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DASHKATH Posts: 862
7/18/13 5:15 A

Try to plan some healthy things while they are here. Plan some of your meals. Make sure to get your exercise in. Perhaps your goal should be to simply maintain while they are here.

Good luck and God bless

HAPPYMENOW58 Posts: 2,264
7/18/13 4:36 A

I can really relate to I have a lot of company, too! I,also, find it hard to stay on track when I have a house full! I find that a key phrase IS helpful to guys go ahead.....I am FULL right now......Maybe I'll have some later!(the later never comes of course!!) I also have trouble with the leftover food in the house after they leave....So, I have found that throwing out the leftovers is a must! I sometimes give the extra cake, a thin, elderly neighbor! Good luck.....I am having a lot of company this whole next week....(yikes!). We can get through this! Stay strong and hang on! emoticon

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,091
7/16/13 5:43 P

portion size!! and practice saying in the mirror "not right now, maybe later" if possible still get in your exercise.

TCHERNO SparkPoints: (8,323)
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7/16/13 5:29 P

This is going to be a long one so bear with me. My parents are coming to stay with me for a full week starting this Thursday. In the past this has ALWAYS been my downfall. I fall off the wagon when they're here and then it takes forever to get back on, even when they're gone. I've worked so hard to get so close to my goal and I would hate to ruin that in one week. How do I stay healthy while they are here? I know we are going to go out a lot and even if we don't my parents are incredibly unhealthy eaters. What do I do?

This goes back to some very deep seeded issues. One of the reasons I was overweight for so long (and it took me a long time to come to this realization) is a desire to not leave my parents behind (stick with me and let me explain). I have always been very close (geographically and emotionally) to my family. However, a few years ago I moved to a different state. I knew the move was coming for many years before it happened b/c of my chosen field of work. There was no way I was going to be able to do what I wanted to do in the state my parents live in. So I have always felt like I am abandoning them by moving. Food was my way of not abandoning them. I always felt that if I lost the weight, I was abandoning them in that way too, since they are both overweight. If I stay overweight and eat the things they eat then we at least still have that connection. It may not make total sense but it's a big issue that I still struggle with.

So how do I overcome this, and in the immediate future, how do I make it through this week without falling off the wagon? How do you handle entertaining and having company while still being healthy, especially if your guests are not healthy? I'm so terrified of this week!

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