 35lbs during the course of my journey, am now at my goal weight, but I still have a huge self image issue.

I have struggled with my body image for as long as I can remember and have always thought I was fat (even when I was at a weight 5lbs less than I am now). In my head I KNOW I'm not fat but whenever I look in a mirror I still see fat everywhere.

It took 2 friends to take me shopping for new clothes because I couldn't accept that I can actually wear things like dresses and skinny jeans now.

Can you ever stop seeing your fat self after weight-loss?

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