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SUSANYVONNE68 Posts: 265
1/26/14 8:23 A

seeing progress.

BELLYDOG Posts: 2,452
1/26/14 4:52 A

You can use the reward system too. When you make a good decision, reward yourself with a small reward. Buy or make the non-food items in advance. Wrap them up and then put them in a bag for when you need a reward. You could make up different bags for the type of good decisions. Bigger rewards for harder decisions. Maybe you buy or download some exercise videos for rewards for doing your exercise. Maybe you get some recipe cards for making healthy choices for food. Maybe some ziploc snack bags for portioning out the foods that come in large quantities. Make it fun and interesting. You don't have to spend a lot. Buy stuff at the dollar store. Good luck.

TANITHSEH1011 Posts: 217
1/23/14 12:41 A

I am a big fan of seeing progress, if it is in the mirror or in my numbers going up (or down depending on the exercise or measurement). I also like to compete even if it is just with me can I run farther than I did before, can I go the distance I did last week but a few seconds faster? Can I catch that guy up ahead of me?

My BF helps me out a bit too he really likes that I work out, he is impressed with my muscle structure and comments on any changes (that are good of course) which makes me feel awesome and makes me want to keep doing good things.

Food is a bit harder but I am slowly learning to make tasty and healthy things myself and am training my brain to look for the best options when I go out as well.

Good luck, keep your head up!!!!

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1/22/14 8:27 P

Everyone has their own things that motivate them, I'm very list oriented so I use the goal board on my start page as a source of motivation every morning. I keep a small pile of motivational slogans in a see through pouch on my refrigerator door, I use those slogans to distract me from eating and when I am successful I shuffle the slogans and have the next one ready. I get very motivated to work out when I see fitness motivation videos, music also motivates me to move.

I'd suggest making a list of things that motivate you personally, focusing on both nutrition and exercise and make those things that do motivate you ready and easy to use when you need them. Planning ahead is the key to success and it works with motivation as well as anything else. Good luck!


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1/22/14 3:04 P

There are ups and downs of eating right and exercising. How do we stay motivated to continue improving through the ups and downs?

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